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T-Shirt Print on Demand Research For Foreign Marketplaces – New Merch Informer Updates

Selling on Merch by Amazon has evolved since the program first launched and for the better! What used to be a program where you had to wait months and months to be accepted with a few t-shirt options and only the US market; has expanded into many marketplaces with almost global fulfillment. Now, if you have been selling for any period of time, you likely know that the VAST majority of sales occur in the US market, and thus most people are doing research for creation of these designs just in the US market. However, sometimes doing research to find untapped niches in specific markets can be a way to make more sales, get ahead, and target the cultural differences […]

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Niche Hunter – Amazon Keywords, Search Volume, and New Print on Demand Niches In ONE Place

Creating a successful Merch by Amazon business is going to come down to fitting 3 pieces of a puzzle together perfectly. Miss one, or ignore another, and you are going to be behind the pack when it comes to making sales. These three things on the surface are fairly simple: Design Keywords Buyer’s Intent You need a great unique design to start off with. If you are creating designs that do not stack up with other products on Amazon, you will quickly realize that this business is harder than you thought it might be. But WHAT is a great design?  You need to use the right keywords in your listing to ensure that your design is getting in front of […]

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Merch Informer Black Friday Deal – Starts NOW!

Every year Black Friday sales start earlier and earlier. Merch Informer released this plan at the beginning of the month, but we are now officially announcing: The Merch Informer Black Friday Deal! This is by FAR the lowest price that Merch Informer has ever been. On top of that, this sale is for the PRO package which includes all the tools and resources that Merch Informer has to offer. Grab the Merch Informer Black Friday Deal: 6 Month Pro Subscription: $49.99 Let’s go over everything you will be getting and how this is a crucial step to increasing sales and building your Merch business. RESEARCH – Everything You Will Ever Need Do you ever wonder how people are able to […]

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