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Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Michael Essany

Today’s guest on our interview series is someone I have never actually met in person but I feel like I almost know since we have been corresponding for so long. This is none other than Michael Essany. The first time I actually came in contact with Michael was fairly soon after we released Merch Informer! It just so happens that Michael is a very prolific writer and always hasRead more

100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – Merch by Amazon Update 6

It looks like I might finally get this article out before a week has passed into the next month! There has been some consistent work being done this month, but first I need to address the image that I use for this case study series. I have had numerous people ask me about the image used, if it was my girlfriend, if it was supposed to “motivate” them, orRead more

Avoid The 30% Tax Witholding For Non-US Amazon Sellers

When it comes to US Tax Law, a lot can be really confusing. Putting it simply, the law requires companies such as Amazon to withhold 30% of any non-US sellers royalties. If you are an American, then there is really no point in reading this article. However, if you are not an America and have just got accepted to the Merch by Amazon program, you have probably just filledRead more

Merch by Amazon Success: Interview with Yong Chong

Today we are bringing back the interview series with none other than the Yong Chong! I have had the pleasure of both meeting Yong on multiple occasions both in Seattle and at a conference in Denver Colorado where I gave a speech on how to essentially “franchise” a Merch by Amazon business. The names Yong and Glen might sound familiar to you if you have been around in theRead more

Merch by Amazon Ignoring Counter DMCA Notices

Since late 2015, Merch by Amazon has been one, if not THE biggest opportunity for content creators and graphic artists to turn their hard work into cash by selling print on demand t-shirts (and soon other products!). Since the launch of the program, a lot has changed and almost all of it for the better. Pixel for Pixel copycats are now at a minimum, fulfillment capacity has increased, andRead more

Design Rotation While Waiting To Tier Up

Amazon Merch can sometimes be very confusing and often times frustrating when you have figured out what is going on. With all the faults that the program has, we all love it, and for good reason. We can all take advantage of the biggest marketplace in the world and sell to all their customers with no up front investment. With all the tier ups that went on yesterday (congratsRead more

100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – Merch by Amazon Update 5

I seem to be getting into a bad habit of writing these case studies a bit late. Last time my excuse was that I had spent the weekend in Seattle attending a Merch by Amazon conference and this month my excuse is similar by attending a meetup in Denver talking Merch with the Merch Minds group. Following the eating a bunch of seafood theme, the girlfriend and I endedRead more

How To Run Reddit Ads To Sell Merch by Amazon Shirts

If you have been reading the Merch Informer blog for some time now, you may have picked up on two things. The first being that I come from an affiliate marketing background and love to drive traffic, and the second being that I love Reddit (almost to a fault). If you are not familiar with Reddit, it is currently the 13th most visited website in the USA and theRead more

Sell Your Amazon Merch Designs On Etsy With The New Printful Integration

When we all jumped into Merch by Amazon 2 years ago, we had no idea how far the rabbit hole went! As some of you know, we stayed away from the Merch space because it seemed that everyone was starting a t-shirt business and that most of those failed. This ALL changed when Merch by Amazon came out and it became obvious that a winning strategy was creating greatRead more

100k School Debt to Financial Freedom – Merch by Amazon Update 4

Once again I am a bit late on writing this case study so I would like to appologize. I just spend the weekend in Seattle attending the Merch by Amazon conference and eating a LOT of fresh seafood! I guess that marks 2 months in a row that I was away at a conference but this was one particularly great. It was the first Merch by Amazon conference everRead more

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