The Merch Informer Chrome Extensions – Your Real Time Personal Assistants

Protect yourself from trademark infringement, upload hundreds of products in less than half the time, and discover customer demand on the biggest social network in the world


MI TM Protection

Check word by word, phrase by phrase, and sentence by sentence through a complete trademark database – all before you upload your design.

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MI Lister

Easily list hundreds or thousands of products in less than 1/3rd of the time! Simply set up profiles, hot key them to your keyboard, and blast through your uploads for the day

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MI Book Hunter

Finding customer demand has never been easier! Find out where customers are spending their money by utilizing social search!

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Get instant ideas, insights, and protection for profitable Merch niches!

Click, discover, pick. It has never been this easy!

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Being a successful Mercher doesn’t get any easier than with the help of Merch Informer Chrome Extensions

With constant updates from our team of developers, you can be confident that no other software offers as much value

Get the data that matters to your business. Keep your account safe!

Merch Informer supports listing on more marketplaces!

Quickly list thousands of products on multiple markets including: USA, UK, Germany

Scale Quickly With the Chrome Extensions – Included in EVERY Membership

Also Included In Your Merch Informer Subscription

Merch Designer

Finished with research and want to crank out some designs? With our quick and easy to use web based Merch Designer, you can go from idea to uploading to Merch in just minutes!

Merch Academy

Expand your research knowledge and gain valuable insight into how to turn data into a 6 figure business. The Merch Academy will take you through the entire process to get your Merch account making thousands of dollars

Merch Informer App

Take your research on the go with the Merch Informer app. Data at your finger tips has never been so easy to bring back and store ideas you get while away from your house and computer. Available on Android and iOS.

Depended on by successful Merch sellers worldwide.

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