How to Keyword Merch Listings

This is hands down the most requested piece of content we have received. Being able to properly keyword a Merch by Amazon listing in order to get it in front of potential customers can make or break your business. Today, we are going to go over exactly what you should be doing in order to connect with customers.

These techniques can be replicated each and every time you upload a new product to Merch!

To your success!

  • Molly Hatchet is a band from the 70’s and 80’s…Go look them up in your spare time and listen while designing, you may have a good time with it.

  • great video thank you for all of this information. Just a head’s up Molly, MDMA, X, Ecstasy, rolling are all one niche. LSD, acid, psychedelics and tripping are another. LSD refers (in essence) to hippies, hippy culture dropping out, love in; all of that late 60’s early 70’s stuff. Molly is more rave culture 90’s, 2000’s and EDM.
    totally different types of drug and drugged experience although both are types of hallucinogens and sometimes are taken as crossover substitutions.
    on a side note do you think Amazon will be clearing the keyword stuffing sort of like they did with sizing?
    thanks again great info much needed!!!

    • Thanks for the heads up! I probably should not have lead with that example but it was the first tab open. You live you learn!
      I think they will in the future (when I have no idea though).

  • Hi Neil,
    do you use the same descriptions for other styles with the same design? Don’t they “compete” one with another then?
    Thanks for the video,

  • Fancy not using Google Chrome for this video Neil. You missed the opportunity to use and show off the MI Trademark checker plugin.

    • I typically do videos in Opera because I have hundreds of tabs open in Chrome at any one time. That plugin probably gets the most use out of any that I use!

  • For the keywords you use in the bullets, do you not feel that it helps to have shirt, or tee shirt so amazon can see them in the bullets with those keywords as well? I have heard some people do put the different variations that could appear in search and some don’t.

    • I put the product once in the title and do not really use any other variations. I think Amazon is smart enough to show the product when people search “tee shirt”.

  • Hey Neil,
    Another great video, thanks.
    With the buck hunting shirt, is the title prepended with ‘Mens’ by Amazon because on the Mens size is selected? I know Amazon does this with ‘Kids’ when only the Youth size is selected but I’ve never tried only selecting Mens size.
    Thanks again – this was really helpful!

    • I do not believe Merch does that. I just tested it on a few listings and looks like that has not changed so just some keyword stuffing by that mercher.

  • Neil, Wow amazing stuff, I have already re-wrote and adjusted a few listings, I am going to wait and compare, love your videos man.

  • Excellent tips on targeted keywords. Right design for right keywords is truly the key for succeeding in merch business.

  • Are these points still relevant, for example in the and bulletin structure do they need to be changed to suit amazon algorithm preference?

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