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Gym Motivation T-Shirts: Best Practices And Bestsellers In The Fitness Niche On Amazon Merch On Demand

gym shirts merch by amazon

The US gym, health and fitness market was estimated to be over $35 billion in value in 2021. Forecasts indicate that it’s expected to reach almost $36.6 billion this year. With so many people headed over to gyms to improve their physical health, what is the scope of the market on Amazon Merch on Demand? Is it a worthwhile niche to enter in terms of profitability? And if so, how should you position your merch to ensure you stand out from the crowd? Let’s explore the answers to these questions below. How big is the fitness niche on Amazon Merch on Demand? We used Merch Informer’s “Products Search” module to explore the best-sellers ranks (BSRs) of gym and fitness-related t-shirts […]

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Dissecting Product Categories: Is It Worth Getting Into Phone Cases On Amazon Merch On Demand?

phone cases merch by amazon

With many available categories to tap into as an Amazon Merch on Demand seller, choosing a profitable niche could be overwhelming. If you’ve read our previous posts, you’ll have noticed that we aim to make this process easier for you by dissecting different category niches. This time, our focus is on phone cases. Below, we’ll find out whether this market is profitable, what some top performers are doing to score sales, and how you can compete in the category. How big is the phone case market on Amazon Merch on Demand? The first step in our journey to category exploration is determining the market’s potential. This is a reliable indicator of whether or not the category is worth your time […]

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Dissecting Audiences on Amazon Merch on Demand: Trends and Top Sellers In The African American Segment

dissecting audiences on amazon

There are 41.6 million African Americans living throughout the United States. This represents a large chunk of the total population at 12.4%. It is therefore a significant market that Amazon Merch on Demand sellers should not underestimate. To find out what sort of merch is mostly being sold to this group, and what the top sellers are doing right to reach this audience, take a look at our key findings below. How can you uncover the ethnicity of a buyer audience on Amazon? In order to uncover the ethnicity of a particular buyer audience on Amazon, a few defining features must be considered. These relate to popular holidays, needs and wants, as well as geography and psychographics. Popular holidays are […]

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Anime/Kawaii Merch May Be One Of The Hottest Niches Of The Year

anime shirts merch

While names like Sailor Moon, Deku, Kuromi, Goku and Raichu might not ring any bells for you, chances are someone in your life could enthusiastically tell you the plotlines/backstories for at least one of these popular anime characters. Characterized by big sparkly eyes, tiny button noses and often big bright hair and/or adornments, the stereotypical anime style and all of the niches that have developed within it, have trended well beyond their Japanese origins and have become incredibly fashionable and profitable in the United States. And it’s not just adolescents who go crazy for the anime style! With hundreds of new anime series being produced a year that cover a long list of sub-genres, adults and youth alike have no […]

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Studying Your Merch By Amazon Competitors: Merch Informer’s Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide

studying competitors

Every business owner is aware of the importance of competitor research. A subset of market research, studying your competition enables you to see what products they’re selling, at what price and volume, what features these products have, what their customers are saying, and more. In addition, competitor research enables you to see where your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses lie, as well as what strategies they’re using to get ahead. As a Merch by Amazon Seller, you need to think like an entrepreneur when creating your t-shirts. After all, this is a side business, but a business nonetheless. Gathering insights into what competitors are doing will help you improve your rankings and get more sales. One of the best tools you […]

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T-Shirts And Politics: Is Political Messaging Worthwhile On Merch By Amazon?

merch political shirts

Whatever your political views may be, one thing is certain: Politics is here to stay whether we like it or not. There will always be conflicting sides in the political discourse. While many people are happy to express their political opinions through t-shirts, it would be interesting to find out how political topics and figures fare on Merch by Amazon. This is especially the case with print-on-demand (POD) t-shirts. Let’s take a closer look. Are Politics Allowed On Merch By Amazon? Merch by Amazon has many rules and guidelines for the content and designs that can be printed and sold on the platform. For example, one such rule is that a Seller cannot sell trademarked names and words. Another example […]

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How To Make The Best Of Merch Informer’s Keyword Research Toolkit

merch informer keyword research

There are two crucial pillars of success when it comes to selling Amazon print-on-demand (POD) t-shirts – great design and proper keywords. Keyword research is vital because it helps you get in front of the right customers. It also allows Amazon’s algorithm to rank you more appropriately, ultimately leading to more sales. When it comes to keyword research, you have two main options: do it the hard way or the easy way. The hard way involves scrolling through thousands of listings manually, taking notes on the side, and merely hoping that you hit the bullseye. The easy way, on the other hand, is doing your keyword research through Merch Informer. The software offers you three primary tools for conducting your […]

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What Is The Single Most Successful Print-On-Demand T-Shirt on Amazon And What Made It The Best?

most successful merch shirt

It all started in the Navy. That’s when t-shirts first appear to have been introduced for soldiers to wear under their uniforms. Then, they became a sort of fashion statement. A way of expressing quirks, tastes, one’s sense of humor, their style, and even an indication of hobbies and interests. They also became popular amongst cult followers of music and films. But let’s take it back to 1977, when the “I love NY” t-shirt was born. Initially, it was created as a way to promote tourism to this bustling city. However, the logo itself became massively popular and appeared on countless t-shirts ever since then. In fact, the trend has taken the world by storm, with many major cities being […]

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T-Shirt Print on Demand Research For Foreign Marketplaces – New Merch Informer Updates

Selling on Merch by Amazon has evolved since the program first launched and for the better! What used to be a program where you had to wait months and months to be accepted with a few t-shirt options and only the US market; has expanded into many marketplaces with almost global fulfillment. Now, if you have been selling for any period of time, you likely know that the VAST majority of sales occur in the US market, and thus most people are doing research for creation of these designs just in the US market. However, sometimes doing research to find untapped niches in specific markets can be a way to make more sales, get ahead, and target the cultural differences […]

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Niche Hunter – Amazon Keywords, Search Volume, and New Print on Demand Niches In ONE Place

Creating a successful Merch by Amazon business is going to come down to fitting 3 pieces of a puzzle together perfectly. Miss one, or ignore another, and you are going to be behind the pack when it comes to making sales. These three things on the surface are fairly simple: Design Keywords Buyer’s Intent You need a great unique design to start off with. If you are creating designs that do not stack up with other products on Amazon, you will quickly realize that this business is harder than you thought it might be. But WHAT is a great design?  You need to use the right keywords in your listing to ensure that your design is getting in front of […]

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