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Exclusive Interview With 6 Figure A Year Merch Brand

Today I am going to be bringing you one of the most exciting interviews I have ever done. This one is with one of the biggest (non partnered) Merch brands there is! If you have been on Merch by Amazon for any amount of time, you will be familiar with this brand. They have been a powerful force in some of the toughest niches out there. With how hardRead more

Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with RJ Martinez

A lot of you might already be familiar with RJ Martinez through a multitude of channels. I have heard through many people it was because of him that they got involved with Merch by Amazon after they found his YouTube channel documenting his journey. Through transparency in numbers, RJ has built up a following from Youtube, to Facebook, and just recently a podcast. He hosts a talk with MattRead more

Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Matt Sheeran

In today’s interview I got to sit down with Matt Sheeran and ask him some questions about his business. Matt has been in the merch game for a lot shorter time period than a lot of people, but has been making a name for himself. You may have seen him with RJ Martinez on YouTube, his own channel, Merch Elephant, or in any number of the Facebook groups. WhatRead more

Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Amy Herberger

Today’s guest on our interview series is someone who I have been meaning to get on the blog for some time now. I have been seeing her name in the groups for YEARS now, but it was not until late 2017 that I started to see little tips and tricks as well as hints she was dropping as replies to other people that I realized she was someone bigRead more

Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Michael Essany

Today’s guest on our interview series is someone I have never actually met in person but I feel like I almost know since we have been corresponding for so long. This is none other than Michael Essany. The first time I actually came in contact with Michael was fairly soon after we released Merch Informer! It just so happens that Michael is a very prolific writer and always hasRead more

Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Yong Chong

Today we are bringing back the interview series with none other than the Yong Chong! I have had the pleasure of both meeting Yong on multiple occasions both in Seattle and at a conference in Denver Colorado where I gave a speech on how to essentially “franchise” a Merch by Amazon business. The names Yong and Glen might sound familiar to you if you have been around in theRead more

Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Hektor

Making a full time living online is amazing but my personal favorite aspect is the amount of diverse and interesting people you meet through networking. Today I got to sit down with Hektor who I have personally known for about 3 years now and we even got to work together on an affiliate project a few years ago (cashed out near 6 figures which I can imagine was aRead more

Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Chris Green

If you are in the world of selling online via Amazon, even a little bit, you have no doubt at least heard the name Chris Green. A type of “Merch Messiah” to many, thousands of people have attributed him as the reason they got started with Merch by Amazon in the first place. Coming over from the seller world, I never really understood how many people he got startedRead more

Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Michael Essek

In the spirit of doing an interview series with some of the most prominent Merch by Amazon users out there, it would not be complete without including Michael Essek. Funny enough, I knew and spoke with Michael on Reddit before I even knew his real name. Since the very beginning he has been involved with the community giving out excellent advice to everyone who asked for it. He representsRead more

Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Michael V

Do you have that one friend or family member that you have been talking about Merch by Amazon with but they just would not get started? Well, in today’s interview, we are going to talk to a good friend of ours who did the same thing! We finally convinced him to start with Merch since he already had the tools to succeed and as you are about to findRead more

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