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How feminism evolved as a niche on Amazon Merch on Demand

feminism niche on merch

As an Amazon Merch on Demand seller, you should always be on the lookout for trending niches to create your merch designs in. Sometimes, opportunity-rich markets are easy to predict, like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Other times, they’re related to politics or wave-creating events. One such niche that has taken different shapes and forms in recent years is feminism. In the following sections, we’ll explore how the topic has influenced Amazon merch sales historically, and how it fares today. The fluctuations of a sensitive niche The feminist movement started in 1848, when the first official Women’s Rights Convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York. Since then, the topic has evolved and gained popularity on a global scale. It tackles […]

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What should be your first print-on-demand merch product on Amazon?

first merch by amazon product

Amazon Merch on Demand is a well-paid undertaking for most sellers, but it can turn into a disappointing journey for some. So what makes or breaks this side gig? In two words, informed decision-making. If you’re thinking of entering the print-on-demand (POD) merch scene on Amazon, you’re probably asking yourself where and how to start. This decision is critical as it will define your initial performance and can shape your growth in the future. In this article, we’ll guide you to the right choice. Factors that should influence your decision As you’ve probably guessed, deciding on your first POD merch item and design shouldn’t come from guesswork. Instead, it should be based on thorough research and data. Luckily, with Merch […]

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Tax Season-Related Merch

tax day merch

There is an old adage that I heard when I was very young and thought it could not be true. As an adult, it does seem to hold water. I’m of course talking about the claim that “there are only two things for certain: death, and taxes”. While we try not to dwell on either, only one of these thing most of us have to face every April. Right on time, the stress of what to do and when in terms of taxes seems to be a national experience (again, for most) and this frustration sometimes comes out in creative ways. We’re discussing today shirt merchandising that laughs at, commiserates with, and shares in the collective scream we all wish […]

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St. Patrick’s merch: what is the hype all about and can you cash in on it?

st patricks day merch

St. Patrick’s day, St. Paddy’s day, St. Patty’s day – whichever way you say or use it, it all boils down to the same thing. A celebration of Irish heritage and culture expressed through festivities and parades. It is best symbolized through green apparel with shamrocks, leprechauns and golden pouches. Typically celebrated on March 17 each year, this is a holiday no merch seller wants to miss. Below we’ve prepared all the insights you need to create and optimize your listings. Ready to find out? Read on. How big is St. Patrick’s niche on Amazon Merch on Demand? One thing that is consistent with this holiday niche is the name of the seed keyword “St. Patrick’s”. To study it in […]

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Merch Informer How-to: Identifying the perfect keywords based on competition and search volume

perfect niche for merch

Perfect t-shirt designs really do go well with perfect keywords. If you fail to identify the latter, the former will just be lost in the endless sea of listings available to Amazon buyers. Keywords are crucial because they help you rank, and rank higher. And with Amazon, there are several places where you can add relevant keywords. These are in the platform’s back-end, in your product title, and in your listing description. But what keywords should you use and how can Merch Informer help you do so optimally? In this article, we explore some of the easiest and fastest tools to get you the results you want in order to find the perfect keywords to use in your listing optimization […]

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Print-on-demand merch niches to prepare for in Q1 of 2023

merch niches

Niching down on Amazon Merch on Demand is the best way to build on your experience,  magnify your exposure, and multiply your earnings. It’s precisely the strategy that places you one step ahead of others in the print-on-demand merch market. And although you may have spotted some profitable niches to sell in last year, Amazon is a dynamic and constantly evolving platform. To secure the profits you’re after in Q1 of 2023, you’ll need all the insights you can get your hands on. Luckily, we’ve got plenty to offer in the sections below. Let’s go over last year’s trending niches in Q1 and see what will sell like hotcakes during this year’s first quarter. Top niche trends in Q1 of […]

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Print-on-demand t-shirt niches to prepare for in Q1 of 2023

print on demand niches

T-shirts are a fashion staple and they’re here to stay. This is why most sellers on Amazon Merch on Demand are continuously looking to find the “right” niche for greater levels of profitability. But is there a “right” niche? And coming into the first quarter of 2023, what can you expect and what do you need to know in order to succeed in this competitive marketplace? We look at both the past and present with regard to t-shirts on Amazon and let you decide for yourself. What were the most popular niches in Q1 of 2022? Quarter one of last year was characterized by a plethora of niches. In fact, the range of niches was so broad that we cannot […]

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Ways to Profit off Market Trends On Amazon

trends on amazon

There are a lot of ways you can attempt success in merchandising your products online or when you are engaged in POD designs. You can try things that you personally like and see if others also like them, you can copy exactly what everyone else is doing, or you can watch emerging trends and try to predict what is to come and monopolize on these informed guesses. It really does come down to keeping up with what is growing in popularity, or ignoring it all and letting others pass you by. Those who adapt and change will almost always have the advantage here The real key to this is more than just being good at the standard analytics; one really […]

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Amazon Merch on Demand Niches For Valentine’s Day

amazon merch valentine's day

So, you were recently accepted as a Merch-By-Amazon seller and realized that you just missed Valentine’s Day, one of the most popular gift-giving days of the year. A lot of merch is sold for Valentine’s Day and a ton of it will be the exact same thing that it was last year and the year before and next year is yet another opportunity to take advantage of it. Now we can think a year ahead. Some approaches are just always going to be standard (and tired). But what if you took the overarching theme of the holiday and went off that beaten track? You can still offer items within the sphere of the holiday, but what could be wrong with […]

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Cats may be the sweetheart of the Internet, but are they as big on Amazon Merch on Demand?

cats on merch

If we do a quick Google search, the words “cat” and “cats” bring us over six billion search results. That’s nearly as many people as the total population of the world. We’ve all watched cat videos, images, and memes of funny and adorable cats. And the love for them is strong. But does this love for cats generate as much interest on the Amazon Merch on Demand platform? And if so, which category of merch is raking in the big bucks? In this post, we explore the market size, best-selling practices, and most profitable merchants. Read on to find out more. How big is the market for cat-themed merch? A quick search query for the keyword “cat” on Merch Informer’s […]

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