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Merch Informer Tool Exploration: Product Research

merch informer tools

In your journey through online creation and sales, there are a host of options out there to use to aid you in the best way to handle what you need to handle. And as in all such things, some options are better than others. One powerful tool you can use is the Product Research Tab on the Merch Informer site. And today, we will go through how to use it and why it’s one of the best options for you. The complete tutorial portion can be accessed through the Merch Informer website when you sign up there, so you should do that first. You will learn a ton from these videos on where to start, how to polish what you […]

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Exploring Merch Informer Tools: Keyword Research

exploring merch informer

In our last article, we explored how the Product Research Tab on the Merchinformer site can help you become a top seller on Amazon. The next function over from that is the “Keyword Research Tab” and that will be our focus this time. You should first register on the Merchinformer website so that you can access the entire tutorial section. These videos will teach you a lot about where to start, how to polish what you have developed, and how to sell it successfully using the methods that work best on Amazon. If you are just finding this article, you’re still in the right place! And while we urge you to also read and follow long with the previous one […]

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How To Do Amazon Merch on Demand Research

how to do merch research

If you’re new to Merch By Amazon, you’re probably wondering how you’re expected to come up with t-shirt ideas. You might feel there are too many different ways you can go about this and aren’t all the good ideas already taken? There isn’t much information or free guides to aid you along the route. But there is a light at the end of this tunnel! And that is found in the powerful tools you can utilize on the Merch Informer site. Getting Started Starting your research on this site will help you in a myriad of ways. We almost always start new projects doing research through Merch Informer which provides us with the most up-to-date merch sales data, allowing us […]

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Amazon Merch on Demand Landing Pages For Your Products

amazon merch on demand landing page

As you might be well aware if you’re reading this, being a part of merchandising through Merch By Amazon can be a great money-making option, particularly if you have spent some time building a valuable target market and have created a strong online following for yourself. This is the path that influencers from various social media platforms have taken when it comes to marketing and selling their own goods as a part of their plans to reach a larger audience and increase their income. In light of this, it’s essential to have a solid functioning landing page for all of your products, particularly when the holidays draw near and people start looking for presents for themselves and other people. Those […]

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Hot Print on Demand Trend: “Trad Goth”

gothic shirts

Anyone even loosely into pop culture has seen the traditional “goth” (now referred to as “Trad Goth”) look in many forms of media, be it in trying to sell “edgy” trends or being spoofed on the likes of South Park or SNL. Many people have (or had) that one family member who dresses in black all year long and is more interested in the “darker” sides of things than most others. It’s a fashion style as well as an actual lifestyle for many people dating back to the late 1970’s, and over the decades it has evolved into different forms: more day-glo colors added when disco-style dance themes were added in nightclub tracks, and more a refined crushed-velvet look in […]

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Print-on-demand merch in 2023: What will be the defining trends of the year?

merch trends 2023

Ever since print-on-demand (POD) emerged as an order fulfillment method, the industry has only been gaining momentum. And with players such as Amazon and its Amazon Merch on Demand platform coming to the fore, it is poised to accelerate. With 2022 behind us already, it’s time to look into the future. If you’re a POD merch seller and you’d like to find out what trends have already defined and which ones will define the industry during 2023, take a look below. What are the POD trends that defined the year 2022? Before we look at the industry’s defining trends in the last year, let’s rewind back to 2021. It is estimated that the global POD market was valued at $4.91 […]

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Making sense of the throw pillow category on Amazon Merch on Demand: niches and best practices

pilllow print on demand

With a vast range of Amazon Merch on Demand categories to choose from, pinning down the most profitable markets can put you in a pickle. No matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced seller, tapping into the wrong categories can be detrimental to your overall performance. To save you the headaches, we offer valuable business insights on print-on-demand merch items on Amazon. And this time, our focus is on throw pillows – one of the least popular areas on the platform. But does this mean that it’s a dead end with no earning opportunities? Let’s find out. The throw pillow market size To gain an understanding of the throw pillow sector, we started with a market size analysis using […]

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Do You Need an LLC for Your Print on Demand Business?

llc for print on demand

Embarking on a print on demand business journey can be exciting and fulfilling, but it also comes with its fair share of decisions. One major decision to make is whether or not to form an LLC for your print on demand venture. In this article, we’ll explore the world of print on demand businesses, what an LLC is, the factors you need to consider, and the alternatives available to help you make an informed decision. What is a Print on Demand Business? Understanding the Print on Demand Process A print on demand business is an eCommerce model where products are created, printed, and shipped only after a customer places an order. This method eliminates the need for businesses to keep […]

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Pin-up girl POD t-shirts: Can this trend from 100 years ago make money today?

pin up girl merch

Over 100 years ago, before the magazines and posters that we grew to know today, we had pin-up girls. These were literally images of famous women and models that could be “pinned-up” on a wall. Representing women’s empowerment, femininity, and a slightly raunchy nature, these pin-ups come in the form of burlesque themes that show powerful and beautiful women who had something to say. Despite this trend being a century old, we still see some interest for this category on Amazon Merch on Demand. Take a look below to see if this niche is worth pursuing. How big is the pin-up girl niche on Amazon Merch on Demand? Right off the bat, with some help from Merch Informer, we see […]

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Marijuana-infused POD merch on Amazon: can this niche get you high in the rankings?

marijuana infused print on demand

The cannabis industry continues to gain momentum as legalization spreads across the globe. Entrepreneurs and creatives alike are exploring new ways to capitalize on this booming market. One of the latest trends in the industry is marijuana-infused print-on-demand (POD) merch on Amazon. But if you’re a seller looking to tap into this market, you’ll need more than pure enthusiasm for the scene. Below, we offer an in-depth analysis of the weed-inspired merch niche on Amazon Merch on Demand. We examine the size of the market, potential sub-niches to dive into, and uncover whether it’s possible to rise to the top and get “high” in the Amazon rankings. Understanding the niche Before we dive into the details, it’s essential to outline […]

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