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What Are The Best Graphic Design Tools For Print-On-Demand Merch?

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The success of your print-on-demand (POD) t-shirt business is dependent on the t-shirt’s design. However, you need an outlet for your creativity through specific design software and tools. Yes, there are many free options out there, but the truth is that they don’t offer a rich array of features. So, you’d like to opt for a paid plan. This is all good and well, but which one should you choose? And more importantly, do you opt for pixel/raster software or vector designs? And what is the difference between the two anyway? We take a closer look. What’s The Difference Between Pixels/Raster And Vectors? If design lingo sounds too technical, don’t worry. We’re here to break it up for you into […]

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How To Make A Brilliant T-Shirt Design With Merch Informer The Moment You Realize It Will Sell

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Effectively selling t-shirts on Amazon could previously be considered a seriously time-consuming task. If you’re a bit old school and didn’t know about one of the easiest ways to do your research, check out the competition, and then create your designs based on the insights, this endeavor probably took you days if not weeks at a time. This is all in the past now, since Merch Informer will easily provide you with all the necessary market info, and then allow you to create your t-shirt art through its dedicated Designer. There is no need to hop from software to software anymore! For those new to Merch Informer and its in-built Designer, you’ll probably realize that you’ve landed on a gold […]

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