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Listing optimization on Amazon Merch on Demand: Writing product titles that sell

listing optimization for merch by amazon

So, you want your products on Amazon Merch on Demand to sell well? One often overlooked aspect of the ranking process on the platform is title optimization. Yes, a listing’s title is short, at only 200 characters. And this means you need to think carefully about the way you’ll portray your product. It must convey the idea of the main design, be keyword-rich, and catchy all the while. If you are ready to start optimizing your merch titles, we’re here to teach you how. What are the benefits of writing a good title on Amazon Merch on Demand? Writing a good Amazon Merch on Demand title is vital for your listing. As one of the most important ranking factors, you […]

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Merch Informer How-to: Identifying the perfect keywords based on competition and search volume

perfect niche for merch

Perfect t-shirt designs really do go well with perfect keywords. If you fail to identify the latter, the former will just be lost in the endless sea of listings available to Amazon buyers. Keywords are crucial because they help you rank, and rank higher. And with Amazon, there are several places where you can add relevant keywords. These are in the platform’s back-end, in your product title, and in your listing description. But what keywords should you use and how can Merch Informer help you do so optimally? In this article, we explore some of the easiest and fastest tools to get you the results you want in order to find the perfect keywords to use in your listing optimization […]

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Merch Design Or Listing Optimization: What Is Most Important For Your Merch by Amazon Business?

design listing optimization merch

If you’ve already started selling Merch on Amazon, you’ll probably agree that it’s not just about coming up with a catchy design and expecting users to buy like crazy. There is a steep curve to battle through before you can see your products sell like hotcakes. And even then, if you fail to apply the art of consistency to your strategy, your success in the long term will become vulnerable. But to grow your sales volumes and enjoy a lot of interest from buyers, you must consider two key elements – design and listing optimization. When it comes to creating the perfect strategy, most buyers struggle in deciding which one to prioritize. Is one more important than the other or […]

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What Is The Single Most Successful Print-On-Demand T-Shirt on Amazon And What Made It The Best?

most successful merch shirt

It all started in the Navy. That’s when t-shirts first appear to have been introduced for soldiers to wear under their uniforms. Then, they became a sort of fashion statement. A way of expressing quirks, tastes, one’s sense of humor, their style, and even an indication of hobbies and interests. They also became popular amongst cult followers of music and films. But let’s take it back to 1977, when the “I love NY” t-shirt was born. Initially, it was created as a way to promote tourism to this bustling city. However, the logo itself became massively popular and appeared on countless t-shirts ever since then. In fact, the trend has taken the world by storm, with many major cities being […]

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10 Ways To Optimize Your Current Merch Listings

optimize merch by amazon listings

With buyers around the world using Amazon to search for products three times more than they do on Google, optimizing one’s merch listings is critical to making sales. But what is the pinnacle of a search listing? How do you make the most of your research to combine it into one unified whole that’s attractive for buyers and leads them to the much-coveted Buy Box? It may seem like going down a rabbit hole, but it’s not too complex if you streamline it into several components. In fact, the marketplace’s product listing can be broken down into eight different ingredients. Although we’ll cover each of these in more detail below, we’ll also throw in a couple of other good suggestions […]

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Translate Your Listings For The New Marketplaces

merch by amazon translate listings

Merch by Amazon is currently rolling out new marketplaces which include France, Italy, and Spain. Having your designs available for sale on these new marketplaces increases the chances of making more sales on your Merch by Amazon account. There is a catch though, since all the new marketplaces have their own language, listing your products with titles and descriptions written in English would probably not bring in many royalties. YES it can work, but when is the last time you purchased a shirt that was NOT listed in your native tongue? This is why we have created a simple method of translating your listings in different languages using Google Sheets. Here’s how it looks: All you need to do is […]

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How To Use Rank Tracking To Optimize Merch by Amazon Listings

The vast majority of Merchers use a spray and pray approach when it comes to uploading shirts. You upload your limit of shirts, and hope something sells. This CAN work, but over the years it has gotten hard and harder, making research even that more important. But… Let’s say that you went through all the research steps, found a good subniche where there are buyers for your shirt designs, and you know what makes up a good design! All that is left is to list it right? Yes and no! The first step is listing it, using keywords in your title, bullet points and description to make a great listing for a customer. However, if you want to have a […]

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Knowing Your Print on Demand Numbers Is Crucial

Lots of people in the POD (print on demand) community are spreading out to other print on demand services. This is a great way to increase the amount of revenue streams you have for your business and is something that you SHOULD be doing. For most, one of the biggest steps is moving onto Etsy! However, there is one GLARING problem I keep seeing pop up over and over again…. No one knows their numbers! This is apparent with both AMS ads (with sales on Merch by Amazon) and running ads on Etsy. You see big number screenshots, think you are doing great, making sales… life is good. Or so you thought! I was talking to an Etsy seller the […]

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How to Keyword Merch Listings

This is hands down the most requested piece of content we have received. Being able to properly keyword a Merch by Amazon listing in order to get it in front of potential customers can make or break your business. Today, we are going to go over exactly what you should be doing in order to connect with customers. These techniques can be replicated each and every time you upload a new product to Merch! To your success!

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Merch by Amazon SEO Ultimate Guide

Selling shirts on Amazon with Merch can be super exciting! It can also make you question what you are doing with your life if you take the time and effort to design your shirts but they just are not moving. This can be extremely frustrating, and often times, the person ends up giving up for good before they even get out of the 25 tier (the hardest tier by far)! You could learn to drive outside traffic like I just wrote about with Pinterest, or you could learn to optimize your listings. A combination of both is ultimately the best but this article is going to focus on the later.’ Coming from an internet marketing background, I have noticed that […]

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