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What Are The Most Dominant Pop Culture Themes By Type on Amazon Merch on Demand?

pop culture shirts

In a world driven by pop culture, where trends emerge and evolve at lightning speed, Amazon Merch on Demand stands as a vibrant hub for creative expression. From captivating movies to mesmerizing music and thrilling gaming realms to alluring series, we delve into the core themes that resonate with millions. In the following sections, we take an immersive journey through Amazon Merch on Demand to unveil the trends that dominate the world of Amazon merchandise. NOTE: Before we dive into the article, we talk a lot about research we have done that involves lots of intellectual property that you would NOT own. Do not infringe on the intellectual property of others! The most dominant pop culture categories When it comes […]

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Mental Health T-Shirts: Raise Awareness and Make a Profit Along The Way Through This Amazon Merch on Demand Niche

mental health tshirts

With mental health awareness gaining traction around the world, there’s no better canvass to express your support for this issue than a t-shirt. And with only 6,000 listings on for the search query “mental health awareness shirt’”, there’s certainly scope for you to explore this niche due to its low-competition nature. In this article, we explore the market size and bestseller practices to give you better insight into how to strategically enter and succeed in this niche. Let’s get started. How big is the mental health niche on Amazon Merch on Demand? To begin the research process, we headed over to Merch Informer’s Products Search module. In the section below, we explore both the demand and supply side of […]

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Understanding Different Merch Informer Tools: Tools Tab

merch informer tools

When you’re out there trying to figure on which sites to use to develop your ideas for merch, you will come across a plethora of options. There are so many today, it can make your head spin. We’ve all been there, no one just falls into all of this by mistake just to suddenly understand it all. And a lot of these companies have great products. Some perhaps no so much. And yet others have a great product with a wonderful interface that is the gateway to some of the most powerful data collecting and organizing tools available today. We use MerchInformer, and we think you need to take a serious look at it as well. Merchandisers and Amazon sellers […]

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Understanding Different Merch Informer Tools: Trademark Module

merch informer trademark module

When dealing with marketing and sales online, you want to get the hottest and latest items out there, but you also don’t want any problems while doing so. And you certainly do not want issues with the platform you are selling through as they are the landlords to your store, so-to-speak. Strikes on your account can eventually ruin your chances out there to be a successful seller. On the flip side, trademarks are important when you are protecting your items, so you can understand why you do not want the headache of infringing on someone else’s TM. Luckily, MerchInformer has the exact tool you need, and it’s a pretty powerful one. Let’s talk a little about why respecting trademarks is […]

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Fringe Holidays and Amazon Merch on Demand – Do They Make a Good Match

fringe holidays tshirts

In a world filled with traditional holidays that dominate our calendars, there exists a hidden realm of celebration where lesser-known festivities take center stage. These fringe holidays, often overlooked by the masses, possess a distinct charm that captures the hearts of those seeking something extraordinary. But what happens when these unofficial holidays collide with the vast potential of Amazon Merch on Demand? Can this dynamic combination ignite a sartorial revolution that embraces the spirit of these unique celebrations? Let’s find out together with the help of Merch Informer. Are unofficial holidays a lucrative option to explore? As a merch creator on Amazon, you’re probably accustomed to prepping for some of the most popular seasonal trends. These include Christmas, St. Valentines […]

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Fantastical Creatures and POD T-Shirts: Do These Two Go Together As Well As They Do In Books and Movies?

fantastical creatures tshirt

Fantastical creatures have been brought to life and sparked our imaginations in books and movies. From books to movies, imaginary elves, fairies, werewolves, and others have become a part of our lives. But as a seller on Amazon Merch on Demand, is there space for you to explore this niche? And what’s more, is it profitable? This post seeks to answer these questions to help you make the most out of your print-on-demand (POD) side gig. How big is the fantastical creatures niche on Amazon Merch on Demand? We used Merch Informer to help us determine the size and scope of this niche. Because the term fantastical creatures is so broad, we identified some of these creatures individually and went […]

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Exploring Merch Informer Tools: Merch Informer Designer/Uploader

merch informer designer uploader

In our ongoing series of exploring the benefits of using the Merchinformer site and its tutorials section, we have come to the final tab on that page: the Uploader and Designer. This is a tool in two parts; a method of getting what you are creating to a broader audience, and the other part allows you to quickly and cleanly make design patterns on the items you sell. The power in this tool is that you can then directly upload your work to the platforms you sell on and much of the process is automated. The graphical interface on something like the Designer is a joy to work with, as you’ll see for yourself once you try it. THE “SINGLE […]

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How To Create a Merch by Amazon Landing Page With All Your Products

As the holidays approach and with Q4 already kicking off, most Merchers have started creating their AMS campaigns and running ads. Running ads before a certain event or holiday can help you gain BSR which will lead to an increase in organic sales. In this article, we are going through a step-by-step process of setting up a landing page for your brand and running ads to it. Creating Your AMS Store Head to, and on the left side menu click on Stores. Clicking on Create Store will take you to the next step, where you have to fill out your store’s information and select a layout. The page meta description is what will end up displaying in Google when […]

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Translate Your Listings For The New Marketplaces

merch by amazon translate listings

Merch by Amazon is currently rolling out new marketplaces which include France, Italy, and Spain. Having your designs available for sale on these new marketplaces increases the chances of making more sales on your Merch by Amazon account. There is a catch though, since all the new marketplaces have their own language, listing your products with titles and descriptions written in English would probably not bring in many royalties. YES it can work, but when is the last time you purchased a shirt that was NOT listed in your native tongue? This is why we have created a simple method of translating your listings in different languages using Google Sheets. Here’s how it looks: All you need to do is […]

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Merch by Amazon Saturation – Does It Exist and How To Find Wide Open Niches

merch by amazon saturation

Saturation is a word that often pops-up on many different online businesses and money-making forums, and it’s no different with Print On Demand. There has been a lot of discussion in the Facebook groups about Merch by Amazon being saturated and that it’s hard to find niches that have low competition. Sure, there are some niches that might be hard to break into; but getting in front of the right audience is actually not that hard. Today we are going to show a step by step process on how to find an unsaturated niche that sells well on Merch by Amazon. Let’s get into it! The Inspiration – Merch by Amazon T-Shirt Idea The first step of finding an unsaturated […]

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