Jesus Christ! How popular is the Lord’s image on Amazon Merch on Demand?

In the digital age, the reach of religious symbolism extends far beyond the confines of sacred spaces.

With the advent of e-commerce platforms like Amazon Merch on Demand, individuals have found a new canvas to express their faith and spirituality through POD merch.

Among the plethora of designs available, one figure stands out as a universally recognized icon – Jesus Christ.

In the following sections, we explore this niche in detail and uncover how popular Jesus is on Amazon Merch on Demand.

A deep dive into the market

Jesus Christ is one of the most universally recognized figures in history.

His image transcends cultural and religious boundaries, making it appealing to a diverse audience worldwide.

For millions of people, Jesus represents more than just a historical figure. He embodies faith, hope, and spiritual guidance.

Naturally, this means that including the Lord’s image on merchandise allows individuals to outwardly express their beliefs and affiliations.

But how popular is this market on Amazon Merch on Demand in reality?

To find out, we used the capabilities and modules of Merch Informer. We explored the following metrics that shape the size of the niche:

  • Listing saturation
  • Search demand
  • Average BSRs

Let’s dive into the findings.

Listing saturation

From all of the available merch categories on Amazon Merch on Demand, t-shirts stand out as a leading force.

Across the majority of themes and niches, t-shirts prevail as the product type generating the highest sales volumes.

For this reason, we’ve concentrated our research on this category.

Using Merch Informer’s Merch Hunter tool, we investigated the bestsellers that rank for “Jesus” for t-shirts. According to the software, there are a total of 326 top-performing listings ranking for this keyword.

At the same time, 77 listings rank for “Christ”.

This data demonstrates two important things.

First, the word “Jesus” is much more popular than “Christ” on Amazon Merch on Demand. Second, this market is considered well-developed and saturated, with a healthy amount of competition available.

This makes Jesus Christ t-shirts an opportunity-rich domain to explore as a seller.

Search demand

Next, we used Merch Informer’s Keyword research tools to determine the search demand in the space.

Are shoppers actively browsing for Jesus Christ t-shirts? As it turns out – yes.

Here are the top niche-related keywords we discovered:

  • rotting christ shirt – 17,588
  • jesus sweatshirt – 5,496
  • jesus hoodies – 4,743
  • jesus tshirt – 4,351
  • christ sweatshirts – 4,050

Right off the bat, we can see that more than 17,500 individuals search for “rotting Christ shirt” on Amazon. This is a tremendous demand that can be satisfied with designs centered around this topic.

In addition, this list sheds light on some of the product categories that are most popular among shoppers.

For example, we can see that sweatshirts and hoodies dominate alongside t-shirts.

However, during our listing saturation research, we revealed that there are under 100 bestsellers that rank for “Jesus” or “Christ” in these categories.

What this means is that there’s a substantial demand that remains to be satisfied on Amazon when it comes to Jesus Christ merch.

Average BSRs

So far, we’ve unearthed that Jesus Christ t-shirts are a wave-creating segment on Amazon Merch on Demand and that buyers frequently search for designs revolving around this niche.

But what’s the sales potential of these items?

Using Merch Informer, we examined the average BSRs of top-performing Jesus Christ t-shirts.

Based on the data, the 326 best-selling listings that rank for “Jesus” have an average BSR of 430,703. While this number is not as low as that of other niches, it still indicates decent sales volumes.

Meanwhile, product rankings for “Christ” have an average BSR of 548,653 – a slightly higher but still attractive result.

What’s the profitability of Jesus Christ t-shirts on Amazon?

Prior to crafting your sales strategy, it’s worth exploring the financial returns that can be achieved in the market you’re planning to penetrate.

The best way to do this is to observe the lowest, highest, and average prices in the niche.

For Jesus t-shirts, these rates are as follows:

  • Lowest Price $8.66
  • Highest Price $89.99
  • Average Price $20.10

It’s important to note that you are not obliged to position your listings anywhere near these prices. However, one of the result-guaranteed best practices to follow is to sell your products at rates close to the average in the domain.

This will enable you to gain a competitive edge, making your designs look affordable and adequately presented.

Such a strategy is especially recommended to beginner sellers of new market entrants.

Having this in mind, let’s assume that you create your first Jesus t-shirts and sell them at $20 (just $0.10 lower than the average). This price will generate per-sale royalties of $4.89.

As you gain experience, you can gradually increase the price all the way to $80, where your returns will skyrocket.

But what do these earnings look like on a monthly basis?

Let’s find out by analyzing some of the bestsellers.

A look into the best-selling Jesus Christ t-shirts on Amazon

The number one t-shirt that ranks for “Jesus” on the platform is “Yolo Jk Brb Jesus Funny Easter Day Ressurection Christians T-Shirt”. It sells for $17.95 and has a BSR of 6,798, which translates into 360 monthly sales.

The per-sale returns of this product are $3.41. Multiplying this number by the sales volume (360) gives us $1,228 in royalties per month.

No matter the level of experience, this number is considered highly attractive to all Amazon Merch on Demand sellers.

But what empowers this seller to achieve such results?

First, it’s clear that the pricing abides by the best practices as it’s slightly below the average.

Second, the merchant successfully combines the main niche (Jesus Christ) with humor – a trending theme on the platform.

Best of all, the seller has strategically taken advantage of Easter as a holiday strictly related to the main subject – Jesus Christ.

The listing enjoys high rankings thanks to powerful keywords, like “Jesus”, “funny”, “Easter”, “Christian”, and “resurrection”

We expose a similar scenario with our second example – “Its Not About The Bunny About Lamb Jesus Easter Christians T-Shirt”.

Priced at $16.98, this t-shirt has a BSR of 17,518 and lands 167 sales per month. Working out the maths, we can see that the monthly revenue from this design is $570.

The difference in returns between the first and second examples is mainly due to the lower price of the latter. In addition, the first listing secures a higher sales volume, positively impacting royalties.

Here, we can also see the funny theme and the Easter holiday mentioned in the title.

This brings us to a conclusion of the most successful best practices in this niche.

Best practices to follow

Based on our research findings, we suggest taking into account the following tips and tricks when entering the Jesus Christ t-shirt space on Amazon:

  • Price below the market average – even if it’s just $0.10 lower than the average price in the niche, make sure you’re competitively positioning your listing to gain an advantage over other sellers.
  • Incorporate humor where possible – religion isn’t a topic often associated with comedy. However, our analysis of Amazon Merch on Demand suggests that humor is widely used across Jesus Christ t-shirts, triggering interest and sales.
  • Combine the main theme with sub-niches – above, we discovered that Easter dominates top-performing listing titles in the Jesus Christ t-shirt space. This indicates that the keywords related to this holiday positively influence rankings, increasing the visibility of sellers’ designs.

Implementing these best practices into your sales strategy will enable you to get off to a positive start in the Jesus Christ t-shirt arena.


Overall, t-shirts inspired by Jesus Christ offer promising returns. In addition, the niche is filled with creativity, sub-themes, and design variations to explore.

If you’re ready to make an entrance into this opportunity-rich realm, make sure to make data-driven decisions throughout your journey.

By using Merch Informer, you can gain access to valuable insights, empowering you to make all the right moves every step of the way.

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