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The Importance Of Merch by Amazon Product Titles

So you want to sit down and figure out how to ACTUALLY get some sales on Merch by Amazon…. You upload your products, fill out the title, the description, and spend 10 minutes crafting the perfect bullet points. Your products are live, and you sit and wait… but no sales come in… What gives? You MAY want to revisit the titles of your shirts which I will go into detail below. Let’s jump into it! Merch by Amazon Titles – Keyword Rich Is Key I have gone into depth many times on how to properly keyword your listings before. You can find some of these on the blog here: Merch by Amazon SEO Ultimate Guide and here (watch this video, […]

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Merch by Amazon German and English Marketplace Data Added – See The Best Sellers For Each Market

We have been working hard behind the scenes to make some pretty big upgrades to Merch Informer! Many of these things are specifically what the community has asked for, and in our attempt to make sure that every Mercher has the best possible tools at their disposal, we have added them all to the Merch Informer modules. So without further ado, lets go over what has changed! Revamped International Database Since Merch Informer has launched we have followed closely with the updates that Merch by Amazon has made to their platform. We quickly adopted search when the UK and DE markets were launched to aid sellers in these new market places. However, since half our team is from the USA […]

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