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Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with RJ Martinez

A lot of you might already be familiar with RJ Martinez through a multitude of channels. I have heard through many people it was because of him that they got involved with Merch by Amazon after they found his YouTube channel documenting his journey. Through transparency in numbers, RJ has built up a following from Youtube, to Facebook, and just recently a podcast. He hosts a talk with MattRead more

100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – Merch by Amazon Update 11

March was one of those slower months in terms of what happened in the world of Merch by Amazon but also how the business of this account has been running. Earnings were up a bit and it looks like search visibility is slowly changing in our favor once again as sellers. As we are nearing the 12 month mark of this case study, my girlfriend has really started toRead more

Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Matt Sheeran

In today’s interview I got to sit down with Matt Sheeran and ask him some questions about his business. Matt has been in the merch game for a lot shorter time period than a lot of people, but has been making a name for himself. You may have seen him with RJ Martinez on YouTube, his own channel, Merch Elephant, or in any number of the Facebook groups. WhatRead more

Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Amy Herberger

Today’s guest on our interview series is someone who I have been meaning to get on the blog for some time now. I have been seeing her name in the groups for YEARS now, but it was not until late 2017 that I started to see little tips and tricks as well as hints she was dropping as replies to other people that I realized she was someone bigRead more

Announcing The New Trend Hunter – Movers And Shakers Module

You have come to know Merch Informer as an innovative solution to your product research. Since we launched in October of 2016, we have consistently released updates to save you time and make the entire process from idea to creation easier for you. Over the last few months though, we realized that we have a problem. We were only catering to people who like to create designs in nichesRead more

100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – Merch by Amazon Update 10

February was an interesting month. A lot has happened in the world of Merch by Amazon but not too much has happened with this account (except for some increased sales!). While there has been talk of Merch throttling in all of the communities on social media, the account still managed to see increased sales. While it would be nice to compare this to last years earnings, this account doesRead more

3 Easy Merch by Amazon Mistakes To Avoid

Almost everyone who has been in merch for some time has no doubt made at least one of these mistakes. Even I still make one of these mistakes every once in a while because of being in a rush to hit the upload limit each day. If you are brand new to the Merch by Amazon game or a seasoned vet, you do not have to get a strikeRead more

Merch by Amazon Signup Page – How To Sign Up And Get Accepted

In case you have been living under a rock OR are landing on this article because you have not signed up for Merch by Amazon yet, the sign up page has changed! It has not changed by much, but with the new application process, this should cut down on people who are looking to abuse the system. So how did they do this? They require your personal information, bankingRead more

100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – Merch by Amazon Update 9

January sure was a month! Everyone was coming off those high Q4 sales where lots of people were crushing all sorts of sales goals. January, for many, was a bit of a shock. With sales dwindling, new royalties coming into play, and a new application process, many people started to get discouraged about Merch. My girlfriend’s account saw the exact same decline in sales but a few things doneRead more

New Plan, New Price, New Opportunities!

As Merch by Amazon has expanded as a platform, accepting more people and coming to market with a wider product selection, things have changed! What once was the wild west is becoming just a little more tamed. Long gone are the days you could tier up near instantly with designs you barely put any effort into at all. Now there are tier limits, 90 day rules, and more peopleRead more

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