IDGAF merch: The unceremonious way to make money on Amazon Merch on Demand

One unorthodox niche that has recently captured attention on Amazon Merch on Demand is IDGAF merch.

This unapologetic theme has found its way onto t-shirts, hoodies, and other merchandise.

While the sentiment behind “IDGAF” might not seem like an obvious choice for marketable products, it’s precisely this boldness and irreverence that has propelled it into the spotlight.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of IDGAF merch and explore how it’s become a surprisingly lucrative avenue for entrepreneurs on Amazon Merch on Demand.

What is IDGAF and what does it represent?

IDGAF, shorthand for “I Don’t Give A F***,” is a blunt declaration of indifference, a refusal to conform to societal norms, and an assertion of personal autonomy.

It’s a phrase that embodies a rebellious spirit, rejecting the need for approval or validation from others.

While its origins may be rooted in slang, IDGAF has transcended its linguistic simplicity to become a symbol of empowerment for those who embrace it.

At its core, IDGAF represents a mindset of self-assurance and assertiveness. It’s about prioritizing one’s own happiness and well-being over the opinions and judgments of others.

And in a world where individuals often feel pressured to conform to external standards of success and acceptability, embracing an IDGAF attitude can be incredibly liberating.

But IDGAF is more than just a dismissive phrase. It’s a philosophy that encourages authenticity and self-expression.

By rejecting the need for approval or validation, individuals are free to live authentically and unapologetically. This ethos of authenticity resonates deeply with many who are tired of conforming to societal expectations and yearn for the freedom to be themselves.

Naturally, the essence behind the IDGAF theme turns it into a powerful niche merch design niche on Amazon Merch on Demand.

But let’s find out if this is the case.

Market overview

If you’re a seller looking to diversify their portfolio with IDGAF merch, it’s worth exploring a few key metrics.

First, it’s essential to identify the size of the market via listing saturation. Second, you’ll need to understand the consumer behavior related to this market. Third, insights into the sales volumes and prices of IDGAF designs can reveal the profitability of this segment.

Using Merch Informer, we extracted insights on all of these metrics.

Here’s what we found.

Listing saturation

T-shirts are the most well-developed product category on Amazon Merch on Demand.

For this reason, we’ve conducted our research specifically for IDGAF t-shirts.

According to Merch Informer, there are only 9 bestsellers that rank for the keyword “IDGAF”. This low result suggests that this theme doesn’t shape a market at all, but is rather an experimental topic for some sellers.

Due to our surprise by this finding, we changed the search term to its full version of “I Don’t Give a F***” to see if the data is different.

And indeed, it is.

Merch Informer displays more than 500 top-performing listings using this phrase. This proves that t-shirts created around this topic are dominating the scenes on Amazon Merch on Demand.

Search behavior

Next, we examined the consumer behavior of shoppers interested in IDGAF merch.

We did so by exploring some of the most popular keywords that the audience uses to browse for these designs.

Here are our discoveries:

  • idk idc idgaf sweatshirt – 97,409
  • dk idc idgaf tshirt – 95,421
  • idc idk idgaf hoodie – 95,333
  • idk idc idgaf shirt – 94,850
  • idk idc idgaf hoodie – 93,686
  • idgaf sweatshirt – 91,281

Right off the bat, it becomes clear that nearly 100,000 buyers search for terms like “idk idc idgaf sweatshirt” and “dk idc idgaf tshirt”.

These abbreviations represent “I Don’t Know, I Don’t Care, I Don’t Give a F***”.

What’s interesting is that the keyword with the highest search volume points towards sweatshirts as a trending category. However, when inspecting this product type we uncovered very few listings that rank for “idk idc idgaf” or simply “idgaf”.

This signals that there’s a gap in the market waiting to be filled by new sellers.

Average BSRs

The average BSR of the +500 listings we identified above is an important piece of information to analyze. It sheds light on the sales potential of a niche and helps establish whether a market is worth entering as a seller.

Based on Merch Informer’s insights, the average BSR of products rankings for “I Don’t Give a F***” is 6,120. This is an incredibly low number in comparison to that of other segments.

It indicates that sellers in this domain can enjoy high sales volumes and fruitful financial gains.


To predict the profitability of the IDGAF merch market and to be able to position your listings adequately, it’s also crucial to have a bullet-proof pricing strategy.

To do so, it’s key to have an idea of what others in the space are doing.

According to Merch Informer, the IDGAF t-shirt space has the following price points:

  • Lowest Price – $8.49
  • Highest Price – $94.97
  • Average Price – $19.65

Instantly, it becomes apparent that some IDGAF merch designs span all the way up to $95. This incredibly high price promises substantial returns.

However, the average price in the segment is the one that deserves more attention.

Although it’s not a strict rule to follow, it’s considered a best practice to position your products around the market average (in this case, $19.65). This will reward you with a competitive edge and will help you establish yourself as an affordable seller.

Following this strategy will provide you with per-sale royalties of $4.89.

But what can your revenue look like on a monthly basis?

Let’s find out by analyzing the bestsellers.

A sneak peek into the bestsellers

One of the most successful listings in the IDGAF space on Amazon Merch on Demand is “Don’t Give A Fuck Today Didn’t Give A Fuck Yesterday Funny T-Shirt”.

This design sells for $17.99, has a BSR of 70,731, and lands 35 sales per month. Working out the maths, it appears that the seller is generating only $119 in monthly royalties.

The second example shows similar results.

“I Don’t Know I Don’t Care I Don’t Give A Fuck T-Shirt” is another top-performing listing that sells for $24.95 (slightly over the market average). It has a BSR of 140,957 and secures 18 sales per month.

This creator earns a monthly revenue of around $60 from this product.

Given the tremendous search demand and the low average BSR in the niche, why are these bestsellers not landing higher returns?

One explanation is that none of these sellers utilize the keywords that have the potential to attract the highest amount of traffic – “idgaf” or “idk idc idgaf”. Instead, they rely on the full version “I Don’t Give a F***” to interest consumers in their designs.

This only proves how utterly important it is to optimize your listings for the right keywords. Even in a market with such vast potential as IDGAF merch designs, sellers can experience the harsh reality of low sales volumes and unsatisfactory returns.

Wrapping up

Overall, consumers on Amazon are actively browsing for IDGAF, creating tremendous demand to be satisfied.

At the same time, sellers aren’t taking full advantage of this opportunity, leaving a gap in the market.

For sellers looking for new opportunities and niches to enter, this presents a lucrative opening. However, make sure to use the insights available in Merch Informer strategically, making informed decisions and paving your way to success.

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