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How To Run Reddit Ads To Sell Merch by Amazon Shirts

If you have been reading the Merch Informer blog for some time now, you may have picked up on two things. The first being that I come from an affiliate marketing background and love to drive traffic, and the second being that I love Reddit (almost to a fault). If you are not familiar with Reddit, it is currently the 13th most visited website in the USA and theRead more

Content Marketing For Merch by Amazon Shirts

I have written a lot of articles on how to use different platforms to market your Merch by Amazon shirts. Social is a GREAT way to drive traffic and one of the most fun platforms to learn to actually market on. That being said, it is just one branch of a much bigger puzzle. Ecommerce content marketing is another avenue that I touched on very briefly in the MerchRead more

How A Simple Influencer Campaign Made Over $1000 With A Single Shirt (Famebit Marketing)

If you have not noticed, we at Merch Informer like talking about marketing your shirts once they are live on Merch by Amazon in order to stand out from the competition. Having a background in marketing has helped tackle the usual channels of marketing that have helped Merchers see success running campaigns and using social media. To start off our guest blog series, we invited Jewel Tolentino to writeRead more

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