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For those of you who are new (Hi!) or have a short memory (we meet on Tuesday nights at the local rec center – there’s coffee), you may not be aware of the wealth of information hidden in the digital recesses of the Merch Informer blog.

I recently remarked to the gentleman who created MerchInformer (along with BookBolt and Sale Samurai) that there is enough content in the blog section that it could be compiled and sold as a how-to manual. Turns out he’s too generous and insisted that it all remain free. However, he did agree that we should dig into the archives and showcase many of the substantive and helpful pieces sure to act as primers for the new and refreshers for the regulars.

This week, we’re going to look at just a few of MI’s articles about niches. I curated a few for this piece that are of particular interest to me, and I hope some of you find them interesting as well. If not no worries, as you’re sure to find something more up your alley in future roundups.


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You’re sure to have new niches for 2024 in mind, so at the end of last year we used MerchInformer’s powerful data tools to analyze popular trends of 2023.

The “Barbie” movie created an explosion of interest in diversity themes, inclusivity awareness, mental health and wellness. These underscored the impact of media on consumer behavior.

Many themes proved evergreen: the animal and pet niche, humor with its wide applicability, sports reflecting team loyalty, and hobby-related designs. Celebrations and special occasions, with their seasonal demand, remained popular.

Moving into 2024, balancing trends and classic favorites will be the key to success. Armed with that knowledge, we selected articles about trends that have proven popularity and high search numbers but are far from oversaturated. Each trend is supported by strong data culled from MerchInformer’s data tools.


A cartoon clown with red hair Description automatically generated (Not the type of image I wouldn’t have picked, but hey, I’m not the art director…)

Don’t ask, because I’m not going to tell. But, judging by the numbers in this article, there are a lot of folks out there interested in the humorously taboo nature of adult themes. Merch Informer’s research tools focused on keywords like “kinky,” “sexy,” “rude,” “raunchy,” “adult humor,” and “dirty humor.” T-shirts with the last two keywords have the highest sales and competitive Best Sellers ranks (BSR), suggesting these areas as ripe for exploration.

Data from two best-selling real-world examples back it up.

Pricing analysis showed that the average price for these t-shirts hovers around $19, with dirty humor and adult humor t-shirts reaching up to $35 and $80. Extrapolating the profitability of sellers in this niche, the article suggests that one can earn between $400 and $900 in sales. Recommendations include using powerful keywords, pricing around the $18 mark for optimal revenue, and creating catchy, simple designs that resonate with the target adult audience.


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If spicing things up isn’t your preference, there are other ways to capitalize on the dynamic between couples.

Again, MI’s tools evaluated market size, best-selling listings, and profitability, revealing that the best-seller’s rank (BSR) for this segment is moderately competitive, indicating room for new entrants.

Interestingly, the research pointed out that although t-shirts are not the top trending product, the demand for couples’ themed apparel, especially around occasions like Halloween, presents a significant opportunity for sellers, especially since these items are often purchased in pairs. For example, listings that combined the term “costume” with “t-shirt” and focused on humorous or thematic designs performed well.


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Despite the reductionist name, “pinup culture” is all about empowerment, taking the imagery back from the objectivation of its earliest days. Imagine if Rosie the Riveter and Bettie Page got their molecules mixed in the Enterprise’s transporter stream and beamed them down onto a Harley or a hot rod and you’ll get the picture.

In terms of market saturation, there are over 2,000 listings targeting the pin-up girl niche, with a clear focus on vintage and retro themes. This indicates a well-defined but not overly crowded market space. And the numbers prove demonstrate that the audience for these shirts is a healthy mix of both men and women, particularly those leaning toward “gearhead” culture.

Pricing analysis shows a range from $13.38 to $39.99, with an average price of $18.45. The best-selling pin-up girl t-shirt at the time, targeting motorcycle enthusiasts and priced at $19.98, demonstrates the potential for profitability with the right approach to keywords, pricing, and design.


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And speaking of female empowerment…

The feminism niche on Amazon Merch on Demand reflects the dynamic nature of societal and political movements, with sales peaks often tied to significant events, such as the Roe v. Wade ruling in June 2022. This sensitivity underscores the importance for sellers to stay informed through tools like Merch Informer to capture timely opportunities.

It’s certainly a volatile niche, but it is balanced by predictable demand spikes around events like International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, offering planned selling opportunities.

Current analysis shows that this niche is thriving, with a healthy demand for feminist-themed t-shirts indicated by an average Best Sellers Rank (BSR). Keywords like “feminist shirt” show significant search volumes, suggesting specific buyer interests. Pricing strategies emphasize aligning with the market average to enhance competitiveness, with successful products often featuring simple, text-based designs that resonate with buyers.

Despite the unpredictability of news-related events, overall interest in feminism remains high, as evidenced by persistent search volumes. This suggests a dedicated segment within the broader feminist market. For sellers, success in this niche means combining responsiveness to current events with strategic planning for predictable trends. Diversifying product offerings can also help maintain steady sales outside peak periods.

The feminism niche offers not just financial benefits but also engagement with key societal issues, enhancing seller relevance and connection with audiences.

With increasing competition due to the relatively low barrier to entry for Merch By Amazon, it’ never been more important to stake out fertile but untapped ground. Whether you are passionate about the previous niches, they at least provide signposts for potential success along your journey.

Are there any niches or subjects that you’d like to us to analyze as fertile ground for growth? Let us know, or search through our library. We’ll be back again next month with another roundup.

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