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Evergreen Versus Trending and Seasonal Merch by Amazon Designs – Understanding The Difference

When it comes to any print on demand business out there, and especially Merch by Amazon, there are 3 core areas on how to build your business: Evergreen, Trending, and Seasonal designs. While this seems pretty straight forward on the surface, there seems to be some confusion on each of these areas, where they overlap, and how Amazon works with each. Today we are going to go over eachRead more

How to Keyword Merch Listings

This is hands down the most requested piece of content we have received. Being able to properly keyword a Merch by Amazon listing in order to get it in front of potential customers can make or break your business. Today, we are going to go over exactly what you should be doing in order to connect with customers. These techniques can be replicated each and every time you uploadRead more

How To Buy Yourself Out Of Tier 10 (As a Non US Resident)

Almost every single person I have talked to over the few years that Merch by Amazon has been around (and is serious about growing their business) has bought at least one of their t-shirts to test the quality. Lots of people want to hit the ground running as soon as they are approved but you slowly start to realize that Merch forces you to SLOW DOWN! You get 10Read more

Announcing Merch Informer Lister Launch + Massive Keyword Finder Update

Today we are happy to announce two MASSIVE updates to Merch Informer! As of 5 minutes ago, The Merch Informer Lister Chrome Plugin is now live in the Google store (which is free for all Merch Informer subscribers) as well as a complete overhaul to the backend of the keyword finder. So… what exactly are these updates and what do they mean to you? It means you are aboutRead more

Introducing OpenClipArt, Pixabay, Unsplash Merch Designer Integration

Merch Informer just added UNLIMITED clipart use to the Merch Informer Products Designer. This includes 144,871 new images that you can use in your Merch by Amazon designs and is available in every single MI subscription. NOT ONLY THAT, but we also integrated Pixabay and Unsplash so you can quickly and easily create 100’s if not 1000’s of PopSocket images in any niche. No no, we did not addRead more

UPDATE: How To Resize Popsockets For Merch By Amazon

UPDATE! This script has been turned into a web based tool for FREE that you can use without any hangups with coding: Popsockets have been released on the Merch by Amazon platform and people are starting to have their accounts activated for these new products. However, these are all a different size than we are used to for t-shirts and hoodies, and also have a bit of a learningRead more

How To Turn Google Calendars Into A Merch Calendar

There has been a lot of talk in the Merch Community lately about trends and holidays and for good reason. They are a GREAT way to tier up your account and what a lot of big sellers recommend that newer sellers focus on when first starting out. So many people focus on holidays and calendar events that someone came up with the idea to charge people a monthly feeRead more

How To Mask Images In The Merch Informer Products Designer

Masking an image is probably one of the most exiciting things you can do in the new Merch Informer Products Designer and something I have been playing around with the last few days. This feature is a little bit “hidden” so let me go through a few things you can do with it. If you have no idea what masking an image is, think of it as making theRead more

Keyword Research Friday – Merch Informer Made Easy

Just finishing up some keyword research to send off to my designers and thought I would share part of my process. Apologies I am posting this a day late, but this is just one easy way you can utilize Merch Informer to save a bunch of time and find a bunch of untapped niches. Step 1: Find a starting place Typically when I sit down in the morning, IRead more

3 Easy Merch by Amazon Mistakes To Avoid

Almost everyone who has been in merch for some time has no doubt made at least one of these mistakes. Even I still make one of these mistakes every once in a while because of being in a rush to hit the upload limit each day. If you are brand new to the Merch by Amazon game or a seasoned vet, you do not have to get a strikeRead more

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