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How To Pick A Profitable Category For Your Designs On Merch By Amazon

pick a profitable merch category

Believe it or not, categories on Merch by Amazon can make or break your listings. Choosing the right category can help you make headway in popularizing your designs and scoring more sales. On the other hand, a poor selection of categories could restrain you from making any progress as a Seller. Thus, the choice of category is an essential component of your Merch by Amazon strategy. So how can you choose the right category? We give the answers. Why Categories Matter On Merch By Amazon In a nutshell, categories help buyers find relevant products that they’re interested in. They can filter their search based on category and only be shown fitting listings. Sellers on Merch by Amazon are allowed to […]

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What Are Merch By Amazon Tiers? What Is The Significance And How Do You Climb Up The Ranks?

merch by amazon tiers

Entering the t-shirt side hustle by joining Merch by Amazon is among the safest, most profitable business decisions one can make. The platform enables Sellers to make a passive income and showcase their rad designs to a huge marketplace. Yet, for quality control purposes, Merch by Amazon has implemented a tier system, which, in a sense, limits how many designs you can showcase at any given point in time. So, what are these Merch by Amazon tiers and how do they work? We explore the topic in detail below. What are Merch by Amazon tiers and how do they work? Amazon’s implementation of its tier system limits the number of designs each Seller can upload to the Merch by Amazon […]

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How To Calculate The Costs Of Your Merch By Amazon Business: Delivery, Royalties, Taxes And More

calculate merch cost

Globally, around two billion t-shirts are estimated to be sold each year. This spells opportunity even to the inexperienced entrepreneur. Naturally, you too, can join in on the t-shirt craze if you signup for Merch by Amazon. But while the thought of royalties may be what keeps you motivated, there are also costs that you must be aware of. This post will discuss the expenditures associated with a typical Merch by Amazon business. It will also teach you how to calculate the costs vs royalties ratio, so that you stay afloat no matter what. What Are The Main Costs Associated With Merch by Amazon? Although you’ll be able to earn between 13.8% and 37.6% in royalties, depending on how you […]

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T-Shirts And Sports: How To Enter The Lucrative Sports Niche On Merch By Amazon Foul-Free?

tshirts and sports merch

Niches can be a gold mine for Merch by Amazon Sellers who sell print-on-demand t-shirts. Creating designs that are popular for the mass public is great, but niching down gives you the opportunity to outfox the competition, attract specific buyer groups, and create loyal customers. There are a ton of available niches to choose from, including humor, politics, hobbies, lifestyle, and others. One particular niche that is considered an all-time favorite for consumers around the world is the sporting niche. Sports are a big part of our lives, even if we don’t fully realize it. Most people participate in sports at one point or another, and even if they don’t, they most likely watch sports or have favorite teams and […]

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Setting The Right Price Is Half The Sales Process: How To Build An Effective Pricing Strategy On Merch by Amazon

merch by amazon pricing

Merch by Amazon offers Sellers the opportunity to create a lucrative side hustle that generates a steady income. For some users, selling print-on-demand merch on Amazon even turns out to be a reliable full-time job. However, several requisites have to be met before reaching that point. Some of the things on your agenda will be creating outstanding merch designs, optimizing your listings with the right keywords, knowing your target audience, and others. But most importantly, you’ll need a bulletproof pricing strategy. Why Pricing Matters On Merch By Amazon A lot of newbie merch Sellers on Amazon neglect the importance of creating a sound pricing strategy when listing their designs. In truth, Merch by Amazon is an extremely price-sensitive platform, where […]

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How To Use Merch Analytics To Run A Successful Merch By Amazon Business

merch analytics

The Merch Analytics tool was among the first core features introduced to Merch Informer some four years ago. Since then, it has helped thousands of Merch by Amazon Sellers. How? By enabling users to analyze their merchant data, and as a result, make much more efficient decisions. If you’re someone who is interested in tracking your performance through real, actionable insights, then Merch Analytics is for you. Let’s now go into the specifics. What Makes Analytics Important? It may seem obvious, but data analytics are important for a couple of reasons. The first being that it helps optimize a business’ performance. Since you’re running a passive income t-shirt business, you want your business’ execution strategy to be great. Why? This […]

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Hunting For Trends With Merch Informer: A Step-By-Step Guide To Being First On Merch by Amazon

merch by amazon trends

Trends are powerful. They can help you enjoy popularity, grab opportunities, and more. In terms of selling Merch on Amazon, awareness of current trends simply translates into making more money! Without a doubt, there are a ton of different buyer segments that you can target as a Seller. But the reality is that with time, certain trends are bound to spike up interest from many different buyer segments all at once. Being able to identify upcoming trends can put you one step ahead of the competition and can help you attract a diverse group of buyers as a result. So, is there a way to spot trends and take advantage of them for your strategy for selling merch on Amazon? […]

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What Are The Best Graphic Design Tools For Print-On-Demand Merch?

design tools print on demand

The success of your print-on-demand (POD) t-shirt business is dependent on the t-shirt’s design. However, you need an outlet for your creativity through specific design software and tools. Yes, there are many free options out there, but the truth is that they don’t offer a rich array of features. So, you’d like to opt for a paid plan. This is all good and well, but which one should you choose? And more importantly, do you opt for pixel/raster software or vector designs? And what is the difference between the two anyway? We take a closer look. What’s The Difference Between Pixels/Raster And Vectors? If design lingo sounds too technical, don’t worry. We’re here to break it up for you into […]

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Are Hoodies A Worthwhile Merch by Amazon Niche? Let’s Go Beyond T-Shirts

hoodies niche

With roughly 2 million Sellers on Amazon, the platform is undoubtedly the place to be if you have products or designs to sell. Merch by Amazon makes things even more attractive, given that you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. Print-on-demand merch Sellers don’t have to worry about investing in their own materials, renting or buying their own storage space, or delivering products to consumers. All of this is handled by Amazon for you. Your sole responsibility is to create top-selling designs, make them visible to buyers, and enjoy the profits. But Merch by Amazon isn’t called that for no reason. Although t-shirts are by far the most popular category, and the most common product type in […]

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Massively Scale Your POD Business With Merch Informer’s Single Upload Interface

auto uploader merch informer

Selling merch on Amazon, whether as a side gig or a full-time job, requires a considerable time investment. There are a ton of things to think of and tick off your list. Priorities include creating product designs, doing research for appropriate keywords to include in your listings, and generating traffic to your products. Oh, and there’s also one of the most time-demanding tasks – creating product listings. So how can you cope with the time deficit and still manage to scale your business to enjoy the sales you’re after? The answer is simple. By using Merch Informer’s Single Upload Interface (SUI). How does it work? Let’s find out. What’s The Single Upload Interface & Can All Sellers Benefit? Imagine being […]

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