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Content Marketing For Merch by Amazon Shirts

I have written a lot of articles on how to use different platforms to market your Merch by Amazon shirts. Social is a GREAT way to drive traffic and one of the most fun platforms to learn to actually market on. That being said, it is just one branch of a much bigger puzzle. Ecommerce content marketing is another avenue that I touched on very briefly in the MerchRead more

How To Sell 100 Merch by Amazon Shirts A Day Using Reddit

What if I told you that you could sell an extra 100 shirts every single day through Merch by Amazon? Sounds a bit far fetched I know. The great thing about understanding marketing though is that this is VERY achievable if you know what you are doing. Most people rely on organic traffic through Amazon to sell their shirts. This is great and something I love doing myself. AmazonRead more

Growth Hacking Pinterest To Sell Amazon Merch

How many times have you seen someone mention or felt that you were just not getting any sales through Merch by Amazon leaving frustrated even though they were all posted on social media? Social media can be one of the biggest opportunities for selling your Merch if you do it correctly. The fact is though, that simply posting your shirts to social media is not going to work unlessRead more

Zero Cost Merch Marketing

For one reason or another, the majority of Merch by Amazon users are not willing to spend money to actually market the goods they work so hard to create. While this is not recommended (we have lots of guides on how to drive your own traffic), there is nothing wrong with wanting to ride the Amazon gravy train as long as possible. With the Amazon/Shopify Integration that just happenedRead more

5 Ways To Market Your Merch by Amazon Shirts for Free

Being part of all the Merch by Amazon Facebook groups and talking to people who are just getting started with the platform often have the same complaint. They open up their account and see they have 25 spots available. They will then slowly fill up the slots and after 3 weeks, may have a few sales or even worse nothing! Does this sound familiar, or is this describing you?Read more

Leverage Pinterest Marketing To Sell Your Merch by Amazon T-Shirts

Amazon is an absolute powerhouse for selling items online. At the time of writing this, they are the 5th most visited website in the USA and the 10th most visited website in the entire world. With over 2 billion visitors each and every month, Merch by Amazon has allowed us to start to leverage this incredible traffic source to make more sales. With all the traffic available though, thereRead more

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