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Moving Up The Amazon Merch On Demand Tier System

tier up merch by amazon

Your store is set, you feel your images are great, you have unique ideas. You’ve been waiting for a boost for months and you’ve spent hours studying competing t-shirt designs. And yet, still you’re not selling anything? It must be something wrong with the algorithm! Well, no. It’s simple to point the finger at Amazon and its programming. But that’s not the issue. The First Step Is Always The Hardest Perhaps we start with the person in the mirror, the one making all the final decisions. Are your images as good as you think? Maybe your designs are bad. Perhaps your specialty is too broad. Perhaps the unique niche you discovered has been over-used and you have no chance of […]

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Tips And Tricks For Amazon Print On Demand Sellers

tips and tricks merch

While doing many of these articles for your perusal, we know that some of you are first-time readers and POD designers, while most of you are probably already aware of Amazon’s Print-On-Demand (POD) service, which launched in 2015 and has only increased since then. But if you haven’t heard, you’re in for a great treat today, because we’re going to give a few tips that many might overlook on their own POD adventures. How Often Should You Put Up New Product? Aiming for one new trend per month is a good way to keep your shop offerings plentiful and relevant. This one might be a little iffy sometimes but it does work occasionally! You can try it for yourself and […]

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Amazon Merch on Demand – Understanding Trademark and Copyright

merch trademark and copyright

In your quest to deliver quality designs to the print on demand market, you may have come across designs that you want to use but are unsure of using them because they are made by someone else. This is a good way of looking at it as your original ideas will always be yours without conflict. But sometimes we deliver products based on the work of others and it all falls into a grey area of what is permitted and what is clearly not. One of the worst aspects of being a print on demand seller is losing your Merch By Amazon account due to trademark breaches, and the tough part is that comprehending trademarks and copyrights can be very […]

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How big is the popsocket market on Amazon Merch on Demand and is it worth your while?

popsocket merch

Many Amazon Merch on Demand sellers believe that the t-shirt category is a golden pot. To some extent, this is true, as t-shirts are undoubtedly the most searched-for merch on demand products on the marketplace. However, neglecting the other available categories could limit your growth potential. To maximize your chances of success and to create a diversified and well-balanced portfolio, it’s worth exploring other niches, like popsockets. In this article, we offer a full analysis of the popsocket market on Amazon Merch on Demand. We’ll use Merch Informer to identify how large the market is, how attractive it is to shoppers, the level of competition, and more. How big is the popsocket market on Amazon Merch on Demand? Size is […]

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How to be ‘Black Friday Ready’ In One Day

black friday merch informer

It’s nearly that time again. No, not the time when you’ll be enjoying your family and friends while hoping you made enough to feed them all. We’re talking about the day AFTER that, the one where the chaos begins and you could stand to profit in big ways from it. And while far too many people will be hitting brick and mortar stores, more people than ever are going to go into a similar shopping frenzy online. And this is exactly where you stand to benefit, but only if you’re prepared. Prepare for Thanksgiving While Creating New Product “But I don’t have enough time with everything else going on!” you cry out. “There’s too much to do!” Well, you will […]

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Ethics, Amazon, And You: How To Avoid Offensive And Tasteless Messages In Your POD Merch Gig

merch by amazon messages

Ever since Amazon started out as a bookseller in 1995, this now massive global e-commerce platform continues to put customers first. This applies to cases where you’re selling practically any product, including print-on-demand (POD) merchandise such as t-shirts or sweatshirts. To prove the lengths at which Amazon will go to to ensure that there is no profane or offensive content that comes with its products, in 2020 Amazon did the following: “Reviewed almost 10,000 product listings each day to ensure compliance with their policies. Removed over two million products for violating Amazon’s offensive or controversial guidelines, with more than 1.5 million (75%+) of these products identified, reviewed, and discarded proactively by their automated tools, often before being seen by a […]

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How Does Amazon Merch on Demand Compare To Other Print-On-Demand Platforms?

how does merch by amazon compare to other platforms

Recent research indicates that receives about 2.4 billion visitors each month. That’s just over one quarter of the world’s population. And this makes it the world’s largest online marketplace. Amazon enables merch sellers to take advantage of this huge audience through its Merch on Demand platform. All this with little to no startup capital required, the ability to monetize a huge audience, and expand an existing business with new product lines such as t-shirts, hoodies, and more. If you’re an artist or a merch creator, you may be wondering if the other online print-on-demand (POD) marketplaces that have developed over the past few decades are worth considering as an option. But perhaps a more important question is whether you […]

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Print Styles For Women To Consider For Amazon Merch On Demand Sellers

print styles for women

With the endless options of POD clothing and accessories today via Merch By Amazon (Amazon Merch On Demand), it’s easy to list which are the best sellers in any given time period. And which item types in particular are topping the charts? Easily found. But what about the genres that are making waves? And the ones most geared for and by female customers and designers? What trends are women searching for, designing, and ultimately purchasing? Let’s dive in. Peaceful/Centering/Spiritual Global inclusion of differing ideas and beliefs is a growing consciousness in the modern world. Instant access to information allows us to learn about essentially anything. Being accepting of new, peaceful mindsets is something many people strive for today. Slogans affirming […]

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How To Weather An Uncertain Economy When It Comes To Print On Demand

merch by amazon income

As of this writing, the Federal Reserve Bank (aka “The Fed” aka “The Puppet Masters of the US Economy”) are meeting to discuss what is mostly likely a fourth historic rate hike this year. After allowing rates to stay historically low to spur consumer activity during the pandemic, part of the result has been skyrocketing inflation due to demand exceeding supply. Ostensibly, the goal of the hike is to slow down spending across all sectors, to allow supply to catch up with demand and prevent the economy from overheating. Inflation is starting to ease in some areas, with gas prices lowering just a smidge every day. Other household staples continue to rise due to all kinds of factors like supply […]

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How To Differentiate Yourself on Merch By Amazon

differentiate yourself merch

Merch by Amazon (MBA) or Amazon Merch on Demand as it is now called, is a great way to earn money from your apparel ideas without having to spend money on production or holding inventory. You can take advantage of hot trends while they’re still hot as well as niches and events that perform well. Merch Informer has all the tools you need to do this. That said, if it’s so easy to do and costs almost nothing, there must be a lot of competition in your space. How do you differentiate yourself? DESIGN You’d be surprised how many merch creators have no graphic design experience. Did this stand in the way of them becoming successful Amazon t-shirt entrepreneurs? Not […]

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