Let Merch Informer Help Expand Your Business

  • Digital Products
  • Print on Demand Clothing
  • ZERO Inventory
  • High Margin

Start Building A New Stream Of Income With Sale Samurai (Our Sister company)

Looking to take your Merch skills and expand them to other ecommerce platforms? Let's make it a reality!

How Can Merch Informer Help Expand Your Business?

We’re thrilled you’re one of our customers. We’re always thinking of better ways to make your Merch experience even better, and we think during New Years is the perfect time to share with you.

Here’s the gist: you have a Merch Informer account and by now you are probably well on your way to building your business. We wanted to remind you that we just released the Merch Informer Studio (a brand new designer for all your Merch needs inside of your Merch Informer account)

Once you get the hang of the Studio which is NOW available inside of your account, this will replace all of your other design software.

…but it gets even better, since we are going to open up a brand new business opportunity for you

What are we talking about? Expanding your business to Etsy!

You see, our sister company: Sale Samurai, helps users research and publish products on Etsy where you once again do not need to hold any inventory through selling digital products or using a 3rd party print provider.

We have Merch Informer customers that are earning thousands of dollars a month selling digital downloads/print on demand clothing that they created through Merch Informer!

So how does it work? We are glad you asked! Here is a seminar we put together on the exact process.

👀 During this New Years Blowout, we are throwing out THREE months of Sale Samurai at just $10 (that’s $10 total, not per month) so you can expand your business, no questions asked!👀