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Trouble Filling Your Q4 Slots?

Are you feeling it yet? Q4 is pretty much at our doorsteps and now is the time to really step up your game. I know I am. I have my design team working full time and they are STILL too slow to kick back enough designs every week for what I need. It makes it even harder since my designers are trying to help out some friends and familyRead more

How To Scale Your T-Shirt Designs With Placeit’s Design Templates

Today we are featuring a guest post on the Merch Informer Blog from Ana at We met her about a month ago after a discussion about using mockups to run free advertising campaigns for merch shirts. We have invited her to write about how you can easily scale up your merch designs by using simply templates. Coming up with ideas for t-shirt designs is no easy thing. Sure, maybeRead more

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