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100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – Merch by Amazon Update 4

Once again I am a bit late on writing this case study so I would like to appologize. I just spend the weekend in Seattle attending the Merch by Amazon conference and eating a LOT of fresh seafood! I guess that marks 2 months in a row that I was away at a conference but this was one particularly great. It was the first Merch by Amazon conference everRead more

How to Value and Sell a Merch by Amazon Business, by the Man Who’s Sold Hundreds Of Millions in Online Businesses

As many of you may know, before we started Merch Informer I was big into the affiliate marketing scene building large scale websites and eventually selling them. This is a great business model (it can even be used to sell more merch shirts!) and you meet a lot of really great people in the business along the way. This is how I met Thomas and the team over atRead more

It Is Never Too Late To Enter Merch by Amazon

With the Merch by Amazon program nearing its 2 year birthday coming up here soon, I have been thinking a lot. I get a lot of questions each day through Merch Informer as well as Facebook about Merch and if it would be too difficult to get started now. Too much competition! Too Saturated! How can I stand out with hundreds of thousands of shirts already on Amazon? IRead more

How To Find Keywords Not On Merch by Amazon

If you have been reading the Merch Informer blog, then you know that my main strategy revolves around finding where customers are already spending their money, and then giving those people better options. This has worked out extremely well for me, and others who have gone ahead and done the same thing. I do not like spending time on something where I am literally guessing if my target audienceRead more

Stop Having An Opinion On Shirt Designs – What You May Dislike Sells!

This is a unique issue that I keep seeing in the Merch community so I decided that I should probably address it. New designers or people jumping into the program are often found saying that they simply design what their hobbies are and what they like and never really look anywhere else for design ideas. Half the time, the complaint is that they made a bunch of shirts thatRead more

5 Things That 5 Figure A Month Sellers Do Differently

When it comes to Merch by Amazon, making 5 figures a month is certainly possible if you spend the time and effort to get there. In fact, we just ran an article on running the numbers for 1k a month as well as 6 figures a year. For a lot of us, 6 figures a year was the goal from the start. I usually get a lot of questionsRead more

Merch by Amazon Shirt Reviews – Should You Enter Those Niches?

When people first start getting into Merch by Amazon and learn how to do their research, I see one mistake popping up over and over again. They are simply NOT paying attention to reviews. It is only one piece of the puzzle to find out what people are pulling their wallets out and purchasing. You do this by looking at the BSR (best sellers rank) which gives you anRead more

Make A Full Time Income With Merch by Amazon – Running The Numbers

Is it really possible to make a full time income with Merch by Amazon? There are people out there that are absolute skeptics and will never understand the pull and amount of traffic that Amazon has. Instead of talking to this subset group of people, I think the best course of action is just to break down the best way to think about hitting your goals. It does notRead more

Donating Merch by Amazon T-Shirts To Charity

How many of you are stuck in the 10 or 25 tier and are having an issue getting out because gaining traction is hard? You may have heard it before, but let me just hammer it home again: Merch is a numbers game! You cannot expect to see daily sales when you have 10 or 25 shirts live. This is just a fact of the Merch by Amazon game.Read more

How To Pick Your Merch by Amazon T-Shirt Display Color

*Currently Working As Of 8/9/2017 If I had a dollar for every person who asked me how they could pick the display color of their Amazon Merch shirts within Amazon when they first post, I could probably retire. Over and over again, people come to me with this question and until today I have not really had an answer for them. How many times have you put up aRead more

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