New Year’s Eve party t-shirts: A once-a-year opportunity

New Year’s Eve party t-shirts_ A once-a-year opportunity

New Year’s Eve t-shirts are a great way to diversify your portfolio.

That’s especially so if you are looking to earn more income from your Amazon Merch on Demand side gig over the holidays.

This once-a-year, highly anticipated event presents an excellent opportunity for sellers.

Isn’t it time you tapped into a lucrative niche and made the most of it?

Here’s how.

How big are New Year’s Eve t-shirts on Amazon Merch on Demand?

When analyzing the potential of a niche, several components must be considered. One of the most essential ones is market size.

To figure out the scope of New Year’s Eve shirts on Amazon Merch on Demand, we used Merch Informer’s Product Search module.

We typed in the main keyword “New Year’s Eve” in the search bar, selected the US as the marketplace, and chose t-shirts as the category.

Instantly, we discovered that the average Best Sellers Rank (BSR) for these products is 3,434,645. This high number indicates that the market doesn’t have an attractive sales potential.

One possible explanation is that it’s an annual event and buyers typically purchase these products once a year. Naturally, this makes the niche unpopular in the long term.

However, the leaders generate more than 300 sales per listing. This proves that there is a hidden opportunity within this space.

Below, we outline other key metrics, like search volume, keyword saturation, and pricing to paint a clearer picture of the market.

Keywords, search volume and BSR

Merch Informer truly excels in uncovering popular keywords along with their associated search volumes.

This information enables sellers to understand buyer behavior and optimize listings for success.

In the New Year’s Eve t-shirt domain, there are around 50 high-search-volume keywords that the tool displays.

We extracted the most relevant ones, which include:

  • “New year eve”: search volume – 81,435
  • “New year eve 2024”: search volume – 2,225
  • “New year eve t shirts”: search volume – 1,999
  • “New year eve t shirt”: search volume – 1,992
  • “New year eve shirt”: search volume – 1 911

Although the search for t-shirts in particular is not something to call home about, more than 80,000 consumers browse for “New Year’s Eve” on Amazon monthly.

This keyword, when combined with other niche phrases, can help you create New Year’s Eve party t-shirts with confidence.

Keyword saturation

Next, we observe keyword saturation. This metric reveals the number of times a certain word appears among listing titles.

Acknowledging the keywords that bring in sales will empower you to not only optimize your listings but also improve your designs.

Here’s what merchants are doing to gain greater visibility:

  • Seed keywords: new (4,876), year (3,030), eve (1,899) happy (1,610), years (1,342), year’s (742), nye (267)
  • Occasion: party (1,036), celebrate (489), celebration (181), parties (156), celebrating (90)
  • Target audience: family (596), women (453), men (436), friends (417), kids (304), girls (278), boys (251), relatives (199), dad (151), mom (146), brother (104), son (89), daughter (88), sister (87)
  • Event: December (342), 31st (229), countdown (151), holiday (106)
  • Purpose: present (255), gifts (106)
  • Design: fireworks (255), confetti (149), artistic (91)

The seed keyword reveals a consistent theme: New Year’s Eve is a celebration heralding the arrival of the upcoming new year, often referred to as “NYE”.

These shirts are often purchased as presents and are designed to be worn at parties and celebrations. In addition, the target audience is broad and diverse.

As is expected, the event is held on December 31st as the countdown to the new year begins.

Finally, the design description often features fireworks and confetti, meaning that there is little scope for sub-themes in this niche. Most shirts convey the numerical description of the year and a fireworks display on the front.


Exploring the prices in the market, we noticed that New Year’s Eve t-shirts can be surprisingly expensive.

At the same time, the average price is standard across most t-shirts on the Amazon Merch on Demand platform.

  • Lowest price: $8.66
  • Highest price: $44.82
  • Average price: $17.92

Acknowledging these numbers will help you craft a winning pricing strategy and position your listings competitively.

What are some of the bestsellers doing right?

Beyond the theory, we now explore two bestselling listings and their strategies for success.

Seller 1:

  • Title: Happy New Year NYE Party – Funny New Years Eve Confetti T-Shirt
  • Seller: Funny New Years Eve NYE Party Shirts
  • Price: $16.96
  • BSR: 22,537
  • Sales: 122

Seller 2:

  • Title: Happy New Year New Years Eve 2023 T-Shirt
  • Seller: Happy New Year Design
  • Price: $15.99
  • BSR: 21,873
  • Sales: 131


The first thing you’ll notice is that Seller One has fewer sales than Seller Two. Despite this, the first listing’s title is better optimized.

It features words like “Happy New Year NYE Party”, “New Years Eve”, and “Confetti” in attempts to describe the t-shirt.

Seller Two’s title is quite simplistic, only covering the essential keywords. However, its powerful design is most likely the reason for the superior sales performance.


As noted above, the average price in this niche is just under $18.

Both sellers have priced just slightly under this average amount.

Will this strategy yield profitability?

Stick around to find out more.


Both designs concentrate on the same text: “Happy New Year”.

However, the fonts, font colors, and design colors differ. One merchant opts for a more colorful array while the other focuses on a gold-only text and confetti design.

Remember that the appearance of your t-shirt is the first thing buyers will notice. The vibrant visuals of the second listing give it an advantage over the first.

What is the turnover in this niche?

Looking at profitability is one of the key driving factors for deciding whether or not to enter a niche.

Let’s dive deeper to find out what these two bestsellers are earning:

Seller 1

  • Price: $16.96
  • Sales: 122
  • Royalties: between $1.93 and $3.41
  • Estimated profitability: between $235.46 and $416.02

Seller 2

  • Price: $15.99
  • Sales: 131
  • Royalties: $1.93
  • Estimated profitability: $252.83

Based on these figures, we can make an important deduction.

Seller One prices closer to the average of $18 and has fewer sales than Seller Two.

However, their earning potential is much higher simply due to the one-dollar difference in pricing.

This is why pricing around the average is so important.

This is where Merch Informer proves invaluable. It can save you a significant amount of time by automatically estimating average prices, sparing you the need for manual calculations.

Our recommendations

As we conclude, we offer essential insights from this unique niche to provide you with a head start in making those pivotal sales

  • Keywords: We strongly recommend using the seed keyword at the start of your listing title. Next, diversify your use of words and select a few that are popular among shoppers. Look for keywords with high search volumes and low competition levels. Use variations of the keywords “New Year’s Eve” and “NYE” together and describe your designs, whether it’s fireworks, confetti, or others.
  • Pricing: The key lesson learned from this article is that even if you have a lot of sales, improper pricing can mean losing out on profitability due to lower royalties. That’s why it’s crucial to price your items around the average. Profitability in the New Year’s Eve party t-shirt space can range from $200 upwards of $400, making the market attractive for niche padding.
  • Designs: There is very little design variety in this niche. Most t-shirts read “Happy New Year” in one form or another. The only difference is the colors, fonts, and font sizes chosen. You can get as creative as you want here and introduce the number “2024” or another year to your design. However, the more party-like and festive your shirt is, the better sales you’re likely to earn.

Final thoughts

There are very few, if any, sub-themes in the New Year’s Eve niche. As expected, most designs are quite similar to each other.

If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, you’ll need to consider a three-pronged strategy that includes the smart use of keywords, effective pricing, and clever designs.

Let Merch Informer help you with all of this and more. At a monthly subscription of only $9.99 per month, it’s a real bargain that can turn around your Amazon Merch on Demand side gig.

Sign up today and enjoy millions of insights available at your fingertips with a few simple clicks.

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