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The Ultimate Merch by Amazon Career/Hobby List

When doing your research to decide on what designs you should do next, most people get really hung up on the same niches time and time again. This eventually leads to a LOT of competition with everyone competing for the same top slots doing the SAME niche shirts. Sound familiar? If not, check out the amount of “Nurse” shirts, or “dog” shirts out there. Do not get me wrong,Read more

100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – Merch by Amazon Update 2

Another month has come and gone and it is time to put out the next update to digging out of school debt.  If you missed the first update in this series, you may want to check that out below. Otherwise, prepare to learn how to 5X the earnings of an account in 30 days. 100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – Merch by Amazon Update 1 If you doRead more

100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – Merch by Amazon Update 1

From talking to people all over the world about Merch by Amazon, there seems to be a few common themes. There are those that are just looking to make a little side money, and there are others who are looking to replace their full time job. Almost everyone I have talked to are trying to dig themselves out of debt or pay their mortgage each month with their MerchRead more

Keyword Optimization Merch by Amazon Case Study

Do you use keywords in your Merch by Amazon shirt titles? Maybe you only use your keywords in the bullet points. Perhaps you have tried to add the keyword to the brand name as well, but are not really sure why. You could have heard any number of people tell you where and how to include the keywords you want to rank for in your listings. If you haveRead more

Ultimate AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) Guide to Marketing Your Merch

When Merch by Amazon began, the program was targeted at app developers. Once the news was out about this program that would allow you to sell products on Amazon and produce a royalty without dealing with customers or inventory, people absolutely flooded the Merch by Amazon signup page, and they became invite only. Since then competition has grown and so have the amount of people selling merch through MBA.Read more

Growth Hacking Pinterest To Sell Amazon Merch

How many times have you seen someone mention or felt that you were just not getting any sales through Merch by Amazon leaving frustrated even though they were all posted on social media? Social media can be one of the biggest opportunities for selling your Merch if you do it correctly. The fact is though, that simply posting your shirts to social media is not going to work unlessRead more

Merch Pricing Strategies – Why You Are Leaving Money On The Table

Since we started Merch Informer, we have seen almost every pricing strategy in the book. This is something that most people will probably never agree completely on, and thus, has been the topic of hot debate in the past. Should you price high to be seen as the premium option? You WILL make the most royalty per shirt this way, that is for sure. Should you price right inRead more

How To Run Facebook Ads To Merch by Amazon Listings

How many of you just landed on this guide and have already tried running paid advertising to your merch listings? Out of all the people that have, I bet the vast majority of you ran paid advertising using Facebook ads and reported back that they were expensive and a waste of time. I have been there! Being involved in the affiliate marketing community over the last few years beforeRead more

A Definitive Guide On Seasonal Niches – How To Find, Rank, And Manage Your Listings

Seasonal niches can be a massive money maker when it comes to listing Merch on Amazon if you know what you are looking for and how best to manage these niches. If I were to say the word “seasonal niche” to you, what is the first thing that would come to mind? For most, it would be the major holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, so on and so forth. EveryRead more

Which POD Service Should You Use To Sell On Amazon?

We have been receiving a lot of questions lately on which print on demand platform is the best for listing your merchandise on Amazon. Todor and I are huge advocates of mixing all three when building your brand because each has its own benefits (and drawbacks of course). In the article below we are going to cover the advantages of these platforms/integrations and how to best utilize each ofRead more

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