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How To Resize Hoodies For Merch By Amazon

Now that almost everyone has access to sweatshirts and hoodies, you have probably noticed that hoodies take a different dimension image! Of course, Amazon has not given us an easy way to resize these within the Merch program, so we are stuck figuring out the most efficient way to do it ourselves. For those that only have 10-25 designs, you could easily just resize them yourself in whatever imageRead more

100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – Merch by Amazon Update 8

Now that everyone should be back at home and ready to get back to work on Merch, I thought I would finally release this update. Q4 is finally done and December was an exciting but bumpy ride. My girlfriend’s account crushed some goals, did well from some advice we received, and is in a position to have an incredible 2018! Q4 is finally over when you are all goingRead more

Real Time Search Added! – Long Sleeves, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, T-shirts – Merch Informer Update!

Hey everyone! Today I just wanted to do a quick post on some of the changes we have made to Merch Informer from reintroducing real time search, adding long sleeves, hoodies, sweatshirts, FBA t-shirts, and how we changed some back end code to enable more shirts to be indexed in our system at a much faster rate. Before I get into it though, just so everyone is aware, weRead more

100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – Merch by Amazon Update 7

It looks like we all have a bunch of free time on our hands now that the great freeze of 2017 is in full swing (just kidding, upload to more platforms!). I finally have some time to sit down and write this update which I am pretty excited about. We more than DOUBLED the previous months earnings in November, and we are well on our way to double DecemberRead more

Tired As A Mercher – How Merch Informer Trademark Alerts Can Mean The Difference Between Sales And Amazon Dogs

Merch by Amazon users, it is time we had a talk about an issue I see time and time again yet no one is doing anything about. Maybe it is my fault for not posting something like this earlier, but I am sick and tired of seeing people have their Merch by Amazon accounts get strikes for trademark infringement when it is all avoidable! You see, another trademark hasRead more

Merch by Amazon Black Friday – Cyber Monday Roundup

**Updated Deals For Cyber Monday! It is that time again! The time of the year where savings are in the air, and every company and service is running the hottest sales of the year! We wanted to help you round up all those deals into a single post to help you grab the biggest savings that will help you propel your Merch by Amazon business in the right direction.Read more

Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Michael Essany

Today’s guest on our interview series is someone I have never actually met in person but I feel like I almost know since we have been corresponding for so long. This is none other than Michael Essany. The first time I actually came in contact with Michael was fairly soon after we released Merch Informer! It just so happens that Michael is a very prolific writer and always hasRead more

100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – Merch by Amazon Update 6

It looks like I might finally get this article out before a week has passed into the next month! There has been some consistent work being done this month, but first I need to address the image that I use for this case study series. I have had numerous people ask me about the image used, if it was my girlfriend, if it was supposed to “motivate” them, orRead more

Avoid The 30% Tax Witholding For Non-US Amazon Sellers

When it comes to US Tax Law, a lot can be really confusing. Putting it simply, the law requires companies such as Amazon to withhold 30% of any non-US sellers royalties. If you are an American, then there is really no point in reading this article. However, if you are not an America and have just got accepted to the Merch by Amazon program, you have probably just filledRead more

Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Yong Chong

Today we are bringing back the interview series with none other than the Yong Chong! I have had the pleasure of both meeting Yong on multiple occasions both in Seattle and at a conference in Denver Colorado where I gave a speech on how to essentially “franchise” a Merch by Amazon business. The names Yong and Glen might sound familiar to you if you have been around in theRead more

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