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New Products Not Selling Through on Merch by Amazon? Here’s Why!

If you have been part of any Facebook groups or heard the chatter around the block, chances are you have heard some of the conspiracy theories of Amazon changing something, sell through rates tanking, or not being able to make many sales. So what exactly is going on with Merch by Amazon? Did the algorithm change? Why is it that you can only find your shirt in search if you use an exact match full title string? Let’s talk about it, explain why your new shirts aren’t selling, and figure out what to do about it! My New Merch Shirts Aren’t Selling! This is something we have seen come up over and over again. If you head over to, […]

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How To Create a Merch by Amazon Landing Page With All Your Products

As the holidays approach and with Q4 already kicking off, most Merchers have started creating their AMS campaigns and running ads. Running ads before a certain event or holiday can help you gain BSR which will lead to an increase in organic sales. In this article, we are going through a step-by-step process of setting up a landing page for your brand and running ads to it. Creating Your AMS Store Head to, and on the left side menu click on Stores. Clicking on Create Store will take you to the next step, where you have to fill out your store’s information and select a layout. The page meta description is what will end up displaying in Google when […]

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