Is Pinterest A Viable Source Of Inspiration For Your Merch By Amazon Designs?

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Selling merch designs on Merch by Amazon is a rewarding venture as it can help you bring home a sound profit. It’s a cost-efficient way to start an off-hand business as the side gig doesn’t require a financial investment on your behalf. All that you have to worry about is coming up with an attractive design that buyers will love.

Although this may sound easy, if you’ve been a Merch by Amazon Seller for some time now, you’ll probably agree that it’s a challenge to keep the creative juice flowing.

You may have started fresh and full of innovative ideas. However, as time goes by, it’s completely natural to start finding it difficult to find your muse and come up with new design concepts.

Luckily, you can source inspiration from other platforms to refresh your mind and feed your imagination. After all, we live in a highly digitalized world, where content surrounds us from every angle.

One of the best places to look for design inspiration for your Merch by Amazon products is Pinterest.

Can Pinterest Be Used For Inspiration By Merch Sellers?

Pinterest is a creative hub or a ‘visual discovery engine’ as they put it. It’s a social media platform where users can find a wide array of ideas related to food, fashion, interior design, and more. Pinterest is perhaps one of the most appropriate places to discover visual information on the internet.

And because of its focus on visual and creative content, it’s a brilliant source of inspiration for you as a Seller on Merch by Amazon.

On Pinterest, every piece of content or idea is represented by a Pin. Pins can be saved by different Pinterest users, increasing their popularity on the platform. The more a Pin has been saved, the more popular it becomes. Pinterest shows users the most popular Pins first as they are ranked near the top of the home page once you’ve logged in. This means that as a Seller, you can quickly get an idea of what types of content are currently interesting and trending on the platform.

For example, if you browse on Pinterest and run a general search for “t-shirts”, you’ll notice that some of the recurring themes are centered around pop culture and lifestyle. For instance, one of the cool t-shirt designs that we saw was one reading ‘Blood type – Coffee’. How can you use this for your Merch by Amazon designs? Say you’ve done your research on Merch Informer to discover that some profitable niches you can tap into are related to science, dentistry, and automobiles.

You can use this design as inspiration and create a design that reads:

Blood type – Science

Blood type – Dentist

Blood type – Gasoline

Blood type – Coffee and beer (see we are mixing it up)

And that’s not all. Let’s see how you can fully integrate Pinterest into your Merch by Amazon strategy as a Seller.

Integrating Pinterest Into Your Merch By Amazon Strategy

In the example above, we ran a search for t-shirts using Pinterest. However, you can search for a specific topic or theme that you’ve seen is trending on Merch by Amazon. For example, Merch Informer reveals that a big portion of the best-sellers on Amazon are related to popular humor phrases. You can run a search on Pinterest for a specific phrase, without narrowing it down to t-shirts. This will allow you to see a ton of other creative content related to the topic.

Perhaps there is a really cool billboard message, a digital image or another type of content that you can use for inspiration for your merch designs. This is an efficient method to use if you want to create unique t-shirt designs that others have not yet thought of on Merch by Amazon.

Using Merch Informer

Alternatively, you can use Merch Informer’s Etsy/Pinterest Search tool to do your research directly from the software. Our recommendation is to use this tool in combination with Merch Hunter or others like Movers and Shakers. One way to approach your search for inspiration is to start off by discovering the top-selling products on Merch by Amazon with Merch Hunter. Let’s say you notice that niches like movies and lifestyle are recurring. This means that buyers love designs from these themes and selling creative merch from this space is likely to be profitable.

Use the Etsy/Pinterest Search tool and type in a specific phrase that you’ve seen is popular or run a general search using the keyword ‘humor’ of “funny”. Choose Pinterest as the platform to search on and click ‘Search’. The tool will feed back popular Pinterest Pins from this category. As the search is broad, you won’t see t-shirt designs specifically, but popular visual content that Pinterest users love. You can use trendy slogans, memes, or imagery and adapt them to your t-shirt designs.

Let’s look at an example. One of the results that shows up from the search we outlined above is a funny retired slogan, reading “What do you call a person who’s happy on Monday? Retired.”. You can create a female or male-targeted design reading “Retired – Making Monday’s Great Again” that you can launch anytime of the year and will be an evergreen seller.

Another way to find inspiration is to search for t-shirt designs specifically by typing in ‘funny t-shirts’ in your Pinterest search on Merch Informer. This will allow you to see more targeted search results and test or imagery that works well on t-shirts.

An important word of advice here: If you’re looking to cash in on popular culture, remember that a lot of the names and brands of movies, songs, artists, etc. are protected by copyright law. Always ensure that the words and phrases in your designs are free to use, and not trademarked. You can do so by running a check in the Trademarks tool on Merch Informer.

When to rely on Pinterest

So how big a portion should Pinterest be in your pool of inspiration? The answer differs for every Seller. For example, you could either perform your Pinterest research consistently once every week or you could use it as a “get out of jail free” card when there are no other options you can think of.

Our recommendation is to use Pinterest on a regular basis.


Because this exercise can help you munch on creativity regularly, reducing your chances of running out of ideas. In addition, the more content that passes before your eyes, the more ideas you will generate and the more unique combinations you will make.

Of course, Pinterest shouldn’t substitute your main research on Amazon using Merch Informer. Rather, it should be used as a supplementary tool, which has to do purely with creativity.

How Can Pinterest Improve Your Performance As A Seller?

Using Pinterest for merch design inspiration can work miracles for your Seller profile and your sales volume. For starters, it’s another way to sneak peek into what people find attractive and interesting, what types of trends are currently popular, and what themes are circling around the internet. By taking advantage of this information, you can adapt your designs to fit in with different target audiences and connect to potential buyers. This can dramatically increase your chances of generating more sales.

Pinterest is also a great way to diversify your portfolio and communicate with different buyer groups. For instance, some Sellers find themselves at a dead-end at one point or another. They’ve started off by creating designs around their personal interests and hobbies and they’ve managed to make them sell for some time. However, failing to create new designs and reach new audiences can mean that your sales either remain the same or worse yet – fall off.

Leverage Pinterest Marketing To Sell Your Merch by Amazon T-Shirts

To avoid this, you should offer diversity in your Seller profile and create new designs that buyers find attractive. This can help you grow your Merch by Amazon business, generate consistent sales all year round, and enjoy higher profits.

The Financial Impacts

This brings us to the next point – the financial side of using Pinterest for your Merch by Amazon design creations. Considering all of the mentioned above, it’s safe to say that searching for inspiration on an external platform can boost your sales numbers and result in financial success. Why? Because your competitors are already looking on Amazon for inspiration. In order to outperform them, you’ll need to do something different and do it well.

Pinterest is one of your go-to options as it’s a creative hub for visual content that attracts millions of users. Use the content that generates a ton of interest on Pinterest and adapt it to your designs on Merch by Amazon to offer Amazon buyers a unique angle on a topic or a design that they’ve never seen on the platform.

In A Nutshell

If you feel like your creativity pool has dried up, preventing you from creating mind-blowing designs on Merch by Amazon, don’t be quick to worry. Explore Pinterest as a reliable source of inspiration, see what users are actively appreciating and sharing, and use this information to create new and well-performing designs.

Merch Informer allows Sellers to peek into popular content on Pinterest with the aim of helping you create unique and attractive designs. Take advantage, diversify your portfolio, and reap the results.

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