Minimalist POD merch: How does this style fare on Amazon Merch on Demand?

Minimalist POD merch

Do you identify as a seller with basic design skills? Or perhaps you believe in the power of simplicity in design.

Whichever describes you best, there’s definitely space for you on Amazon Merch on Demand with minimalist merch design.

Whether you’re looking to sell t-shirts or popsockets, we explore minimalist print-on-demand (POD) merch and show you how to enter the niche successfully.

Let’s dive in.

How big is minimalist POD merch on Amazon Merch on Demand?

We relied on Merch Informer to help us determine the size of the market for minimalist POD merch on Amazon Merch on Demand.

Specifically, we used the Products Search module and selected “minimalist” as our keyword. Next, we went through each of the categories separately.

We were able to determine the top sellers, the best-seller’s rank (BSR), and the prices in this market.

These insights offer a clear overview of the niche, guiding you to formulate the right strategy.

Here’s what we discovered:

  • Long sleeve shirts: average BSR – 2,285,682; highest sales – 108
  • Hoodies: average BSR – 1,697,389; highest sales – 65
  • T-shirts: average BSR – 2,815,180; highest sales – 56
  • Sweatshirts: average BSR – 2,084,016; highest sales – 48
  • Popsockets: average BSR – 407,376; highest sales – 46
  • Tank tops: average BSR – 1,778,010; highest sales – 30
  • Raglans: average BSR – 1,782,470; highest sales – 1
  • Tote bags: average BSR – 2,815,180; highest sales – 1
  • Throw pillows: average BSR – 2,307,120; highest sales – 1

Given that minimalist long-sleeved shirts and hoodies are the top sellers, we’ll concentrate our research on these two categories.

Let’s briefly explore the pricing for these product types before we delve into best-selling merchant practices.


Pricing plays a vital role in a seller’s sales strategy.

That’s why it’s essential to look at the lowest, highest, and average prices for each category in this niche.

Here’s the pricing data we extracted from Merch Informer:

Long sleeve shirts

  • Lowest price: $11.99
  • Highest price: $31.99
  • Average price: $23.19


  • Lowest price: $11.99
  • Highest price: $49.95
  • Average price: $33.11

From the perspective of royalties, minimalist hoodies seem to offer better returns.

Why? Because their peak and average prices are notably higher than those of long sleeve shirts. And a higher listing price translates to greater royalties.

What are some of the bestselling merchants doing right?

Now, let’s explore the top listing in each category.

Analyzing the seller strategies of the most successful merchants will enable us to uncover valuable best practices and winning techniques.

All of these discoveries can help new entrants craft effective techniques to generate attractive sales volumes.

Seller 1: Long sleeve shirts

  • Title: Retro Sun Minimalist Pine Tree Vintage Graphic Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Seller: Mountain Life Outdoor Junkie Tees
  • Price: $21.99
  • BSR: 24,601
  • Sales: 108

Seller 2: Hoodies

  • Title: Vintage Retro Bison American Buffalo Minimalist Pullover Hoodie
  • Seller: Mountain Life Outdoor Junkie Tees
  • Price: $33.99
  • BSR: 35,945
  • Sales: 65


It appears that both listings use keywords reflecting their designs. For example, the first title features phrases like “retro sun pine tree”, while the second mentions a “retro bison” and “American buffalo”.

In addition, the two listings include the word “minimalist”, meaning that they are aiming to capitalize on searches for this query.

Finally, the category of merch is specified at the end of the listing title to indicate the type of product.

All of these factors help the product rank higher. As a result, these two items are easily discoverable, leading to more traffic and sales.


The long-sleeved shirt seller asks for a price slightly below the average of $21.99.

Seller two, on the other hand, prices at $33.99, only a few cents shy of the average.

We’ll delve deeper into how effective these pricing strategies are in the sections below.


From a design perspective, both sellers have created a retro, minimalist nature look.

It’s worth noting that even with variations in their offerings, the retro motif stands out.

Keep in mind that this style is relatively simple to replicate. If you’re aiming to mirror their success, you won’t need advanced illustrator skills.

What is the profitability in this niche?

Earlier, we mentioned the key price points in the market. But what pricing strategies are the top performers implementing for success?

Let’s take a look at the projected profitability of both sellers in this niche:

Seller 1: Long sleeve shirts

  • Price: $21.99
  • Royalties: $3.09
  • Sales: 108
  • Projected profitability: $334

Seller 2: Hoodies

  • Price: $33.99
  • Royalties: $6.45
  • Sales: 65
  • Projected profitability: $419

While these sales figures might not seem thrilling, they represent the best-selling items in their respective categories.

It’s worth noting that the profitability of both products is fairly similar, despite the gap of nearly 60 sales between them.

This just goes to show what a critical role pricing can play in the Amazon Merch on Demand game.

With both sellers pricing very close to the average, they’ve been able to achieve optimal results and earn valuable income from their “minimalist” efforts.

Our recommendations

Gleaning insights from our research is crucial. It helps pinpoint where your energy and attention should be directed.

We have used the key findings from the minimalist niche to offer tried-and-true best practices.

Here are our recommendations.


When it comes to keywords, the rule of thumb is to target high-search-volume, low-competition keywords.

In this niche, the word “minimalist” should be your go-to because that’s where you’ll hit the sweet spot.

We also suggest describing your product’s design to your audience so that shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for – namely – your product.

In addition, make sure to mention the category of merch your product falls into so that you attract the right audience.


One strong pricing observation we’ve made over the years is that sellers who price around the average tend to enjoy higher returns.

Merch Informer can quickly provide you with real-time pricing insights for your chosen niche. Utilize this information to set your prices appropriately.

For long-sleeved shirts, the best price in this niche is around $22, while for hoodies, it’s around $33.


Retro designs seem to be a hit in the minimalist domain, which is an opportunity worth seizing.

Whether it’s an animal or a nature motif, having a retro background or design can turn your performance around.

It appears that this is where the highest search volume is, and catering to audience demand is fundamental.

Final thoughts

Summing up, minimalism is a trending design theme on Amazon Merch on Demand. By implementing the best practices from the space, you can achieve significant results.

Focus on retro motifs in your minimalist designs to hit the bullseye and enter a low-competition niche with exciting growth potential.

All you need at your side is Merch Informer to guide your efforts. At just $9.99 per month, it’s an indispensable tool packed with invaluable insights that can support your decision-making.

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