Back-To-School Amazon Merch: Apparel/Accessories For Kids That Won’t Look Like Mom Picked Them Out

back to school apparel

What was super cool then is probably not cool now. And what’s cool right now is bound to change before you know it. The ability to keep right on top of current trends (or perhaps even anticipate them) is the power you hold in your hands as a Merch By Amazon creator. You have to stay aware of the graphic trends that are really hot when you’re designing your back-to-school program, and we are here to help guide you on that path. So, what items ARE the best ones to design on right now? What special things are going to boost your sales? To begin, we go with the standard. Apparel of all kinds is some of the constant items […]

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Anime/Kawaii Merch May Be One Of The Hottest Niches Of The Year

anime shirts merch

While names like Sailor Moon, Deku, Kuromi, Goku and Raichu might not ring any bells for you, chances are someone in your life could enthusiastically tell you the plotlines/backstories for at least one of these popular anime characters. Characterized by big sparkly eyes, tiny button noses and often big bright hair and/or adornments, the stereotypical anime style and all of the niches that have developed within it, have trended well beyond their Japanese origins and have become incredibly fashionable and profitable in the United States. And it’s not just adolescents who go crazy for the anime style! With hundreds of new anime series being produced a year that cover a long list of sub-genres, adults and youth alike have no […]

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Best Design Practices On Amazon Merch On Demand: What Graphic Elements To Use For Each Category Of Merch

merch by amazon best practices

Design is ubiquitous – from the tiniest bubble gum wrapper to the car you wish to drive. And it’s even more important on Amazon Merch on Demand. Why? Because design plays a critical role in your merch sales. After the optimization of your listing, it is what will ultimately catch your customers’ attention. So, are there some prevalent design principles that you need to follow for each category of merch? Our answer is a resounding “yes”. Take a look below. What are the best design practices when it comes to the different categories of merch on Merch by Amazon? Designs for different categories of merch differ greatly. A design on a V-neck (which is mostly aimed at women) and designs […]

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How To Weather An Uncertain Economy When It Comes To Print On Demand

merch by amazon income

As of this writing, the Federal Reserve Bank (aka “The Fed” aka “The Puppet Masters of the US Economy”) are meeting to discuss what is mostly likely a fourth historic rate hike this year. After allowing rates to stay historically low to spur consumer activity during the pandemic, part of the result has been skyrocketing inflation due to demand exceeding supply. Ostensibly, the goal of the hike is to slow down spending across all sectors, to allow supply to catch up with demand and prevent the economy from overheating. Inflation is starting to ease in some areas, with gas prices lowering just a smidge every day. Other household staples continue to rise due to all kinds of factors like supply […]

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Making Passive Income With Spreadshirt

spreadshirt passive income

With hundreds of eCommerce opportunities and ways to make passive money online, it can be hard to distinguish between what is suitable for you and what is just a massive waste of time. You should be paying particular attention to how the commission or payout model works on the platforms you intend to work with. One avenue with fantastic margins both entrepreneurs and creatives are exploring is print-on-demand, more specifically ones like Spreadshirt that have their own marketplace with hundreds of thousands of daily visitors. Making Passive Income with Spreadshirt. The Spreadshirt Marketplace is a simple and accessible way for people to make passive income by taking advantage of its large product catalog, fair commission model, easy-to-use design software, and […]

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Creating A Customized Shop on Spreadshirt

spreadshirt customized shop

More and more designers and entrepreneurs are turning to Spreadshirt as a fantastic side hustle. With the right direction and optimization, these creatives are quickly turning their passive source of income into their main occupation! Having your own Spreadshop and running it properly can so here’s everything you need to know about: Creating a Customized Shop on Spreadshirt. A customized Spreadshirt shop is referred to as a Spreadshop and it is separate from their Marketplace since you get to have your own website and set your own prices but still have the benefit of Spreashirts print-on-demand and product creation technology. Creating a custom Spreashdop is an easy, fun, and effective way to start a new side hustle and make some […]

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How To Add Customer Value To Your Merch: Coupons, Promotions And Deals

merch by amazon coupons

Have you been wondering what other avenues you can explore to make your Merch listings stand out from the rest? If you are using Seller Central on Amazon to expand your product line, you will want to pay attention! Indeed, there are not one but several paths you can take for adding customer value to your merch. Let’s find out what they are. The result-proven extras for added value to your Amazon Merch on Demand listings Amazon enables sellers to take advantage of several promotional campaigns, including coupons, Prime exclusive discounts, promotions, and special deals. Let’s dive into each one of these separately. Coupons – Available For Seller Central Sellers Amazon shoppers can discover hot and trending coupons by clicking […]

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Dissecting Audiences On Amazon Merch On Demand: Trends And Top Sellers In The Hispanic Segment

hispanic merch

Seeing as Amazon is one of the world’s largest e-Commerce marketplaces, sellers on the platform are required to know their audience extremely well in order to cater to specific segments and enter targeted niches. Defining a target audience can be difficult. This is especially true since research about the overall Amazon demographic is conflicting. In some cases, it’s been indicated that shoppers who spend the most are in the region of 45 to 64 years old, married with kids, and college-educated. But other research findings indicate that the majority of the Amazon audience is 18 to 44 years old. Another study affirms that the most populous customers fall under the 35 to 44 and 55 to 64 brackets. On the […]

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How To Make Your Amazon Merch on Demand Items Less Expensive

merch less expensive

How To Make Your Items Less Expensive As People Look For Low-Priced Items As the prices for pretty much everything continue to soar, yet the holidays still keep on coming, consumers are looking for lower priced items that will help them still celebrate these traditions and milestones in a big way without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality and style. From congratulatory moments like a retirement, baby shower, or graduation to big holidays like Halloween, Easter and Christmas, there is a lot to rejoice in. Most of these occasions call for their own décor, festive attire, and often gifts–it all adds up fast. Because of Amazon’s free shipping, fast turnaround, convenience and huge array of products, consumers have been turning […]

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How To Differentiate Yourself on Merch By Amazon

differentiate yourself merch

Merch by Amazon (MBA) or Amazon Merch on Demand as it is now called, is a great way to earn money from your apparel ideas without having to spend money on production or holding inventory. You can take advantage of hot trends while they’re still hot as well as niches and events that perform well. Merch Informer has all the tools you need to do this. That said, if it’s so easy to do and costs almost nothing, there must be a lot of competition in your space. How do you differentiate yourself? DESIGN You’d be surprised how many merch creators have no graphic design experience. Did this stand in the way of them becoming successful Amazon t-shirt entrepreneurs? Not […]

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