Merch by Amazon Saturation – Does It Exist and How To Find Wide Open Niches

merch by amazon saturation

Saturation is a word that often pops-up on many different online businesses and money-making forums, and it’s no different with Print On Demand.

There has been a lot of discussion in the Facebook groups about Merch by Amazon being saturated and that it’s hard to find niches that have low competition.

Sure, there are some niches that might be hard to break into; but getting in front of the right audience is actually not that hard. Today we are going to show a step by step process on how to find an unsaturated niche that sells well on Merch by Amazon.

Let’s get into it!

The Inspiration – Merch by Amazon T-Shirt Idea

The first step of finding an unsaturated niche is the idea, and you don’t have to overthink it.

The inspiration for creating a T-Shirt can come to you in many ways, and the easiest one is getting inspired by your surroundings and everyday situations. I will talk about this approach below and show an example of what I mean by that.

In the last couple of days, we’ve been having 95 degree hot weather.

Since I’m not a fan of heat, I like to keep my air conditioning running all the time.

Yesterday my AC was malfunctioning and was not running at the temperature I’m used to, so I had to call a HVAC technician to check on it. This situation gave me the idea of researching a niche I haven’t gotten into before – HVAC Technicians.

The Research – Find A Unique Angle For Your Design

For this approach, we are going to start with the Social Hunter module inside Merch Informer and see if we can find a funny quote that is popular on Pinterest.


Scrolling through the results, I found a funny phrase that I think would work well on a T-Shirt. We can use this phrase to create a funny definition T-Shirt for HVAC.

hvac funny tshirt

The Validation – Figure Out If There Is Money Behind Your Idea

Now that we have our phrase, we need to check if HVAC T-Shirts are actually selling on Merch by Amazon. Head to our Merch Research tool and search for hvac tshirt.


The number of results shows that there are 166 Merch by Amazon T-Shirts for this keyword. This is an unsaturated niche that doesn’t have thousands of shirts listed, which means we have a high chance of tapping into this niche and getting sales fast.

Next, we are going to take a look using the Product Search module and get some more information about the niche.

hvac merch informer

This page gives us information about the pricing, BSR (Best Sellers Rank), and a keyword cloud with all the keywords that are used in these listings that are SELLING.

We can use all this useful information to create our listing based on the data that the product search module offers, so we can increase the chances of our T-Shirt selling right away.

To take it a step further, click on the “i” icon of a particular listing to see detailed information about it:


It’s important to look at the graph that shows you the correlation of a t-shirt’s price and its BSR, because this data will help you decide what to price your T-Shirt at.

Pricing your T-Shirts high in a niche like this is easy, since you don’t have to compete with a lot of sellers. But even in an unsaturated niche, the data Merch Informer offers will always help you price correctly for the market so that you can earn more without being afraid of losing sales because of your pricing.

The Design – Creating Your Product With a Few Clicks

Now that we have decided what we are going to create, let’s head to the Merch Informer Designer and start creating our T-Shirt.

First, we’re going to check for the image resources to find something that would fit our selected niche:

The thermometer image would fit great in our case, so we can use that and add some text around it:
hvac merch informer design

Here we have our design ready for upload in just a few minutes!

The Promotion – Getting Your First Sale

Getting that first sale for a T-Shirt you just uploaded is a great feeling, but sometimes this doesn’t happen right away. Instead of waiting for the Amazon algorithm to bring you the first sale on your freshly uploaded product, you can promote it and speed up the process of getting a BSR so that it starts ranking right away within the niche.

The best place to start promoting your T-Shirt for free is on social media. A simple search on Facebook for groups about HVAC shows that there’s a huge potential to market your product to an audience that is a perfect fit for it.


Don’t go straight away spamming the groups with your T-Shirt link. Be creative, interact with people and posts inside the group, and be on the lookout for when they ask about gift ideas – because that’s when you can satisfy their needs by linking them to your funny HVAC T-Shirt.

Reddit is another great source of traffic which can bring you a lot of sales. There’s a Reddit board for anything you can think of, and the one that fits our niche has around 56,000 members with more than 600 people online at the moment.


If you want to follow a step-by-step process for promoting your T-Shirts on Reddit, make sure to click here and read a previous guide where we covered it in detail.

For more ideas on promoting your T-Shirts, you can check out another article where we talk about 5 Ways To Market Your Merch by Amazon Shirts for Free.

The Domination – Owning The Niche

Once you’ve found an unsaturated niche, make sure you expand on it by creating more designs so you can own a bigger portion of the niche. Find more funny quotes that apply to the niche and create variations with different illustrations and cliparts. After that, create some retirement designs, birthday designs, employee of the month designs – all around the HVAC niche. This way you’ll have about 20 different designs all in an unsaturated niche on which you can profit easily.

Wrapping It Up

That about wraps it up for how to find unsaturated niches and actually make sales in them. This is a great technique that has worked for YEARS! It really does boil down to the simple equation of: Find what people are interested in, put a unique spin on it, and make sure there are not thousands of other sellers selling the SAME thing. Doing this can make you stand out even if there are a ton of other relevant products in a niche and give you a foothold to stand on.

Now go create some products and good luck!

  • This information is amazing! Merch Infomer is such a one stop shop and who knew! There are so many tools to help and I had no idea how to use them all yet. This was helpful! Thank you!

  • This kind of tutorial is amazing cos it shows the whole process on how to analize and create your listings, step by step, not just the tools separetely.
    I am new to MI, english is not my first language and I hardly would think of a HVAC design, but this was one of the post I most liked here.
    Good job, Neil. Keep doing it.

  • Just now getting to read this helpful article! Everything was explained very nicely and the images were helpful.

    Finding things to check for a niche is very hard for me. At the beginning of the article, you mention, “… the easiest one is getting inspired by your surroundings and everyday situations. I will talk about this approach below and show an example of what I mean by that.” I didn’t find where this approach was discussed later in the article. Any insight into this method would be appreciated greatly! Thanks!

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