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Merch Informer Design Feature: Vexels Graphic Stock

This is a guest post by Gero Silva Pereira from I was always fascinated by graphic tees. You see, I’m a product of the latter half of the 80s, so my 90s’ youth was booming with bright colors, popular brands and the dawn of Internet and home gaming. It was all about these patterns and colors back in the day… At some point in my late teens, some form of raw adulthood kicked-in, and with it, the need to earn money. Yes, of course I thought about selling t-shirts, but at the time I had to either order shirts upfront to then print them, or print them one by one, all of which demanded a way higher cost of […]

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How To Use Upwork To Outsource And Scale Your Merch Business

When you first get accepted to Merch by Amazon, it is one of the best feelings ever! You have 10 slots available with 2 uploads per day. The possibilities seem endless (and they are!). What we recommend is always to dive in head first. Get a good feel for the research process (3 day free trial of Merch Informer), understand how BSR correlates with sales, and then figure your way around a set of design tools. It could be Photoshop, it could be GIMP, or something simple like make-merch. No matter what you decide to use, just get to know how to design yourself. Designing the first few designs yourself is crucial to your success on Merch by Amazon. Without […]

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