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Merch Informer – COVID-19 Update

Hello Merch Community, With the news dropping yesterday in the Merch Dashboard that they have suspended print operations in the USA due to COVID-19, we have decided to take action. Currently we know a few things. First, the USA print fulfillment centers are completely shut down while the EU print fulfillment centers remain open for the time being. Second, EU products remain available for sale but all Merch productsRead more

Single Upload Interface – List Your Designs On Hundreds Of Products Across Multiple Marketplaces

You have all heard the saying that ‘time is money’. There are only 24 hours in a day, and with the amount that we sleep and take care of other needs, chances are that you only have a set amount of time to work on your business per day. Let’s say maximum, you get 8 productive work hours per day and much less than that if you have aRead more

Merch Informer Designer Patterns Added – One Click Merch Patterns

One of the requests we have been receiving lately is adding an EASY way to create patterns in Merch Designs. Over the last year or so, we have been creating a lot of pattern designs especially for Popsockets that have been working INCREDIBLY well (few hundred sales a month). What bottle necked us though, was that to design these, we had to copy and paste the same layer overRead more

100k Business In One Year – Merch by Amazon Case Study Update 3

Welcome to the third installment of the case study and Happy New Year! December went by incredibly fast to wrap up the year and there was lots of traveling, people out of the office, and spending time with family but among all of that, we still managed to make some progress with the case study. December also marked the end of Q4 (and really good sales!), so let meRead more

How To Find Trending Phrases On Merch by Amazon – New Merch Informer Module

One of the hardest things to do when you are working on your Merch by Amazon business is find keywords and phrases that are getting in front of the right audience. Getting in front of the customers that are spending money already is difficult, but finding phrases where you are NOT competing against 10,000 other sellers is even more difficult. But…. What if it did not have to be?Read more

100k Business In One Year – Merch by Amazon Case Study Update 2

A LOT has happened this month and progress has been made with this case study! I realized that we started this case study during one of the peak times of the season which makes everything look great, but if anyone has been around for a while, knows that after Q4, sales start to decline and we are in for some slow months. That is 100% okay and to beRead more

USPTO Merch by Amazon Trademark Tutorial Guide

Remember the good old days when you could put up any shirt or phrase without having any idea if something in your bullets or title was trademarked and it went through anyway? I do! We have been selling on the Merch platform since almost the beginning so we have seen a lot of changes with the way they do things, and the way that they enforce intellectual properly. IRead more

The Importance Of Merch by Amazon Product Titles

So you want to sit down and figure out how to ACTUALLY get some sales on Merch by Amazon…. You upload your products, fill out the title, the description, and spend 10 minutes crafting the perfect bullet points. Your products are live, and you sit and wait… but no sales come in… What gives? You MAY want to revisit the titles of your shirts which I will go intoRead more

100k Business In One Year – Merch by Amazon Case Study Update 1

After being involved with Merch by Amazon from near the beginning, we have seen all sorts of changes to the platform, changes to the community, and have had the opportunity to watch everyone grow their businesses in all different directions. Not only has this been super rewarding but it has also given us a lot of insight on what it takes to be successful on the platform and howRead more

Merch by Amazon German and English Marketplace Data Added – See The Best Sellers For Each Market

We have been working hard behind the scenes to make some pretty big upgrades to Merch Informer! Many of these things are specifically what the community has asked for, and in our attempt to make sure that every Mercher has the best possible tools at their disposal, we have added them all to the Merch Informer modules. So without further ado, lets go over what has changed! Revamped InternationalRead more

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