Merch seasonality: From spring to winter, what are the most popular merch types per season?

As the wheel of seasons turns, so does the canvas of possibilities on Amazon Merch on Demand.

From the bloom of spring to the frosty embrace of winter, each season brings its unique tapestry of merch trends.

In this article, we take you on a journey through the seasons. We unravel the mysteries of the most popular merch types and offer insights to help you craft the ultimate sale strategy.

How to identify the most popular merch types per season?

Before we jump to the essential findings, it’s key to describe our research process.

Discovering the top merch types throughout different seasons is a challenging endeavor. It requires access to reliable analytics tools and a creative approach.

To detect the categories that sell best per season, we used Merch Informer’s Merch Hunter tool. We closely analyzed best-selling listings and examined their historical performance over time.

We repeated this for all categories in search of trends across seasons. In some cases, the results prove that listings have lower BSRs during certain months. This means that the sales potential of the products is high in particular periods.

Following this strategy, we concluded that the following merch types dominate in these seasons:

  • Winter – Hoodies
  • Spring – V-necks
  • Summer – Tank tops
  • Autumn – Long-sleeve shirts

Let’s explore each in more detail.

Hoodies – Winter’s leader

Designed for coziness and warmth, hoodies are a winter wardrobe staple. They provide unmatched comfort during the cold months and offer an extra layer of protection.

Best of all, they’re incredibly versatile, making them appropriate for casual loungewear or different occasions when paired with a stylish outfit.

Although hoodie characteristics are enough to assume their winter popularity, we double-checked our theory by putting it against the numbers.

Looking at the chart-topping listings in the category, we identified that the majority of products sell best between December and March.

For example, the “Mademark x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – This Girl Loves Turtles Pullover Hoodie” item’s BSR is 7,543 in the middle of January, translating into 315 monthly sales at $27.99.

As a comparison, the product’s BSR plummeted to 4,133 on December 11th, a significant drop from 13,256 at the end of August. The threefold decrease indicates that shoppers are much more attracted to hoodies during the winter season.

While this is a single example, it represents a recurring trend during this period.

If you’re planning to tap into the hoodie market this winter, there is vast potential awaiting. The average BSR of bestsellers is only 16,898, while the average price in the market is $37.

Pricing your hoodies around this mark will generate you royalties of $9.34 per sale. Considering that some of the top performers are landing 315 sales per month, this means $2,942 in revenue on a monthly basis.

Spring’s V-neck category

As the weather warms up and spring approaches, V-necks start dominating the merch arena on Amazon.

This specific shirt design comes with a neckline that allows for increased breathability, making it extremely comfortable for milder temperatures.

The neckline also nicely complements the season’s trends, providing an airy option for those looking for a balance between fashion and comfort during the spring.

Merch Informer’s insights confirm this merch type’s potential during the spring months.

Taking an identical approach to our winter research, we inspected the past performance of top-sold V-neck listings.

We determined that BSRs tend to drop between March and June.

For instance, “Classy Mood Lotus Flower Tshirt Mandala Yoga Meditation Graphic Women V-Neck Shirt” sells for $13.00 and has a BSR of 503,300 in the mid of January. However, its peak performance was on April 4th, when its BSR dropped to 181,539. In contrast, the product’s BSR rose to 994,501 on December 3rd.

These fluctuations show that the V-neck attracts the highest sales volumes in spring. We noticed this pattern recurring across other listings from the category.

Of course, note that the niche of the listing also influences its performance during the season. In this case, the item is targeted at mandala fans and yoga enthusiasts.

Although these themes are popular all year round, they’re especially appealing during the spring, when most individuals start to put their minds and bodies into shape for the summer.

Summer domination – Tank tops

Thanks to their sleeveless design, tank tops provide optimal ventilation and comfort during hot days. Their breathable and lightweight nature makes them a perfect choice for the summer.

In addition, they’re easily paired with shorts, skirts, or jeans, helping create a relaxed look that suits the laid-back atmosphere of the summer season.

Digging into the data, we uncovered that this merch category outperforms most others during the hot months.

One of the examples that proves this theory is the “Mademark x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo Tank Top” listing. Sold at $17.99, it has a BSR of 14,554 in the mid of January, translating into 203 sales.

A look back in time reveals that the listing’s BSR dropped to 5,694 at the start of September – the last summer month. It started increasing towards the start of November and reached 16,712 on the 13th.

Despite the higher BSRs, tank tops remain popular throughout the whole year. For example, the average BSR of all top performers is 27,757 in January. With an average price of $20,36, this category hides many royalty-generating opportunities.

Top autumn category – long-sleeve shirts

Last but not least, as the summer ends and autumn begins, long-sleeve shirts start dominating the merch scenes.

Their coverage provides warmth without the heaviness of winter layers, making them ideal as the weather transitions to cooler temperatures.

A sneak peek into the performance of bestsellers over time unearths that long-sleeve shirts sell best from September to December.

Let’s take “Hello Kitty Nerd Glasses Long Sleeve Shirt Long Sleeve T-Shirt” as an example. This listing’s BSR was 7,322 on October 12th, while on February 8th, 2023 it jumped to 66,471.

This significant increase signals that sales dramatically dropped during the winter season.

If you’re planning to diversify your portfolio with a popular autumn merch type, we recommend tapping into the potential of long-sleeve shirts. With an average price of $25.12, you could be earning royalties of $5.96 for every sale you land.

All-time favorites – T-shirts

The categories we shared above are an ideal choice for sellers looking to diversify their portfolio. If your goal is to create a strategic mix of seasonal listings, these four merch types are must-have items in your side gig.

However, if you’d rather opt for a long-term, all-season approach, we advise penetrating the t-shirt space on Amazon.

T-shirts are popular all year long and offer promising returns. The average BSR of bestsellers is 5,539 – an extremely low number, unbeaten by any other category. Best of all, the average market price of $18.66 means that sellers can earn royalties between $3.41 and $4.89 per sale.

Considering the tremendous potential in this segment, your monthly financial gains can be unexpectedly high.


According to findings from Merch Informer, certain merch types perform better throughout the seasons. At the same time, there are also evergreen categories that you can profit from all year round.

To craft a winning sale strategy and make the most of your side gig, make sure to make data-backed decisions using real-time market data.

Merch Informer can guide you throughout your journey and equip you with everything necessary for success.

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