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Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Matt Carlett

When Merch Informer first launched, Matt was one of the first people to jump on board and has stayed with us ever since then! He has seen some crazy growth with his Merch business and regularly posts in the Facebook groups giving general advice and getting people motivated by displaying large daily selling numbers. We got a chance to sit down and chat for a bit about how he approaches Merch and some of the steps he took to get ahead of the curve. He is one of the most helpful Merchers out there, so I will let him take it away! Tell us a little about who you are and a general ballpark of how much per month you […]

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Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Ken Reil

Over the past year or so, I have gotten to know Ken pretty well. We got the chance to sit down with him and pick his brain about the Merch business and how he has managed to succeed in crushing his own numbers month in and month out. What is most notable is that even though Ken owns an offline business, he was able to tackle Merch by Amazon and turn it into another full time income surpassing 6 figures fairly quickly. This was achieved by hard work and determination. With 85 uploads a day, the guy is sometimes too busy to chat as he is filling those slots. I can even barely keep up with my own uploads so […]

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Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Lanelle Barber

Merch by Amazon is a growing opportunity that pretty much anyone can succeed at. You have to be willing to put in the work and learn the craft as this is a lot different from almost everything you might have done before. I sure had to learn a few new things when I jumped in! Here at Merch Informer, we have tried to share all our trials, tips and tricks, as well as personal experiences that have done into building our Merch businesses. Sometimes these connect with people while other times, other people do a better job at explaining a concept. In an effort to help you move forward in your Merch business, we decided to put together a bit […]

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