Marketing Module Pt. 1: Mastering Marketing Strategies for Your Merch by Amazon Store

After three weeks focusing on branding, now we’re going to focus on marketing. And it important to make the distinction between the two.

Branding is like your window display, and marketing is like handing out flyers on the corner directing people to your store. They’re different, but they are intrinsically linked. Your branding may be spectacular, but unless your marketing is successful, no-one will see it; if your marketing is successful but your branding sucks, don’t count on a return visit.

The good thing about being an MBA entrepreneur is the many built-in advantages Amazon offers. So, even if you have no capital or man-hours to devote to conventional marketing, learn how to take advantage of all the opportunities Amazon offers.


Yes, Amazon has tons of traffic. Yes, you’ve optimized your listing keywords using MerchInformer’s tools. However, if you want a boost to your page, you can’t go wrong with advertising directly to the billions of people who browse the site every day.

Launching Your First Amazon Advertising Campaign (Sponsored Products)

Think of these ads as your front-row tickets to the show. They put your products right under the spotlight, in front of the audience that’s already looking for what you’re selling. There are really only two factors to consider:

  • Setting Up for Success: It’s all about the right keywords, the right budget, and the right audience. Like picking the perfect New York pizza slice – it’s an art.
  • Analyzing Performance: This is where you channel your inner detective. Delve into those metrics, understand the story they’re telling, and tweak your campaigns like a pro.


Of course, Amazon likes to scan and select products that it knows its customers want, but they also want to make sure that what you’re selling is representative of their brand as well. So, you can absolutely get featured in Amazon’s promotions and recommendations – but it’s all about quality.

  • The Art of Being Featured: Amazon’s algorithm loves unique, high-quality designs that resonate with customers. It’s about standing out in a sea of sameness.
  • Increasing Your Odds: Ensure your designs are top-notch and meet customer demand. Think of it as tailoring your Broadway show to your audience – give them what they want, but with your unique twist.
  • The Importance of Quality: Your designs are your brand ambassadors. Make them count. Every product should be a masterpiece that screams creativity and quality.


McDonald’s isn’t the only brand that can boast of “billions and billions served”. With about billion unique visitors per month, that’s an insane amount of potential buyers.

Organic traffic is gold in the world of e-commerce. It’s about getting your products seen without expending any capital. The key (sorry) is keywords.

Keywords are your landmarks here. Use them wisely in your titles, bullet points, and descriptions. They should be the breadcrumbs that lead customers to your products.

Luckily, we at MerchInformer have a valuable tool that can help you find the most effective keywords to help you attract some of this organic traffic your way. There is a wealth of material already available in our blogs and our overview on our Keyword Finder function.


We could write blog posts on all the do’s and don’ts of marketing your MBA endeavor, but it all rolls up under a few critical topics:

  • Best Practices: Keep your branding consistent. Engage with your customers. Use targeted keywords but don’t overstuff. Think of your brand as a character – it should have depth, consistency, and appeal.
  • Common Mistakes: Avoid keyword stuffing and neglecting customer feedback. It’s like ignoring the reviews of your Broadway show – it just doesn’t make sense.


We always talk about growing your business, but we never talk about what kind of growth. I’ve found that the best growth analogy is that of a houseplant. You don’t just plant the seeds and water it once or twice (or too much – I killed my wife’s rosebushes this year from overwatering. Who knew?). It needs constant monitoring, learning what it’s telling you, and then responding to it.

The information you glean from analytics are like the leaves on your houseplant. If they’re robust and green, then it’s healthy – keep doing what you’re doing. If they’re anemic and falling off (the chart), then you need to change what you’re doing.

Our Merch Analytics tool incorporates the data from your Amazon MBA shop and parses it in a way that you won’t see in Amazon’s own analytics. It’s like the difference between putting your plant near a sunny window and a high-tech hydroponic grow room.

How To Use Merch Analytics To Run A Successful Merch By Amazon Business

There you have it, folks – your guide to marketing mastery in the MBA world. It’s about being smart, being strategic, and understanding the lay of the land.

That said…

Some of you may read this and think, “You’re not telling me anything I didn’t already know. In fact, I’ve had some experiences that have successfully honed my own marketing. I should be the one writing this blog…”

Okay then, tell us what you know! Share your experiences, your ups and downs as it pertains to marketing your MBA endeavor!

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