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Merch by Amazon Signup Page – How To Sign Up And Get Accepted

In case you have been living under a rock OR are landing on this article because you have not signed up for Merch by Amazon yet, the sign up page has changed! It has not changed by much, but with the new application process, this should cut down on people who are looking to abuse the system. So how did they do this? They require your personal information, bankingRead more

How To Resize Hoodies For Merch By Amazon

Now that almost everyone has access to sweatshirts and hoodies, you have probably noticed that hoodies take a different dimension image! Of course, Amazon has not given us an easy way to resize these within the Merch program, so we are stuck figuring out the most efficient way to do it ourselves. For those that only have 10-25 designs, you could easily just resize them yourself in whatever imageRead more

Tired As A Mercher – How Merch Informer Trademark Alerts Can Mean The Difference Between Sales And Amazon Dogs

Merch by Amazon users, it is time we had a talk about an issue I see time and time again yet no one is doing anything about. Maybe it is my fault for not posting something like this earlier, but I am sick and tired of seeing people have their Merch by Amazon accounts get strikes for trademark infringement when it is all avoidable! You see, another trademark hasRead more

Design Rotation While Waiting To Tier Up

Amazon Merch can sometimes be very confusing and often times frustrating when you have figured out what is going on. With all the faults that the program has, we all love it, and for good reason. We can all take advantage of the biggest marketplace in the world and sell to all their customers with no up front investment. With all the tier ups that went on yesterday (congratsRead more

How To Find Keywords Not On Merch by Amazon

If you have been reading the Merch Informer blog, then you know that my main strategy revolves around finding where customers are already spending their money, and then giving those people better options. This has worked out extremely well for me, and others who have gone ahead and done the same thing. I do not like spending time on something where I am literally guessing if my target audienceRead more

Merch by Amazon Shirt Reviews – Should You Enter Those Niches?

When people first start getting into Merch by Amazon and learn how to do their research, I see one mistake popping up over and over again. They are simply NOT paying attention to reviews. It is only one piece of the puzzle to find out what people are pulling their wallets out and purchasing. You do this by looking at the BSR (best sellers rank) which gives you anRead more

The Beginners Guide To Merch by Amazon – My Merch Informer Workflow Explained

I have been seeing a lot of people mentioning lately that they understand how Merch Informer works, but are having an issue coming up with an ideal workflow or that they do not understand where to start. MI has come a long way since we first released with a lot of new modules, each one of them implemented to help in our work flow in some way. Instead ofRead more

The Beginners Guide To Merch by Amazon – 4 Things You Should Never Do With Your Amazon Listings

Merch by Amazon seems to be on a role lately of tier ups as well as expanding the program a lot of us have grown to know and love. With the expansion comes opening up more slots for brand new designers and business people who have the chance to take advantage of all that Merch has to offer. Because of this max influx of people to MBA, here atRead more

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