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Announcing Merch Informer Book Hunter

Supply and Demand. That is, in a nutshell, what Merch by Amazon is all about. It does not matter if you are an artist, a business person, a stay at home mom, or just trying to scrap together a few hundred dollars a month with Merch. Your job is to find demand (or create it), and then offer the supply. Doing anything else, is a complete waste of time.Read more

Exclusive Interview With 6 Figure A Year Merch Brand

Today I am going to be bringing you one of the most exciting interviews I have ever done. This one is with one of the biggest (non partnered) Merch brands there is! If you have been on Merch by Amazon for any amount of time, you will be familiar with this brand. They have been a powerful force in some of the toughest niches out there. With how hardRead more

Merch Hunter Adds International Markets (UK/DE) For Merch by Amazon T-Shirts

This morning we pushed a MASSIVE update to the Merch Hunter you have come to know and love. We have added international marketers (UK/DE) for T-Shirts. This is going to open up so many different opportunities for these emerging markets when it comes to your research as well as figuring out what keywords work best for culture you may not be as familiar with. Merch Informer has also beenRead more

Launching Your First Amazon Advertising Campaign (Sponsored Products)

Once you are accepted into AMS (Amazon Marketing Services), you are probably ready to jump in, set up some ads, and make thousands! However, you quickly realize that AMS rebranded within days of it going live for Merch by Amazon into “Amazon Advertising”. Then, unless you are very familiar with running ads online, you might be getting in over your head before you begin. Which is exactly why IRead more

International Markets Added To Merch Informer Keyword Finder

We have just released some pretty significant upgrades to the Keyword Finder module inside of Merch Informer. While these may seem small at first (as they are just 2 check boxes), this lets you pull back keywords for Amazon UK and Amazon DE (Germany). Let me demonstrate exactly why this is so important and how you can use it to get ahead of your competition. Amazon UK/Amazon DE KeywordsRead more

Merch Informer Trademark Protection Plugin Released

We have finally released the most comprehensive trademark protection that you can have for your Merch by Amazon account. Merch Informer has always been dedicated to helping you save time, maximize your profits, and make your life easier. Today, we are changing the game! Grab the plugin here: This Chrome plugin is powered by Merch Informer and will check every single word, every single word/phrase combination, and line byRead more

How to Use AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) to Create Brand Pages

Now that AMS is rolling out to everyone, I thought I would take some time to do a writeup on one of the coolest new features there is: Brand Stores! Brand stores are important for a few reasons. The major one is that you can use these to funnel traffic to your listings so you can give out your store link to anyone and they will instantly see yourRead more

How To Buy Yourself Out Of Tier 10 (As a Non US Resident)

Almost every single person I have talked to over the few years that Merch by Amazon has been around (and is serious about growing their business) has bought at least one of their t-shirts to test the quality. Lots of people want to hit the ground running as soon as they are approved but you slowly start to realize that Merch forces you to SLOW DOWN! You get 10Read more

Announcing Merch Informer International Search + Merch Hunter PopSockets

Today I am excited to announce two big updates to Merch Informer out of a long list of things we have been working on for everyone. Ever since Merch Informer launched, the promise to the community has always been that we will grow right alongside MBA. These updates are in an effort to fulfill that promise which is why international search has been added to the product search, andRead more

Merch Momentum Strategy Guide (Merch Informer Special Edition)

Today I have a very special post from none other than our good friend Michael Essany! You may know his name from our interview here (which at this point is almost a year old!), or maybe because he has showed up in the media multiple times. We know him because he covered Merch Informer on a news website before we really got going and started our conversation early. However,Read more

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