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Dinosaur-inspired t-shirts on Amazon Merch on Demand: how big is the market, who are the bestsellers?

dinosaur inspired shirts

It could be argued that donning a dinosaur t-shirt is a way of expressing curiosity about the world and its history. You certainly don’t need to be a paleontologist to enjoy one. In fact, audiences for this type of merch on Amazon range from young children to adults. So, if you want to find out if this is a niche worth exploring, we’ve laid down the groundwork for you. Here’s our breakdown. How big is the dinosaur-themed niche on Amazon Merch on Demand? Determining the market size for this niche is the first starting point in our analysis. And we couldn’t do it without Merch Informer’s Products Search module. We keyed in the keyword “dinosaur” in the search bar and […]

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What is the bestselling holiday season merch by type and niche?

merch holiday niches

Selling apparel on Amazon Merch on Demand is a money-generating side gig for many. We know because we’ve done the research. But how are sellers achieving this? The truth is that a lot of merch creators are actively taking advantage of certain seasonal trends to make up for periods of low sales. And when it comes to Amazon shopping, perhaps one of the biggest events of the year is Christmas. The clock is ticking and the time to act is now. Find out what the best-selling holiday season merch is this year and discover some of the most profit-making niches. The leading niches on Amazon Merch on Demand this Christmas season Selecting a niche to tap into is a fundamental […]

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Heavy metal t-shirts on Amazon Merch on Demand: Market size, bestsellers, and best practices

heavy metal tshirts merch

Heavy metal is a highly particular niche of music, which cannot be enjoyed without a distinct and acquired taste. With that being said, there are millions of heavy metal fans who enjoy this particular style of music. Since apparel is one of the most expressive ways of showcasing personal characteristics, especially t-shirts, Amazon Merch on Demand sellers could look to explore the heavy metal niche as an option to diversify their portfolio. But with this, prior research needs to be conducted into the market, competition, and best practices in the listing optimization process. This is why we’ve prepared a concise guide as to how you can enter the heavy metal niche on the Amazon marketplace and thrive. How big is […]

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Gamer t-shirts on Amazon Merch on Demand: Market size, bestsellers, and best practices

gamer tshirt merch

Gaming has taken the world by storm, enthralling audiences – both young and old – with the quests it presents, providing an adrenaline rush, and giving gamers an escape. Although initially the domain of males, female gamers are plentiful too, as both enjoy immersing themselves in a fictional world. Gaming has grown so much that it has become its own market. A way of expressing one’s individuality. And what better way to do this than by donning a t-shirt that tells the world you’re a part of this growing community. As such, sellers on Amazon Merch on Demand have yet another niche to explore. But what is the market size and scope for profitability? We explore this in more detail […]

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Dragon-themed t-shirts on Amazon Merch on Demand: A surprisingly diverse niche worth exploring

dragon themed merch shirts

In the Far East, dragon symbolism has been around for centuries, portraying a mix of supernatural power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge. With the blending of different cultures from East and West, a mutual respect for this mythical creature has arisen. This is why we see such a plethora of dragon-themed items all around us. Naturally, this also includes apparel such as t-shirts. It is no wonder then that t-shirt designs with dragons on them have started appearing on Amazon Merch on Demand. If you have the creative wherewithal to depict such designs, and you’d like to cater to this increasingly diverse market, this post is for you. How big is the dragon-themed niche on Amazon Merch on Demand? The […]

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How big is the popsocket market on Amazon Merch on Demand and is it worth your while?

popsocket merch

Many Amazon Merch on Demand sellers believe that the t-shirt category is a golden pot. To some extent, this is true, as t-shirts are undoubtedly the most searched-for merch on demand products on the marketplace. However, neglecting the other available categories could limit your growth potential. To maximize your chances of success and to create a diversified and well-balanced portfolio, it’s worth exploring other niches, like popsockets. In this article, we offer a full analysis of the popsocket market on Amazon Merch on Demand. We’ll use Merch Informer to identify how large the market is, how attractive it is to shoppers, the level of competition, and more. How big is the popsocket market on Amazon Merch on Demand? Size is […]

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Rock’n’roll t-shirts on Amazon Merch on Demand: How big is the scene, is it worth your while?

amazon merch rock and roll

If you’re looking to scale your Amazon Merch on Demand side gig, the rock’n’roll t-shirt niche could be the right path to set foot on. But before you make this strategic decision, there are a lot of factors to consider. Is the market large enough to compete comfortably? Is it attractive to shoppers? And most importantly, is it profitable? We provide the answers in this article. How big is the rock’n’roll t-shirt niche on Amazon Merch on Demand? If you’ve read any of our previous posts, you may have noticed that we put great emphasis on niching down. Tapping into new markets is one of the best ways to diversify your portfolio and gain a competitive advantage over other sellers. […]

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What is the size of the different merch categories on Amazon and how it impacts sales

amazon merch categories

Market size is one of the fundamental elements shaping a seller’s success on Amazon Merch on Demand. The platform enables creators to apply their art pieces to more than ten merch types. But which product category will result in the best performance in terms of sales? It all comes down to how big the market is in the first place. To save you headaches and hours of research, we’ve prepared a list of valuable information on the size of all available categories on Merch on Demand. A look into the size of Amazon Merch on Demand categories Before we share our findings with you, we must explain how best to approach this type of research. Three key components determine market […]

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Merch for grandma and grandpa: what are seniors buying the most on Amazon Merch on Demand?

merch for grandma

Merchants who would like to target the senior citizens niche on Amazon Merch on Demand need to be aware of several key market factors and best-selling strategies. This will help you position your offering much better. Although there is potential for profitability, your entire listing should be optimized to its full potential if you want to gain more visibility and rank higher. But how can you achieve this? It’s simple. With Merch Informer’s “Products search” module. Using this functionality, we were able to determine the market size, expected levels of profitability, as well as best-selling practices. Wondering what they are? Take a look below. How big is the senior citizens niche on Amazon Merch on Demand? Keyword research is a […]

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What are the top-selling autumn niches to target on Amazon Merch on Demand in 2022?

autumn niches amazon merch

Are you looking for ways to make your sales on Amazon Merch on Demand reach new heights during the autumn of 2022? In that case, you’re in for a treat. We’d like to help you make your seller journey an exciting ride with fruitful results. How? By tipping you in on the most popular niches and product categories this autumn season. And to turn this into a profitable experience, we’ll also share a few combos that you can target to see your listings perform even better. Popular niches this autumn Choosing a niche is a critical step in your seller strategy. If you’re interested in making your print-on-demand merch attractive and profitable, it’s important to niche down and find a […]

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