What makes phone cases fashionable? A deep dive into the trends defining the phone case category

In today’s digital world, smartphones are ubiquitous, serving not just as communication tools but as extensions of our personalities.

Phone cases, in particular, have naturally emerged as a powerful medium for self-expression.

In the following sections, we take you on a journey through this vast and diverse space on Amazon Merch on Demand. We explore the phone case market and uncover all that makes this product category attractive.

Why do phone cases create waves on Amazon Merch on Demand?

Amazon Merch on Demand offers plenty of merch categories where sellers can grow and thrive in.

Undoubtedly, phone cases are one of the most promising and well-developed spaces.

This stems from several important to understand peculiarities.

Visual identity

A phone case is one of the first things people notice about a phone. It provides an immediate visual cue about the owner’s tastes and preferences.

Just as clothes and accessories define personal style, a phone case contributes to the visual identity that a person projects to the world.

This makes them a must-have item for anyone using a smartphone.


The sheer variety of phone case designs available to shoppers means that there is something for everyone, from minimalist designs to elaborate artworks.

Not to mention that a lot of merchants offer custom phone cases where individuals can add their own photos, names, or unique designs, further enhancing personal expression.

Cultural and social signals

Phone cases featuring references to popular TV shows, movies, music bands, or celebrities allow individuals to display their fandom and connect with like-minded people.

At the same time, cases with humorous quotes, memes, or funny images reflect a person’s sense of humor and can serve as conversation starters.

Mood and emotions

The colors and patterns chosen for a phone case can reflect a person’s current mood or emotional state.

For example, bright colors may suggest a cheerful disposition, while darker shades might indicate a more reserved nature.

Changing phone cases according to seasons or holidays can reflect an individual’s enthusiasm and celebratory spirit.

Social and political statements

Cases with messages or symbols related to social or political causes allow individuals to express their beliefs and support for various movements.

Designs that incorporate cultural symbols, flags, or traditional patterns can reflect pride in one’s heritage and background.

In short, in a world where smartphones often look identical, a unique phone case helps individuals stand out from the crowd.

Understanding the phone case market on Amazon KDP

Now that we’ve laid out the foundations underneath phone cases and their popularity, it’s time to dig deeper into this merch category.

On Amazon Merch on Demand, sellers can tap into two separate phone case territories – iPhone cases and Samsung Galaxy cases.

Here’s how they differ in terms of market size and performance.

iPhone cases

Using Merch Informer’s Cloud tool, we discovered more than 500 bestsellers ranking positioned in the iPhone case category.

Together, they form an incredibly low average BSR of 24,530. This number indicates that there’s a tremendous sales potential in this space, making the market extremely attractive for sellers.

In addition, prices range from $12.99 to $25.95, meaning that merchants can enjoy substantial per-sale royalties. The average price in the segment is $20.33, allowing design creators to earn more than $4.28 per every sale generated.

But what are some of the most purchased designs when it comes to themes and topics?

To find out, we analyzed the top-used keywords across the bestsellers’ listing titles.

Here are some of the sub-niches we uncovered:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Western
  • Christmas
  • Checkered
  • Birthday
  • Cute
  • Love
  • Country
  • Checkerboard
  • Summer
  • Boho
  • Beach
  • Cherry
  • Halloween
  • Orange
  • Cowgirl
  • Ribbons

All of these words represent sub-niches that you can explore as a seller.

While some demonstrate the most popular iPhone case colors (blue, pink, orange), others suggest trending holidays and events to center your designs around (Christmas, birthdays, Halloween).

You can use this data strategically to craft appealing designs that cater to your audience. Most importantly, you can incorporate these terms into your listings titles and descriptions for optimization purposes.

Let’s find out if the top performers in the space follow these best practices.

The number one product in this category is the “iPhone 13 European Summer Case”. This design sells for $22.99 (a price slightly higher than the market average) and has a BSR of 3,835.

On a monthly basis, this item lands 825 sales. With per-sale royalties of $4.28, the merchant is generating an incredible monthly revenue of $3,531 every month.

Keep in mind that this return is from a single listing. By creating several top-sold items in the iPhone case category, this seller can dramatically boost their performance on Amazon and take their business to the next level.

The success story of this phone case design results from a strategic approach and exceptional listing optimization. For example, the merchant utilizes top searched-for keywords in the title, like “summer”, “iPhone 13”, and “European”.

This helps them position the listing in front of the right audience, achieve high rankings, and enjoy visibility.

Does the performance of the top Samsung Galaxy cases look similar?

Here’s the answer.

Samsung Galaxy cases

Just like in the iPhone case space, there are more than 500 top-sold Samsung Galaxy cases on Amazon Merch on Demand.

However, these listings have an average BSR of 320,094 – a result much higher than in the previous category.

This signals that Samsung Galaxy cases don’t sell as well as iPhone cases.

In addition, their average price is $18.30 instead of $20.33, which means lower per-sale royalties. At the same time, prices can range from $13.84 to $25.95.

When it comes to the most popular trends and themes, we discovered the following:

  • Love
  • Cute
  • Flag
  • Christmas
  • American
  • Birthday
  • Pattern
  • Vintage
  • Japanese
  • Halloween
  • Mushroom
  • Retro
  • Hunting
  • Black
  • Cool

Instantly, we can see that some of these words also dominate the scenes in the iPhone case category. The recurring terms include love, cute, Christmas, birthday, and Halloween.

However, we can also identify new and unique keywords for this market.

For instance, centering your designs around the American flag, hunting, and mushrooms is bound to generate interest among consumers. In addition, black and cool colors seem to be in demand.

How do these findings compare against reality?

Let’s find out by examining one of the bestsellers in the segment.

The “Galaxy S10+ Fishing and Hunting American Flag Camo Bass and Deer Hunting Case” listing takes the leading position as the top-sold case in the category.

At a price of $19.99, this item has a BSR of 62,875 and scores 48 sales per month. With per-sale royalties of $4.28, this seller earns around $205 in monthly revenue from this case design.

Compared to the $3,531 in earnings registered by the top performer in the iPhone case space, this result isn’t very attractive.

This proves that iPhone cases are much more profitable than Samsung Galaxy cases on Amazon Merch on Demand.

However, both markets are equally developed and saturated, presenting exciting opportunities for sellers to tap into a wide range of trends to secure sales.

In conclusion

Phone cases are here to stay as one of the world’s must-have products for phone protection. Luckily, for merchants looking to capitalize on this movement, there are plenty of trends, themes, and sub-niches to explore.

When crafting your sales strategy, remember to use the features and capabilities presented by Merch Informer.

With powerful market research tools at your fingertips, you can stand out from the crowd with unmissable phone case designs and listings.

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