Have you ever noticed that when doing your research for T-shirts on Amazon that you come across the same brands over and over again and they are selling really well?
A lot of the times when you come across a larger brand, they have done their research and they know what is selling, but their designs are less than perfect. In fact, this is almost always a perfect opportunity to enter the same markets as the bigger brands with BETTER designs! This is the entire purpose behind the Merchant (Brand) search module within Merch Informer.

Amazon Top Brands List

A lot of people have been emailing us to ask where I got the top brands list that I mention in the video overview for this module. If you have not already seen it, feel free to check it out below.

Get the Amazon top brands list here

This is powerful for a few reasons. The first reason is that it shows you some of the biggest brands on Amazon, specifically the biggest brands within Merch. Not only does it show the biggest brands, but it also shows you every other brand out there, even if they only have a single shirt listed!
Since we now have a list of all the brands on Merch that are filled with shirts, we can easily go through them and pull out the top sellers. This will give you an idea of what niches are hot, and you can quickly see where you can come into the market with better designs to outsell your competition.

Merchant Search In Action

The first step is to find a brand in the brand list on Amazon that you want to explore more from. For this example, I found a brand called “Novelty Clothing Gift Ideas”.
All you need to do now, is copy and paste the brand name into the Merch Search Module.
Just hit search and you will be presented with this brands top sellers! Easy as that.
From the list you get, you can see visually what products are selling well, what the ASIN is, the price, the features, the description, the sales rank (the results are ordered by sales rank to show you what is selling best for that brand), and then some actions to run copyright checks, add to favorites, report infringement, or do a quick competition check for that exact shirt title.
From a quick glance after you run the search, you will also get some information on how this brand decided to go about pricing their products.

Wrapping It Up

The merchant search is a great place to start your research with the top brands list. In fact, you could do all your research in this single module and do very well for yourself if you could turn out better designs than the competition. Do not just limit yourself to this list though, there is a lot more you can do simply by searching for keywords in the product search module!

  • No downloading big lists
  • No sorting in Excel
  • No opening 100s of tabs
  • No guessing on pricing structure
  • No captchas from searching Amazon too often

Simple, easy and refined!