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Fully Secure

As merchants ourselves, we understand how important it is to keep data safe and secure. Merch informer does not give away any of the designs that you discover in any hidden database. Since all information is pulled directly from Amazon via your API keys, you can rest assured your research is safe.

Niche Data

Merch Informer gives you all the niche data at your fingertips to help you make decisions. Find out what consumers want and exactly what is selling! Find the 100 best selling T-shirts for any keyword! See the product features, description, and sales rank. Save each design idea as a favorite to send to your designer, check on copyright, report infringement, and check competition with 1 button.


Finding designs is the easy part. Keeping them organized can sometimes be a real struggle. Merch Informer lets you organize designs you like by placing them in folders and subfolders that you can then download to send to your favorite graphic artist.

Lightning Fast

Merch Informer saves you time! Search multiple keywords at the same time to pull up hundreds of results (all sorted by best sellers rank)! You will know exactly what is selling and what niches people are currently buying in. Research 500 products at a time in just minutes. Limit your searches to Merch by Amazon or expand to all clothing for the most robust Merch research tool around.

Merch Account Protection - Trademark Alerts

Trademark Alerts is finally here! We have heard the cries from the community. How can you possibly keep track of what shirts are safe when you have hundreds or thousands of shirts online? What if one of your top selling phrases gets trademarked 3 months down the line, would you have any idea? Now you will!

Trademark Alerts will monitor all your most important selling phrases in real time and alert you to any changes. If a phrase gets trademarked 5 months from now, you will know about it and be able to take preemptive action to keep your account safe! Keep your account protected with Merch Informer!

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Merchant Search

Merchant search allows you search any merchant or brand on Amazon and see their top 100 selling items. This feature is extremely useful to extrapolate how well a brand is doing from releasing shirts in a specific niche.

Not only is the Merchant/Brand search useful for taking a look at others, you can use it track your very own brand. This will allow you to see a snapshot of how your brand is doing and what you could possibly do to improve it.

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Product Search

While searching brands can be nice, the real power of niche research comes from looking up keywords on Amazon and seeing exactly what is selling! Once you have identified a few niches that you want to design around, the product search function will allow you to become inspired and see what customers like. You can then take this information and design your own unique shirts that your customers will love.

Get detailed information on the product image, product URL, ASIN, price, features, description, sales rank, and check up on if the designs are infringing on copyright. If not, you can add them to your favorites with the click of a button and even check up on the competition you would be facing on Amazon!

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Organized Favorites

Long gone are the days of manually adding your ideas and inspiration to spreadsheets and trying to keep them organized. With our favorites feature, you can create organization trees to place the designs you found and liked in. This is especially useful by breaking down different niches, or keeping lists for separate designers.

Once you are satisfied with your choices, simply click on Download Product List and choose which options you want to be included in your download. You have the option to choose from Title, Image URL, ASIN, Price, Features, and Description. You may choose any of which you want to download and then click submit.

You now will have a perfectly organized spreadsheet to shoot of to your designer to do all the work!

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Advanced Competition Checker

As Merchants ourselves, we know how important statistics are. They give the perfect picture of how many shirts are out there and being sold for certain keywords, what the competition looks like, and if the market has room for penetration. With Merch Informer’s advanced competition checker, you will now be able to get a better idea of what kind of competition you are up against inside of Amazon’s Algorithm.

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Keyword Finder/Keyword Favorites

The game has been changed with the release of the new keyword finder! Amazon uses auto suggest in their search bar to recommend products and niches that are hot and selling well. With the new keyword finder, simply enter in a seed keyword, and get hundreds of auto suggest Amazon keywords that are proven sellers! Organize your favorite keywords through favorites, check the phrase for copyright, and check their competition with the click of a button.

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Listing Optimizer

Just Released: Based on feedback from our users, we have released the listing optimizer module. Split into two parts, the listing optimizer will both help you you write better product descriptions and features based on relevant synonyms as well as help you tweak the pages you already have up by cross referencing ASINs and keywords to the product page to see how well they are optimized. Not taking the time to optimize your listings is leaving money on the table!

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BSR Tracker

Coming Soon: With Merch Informer’s BSR rank tracking graph, you can now know exactly how your best sellers are doing at all times. Keep track of BSR changes to see how effective your add campaigns are performing or use it for split testing bulletpoints/keywords.

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Fully Secure

Your information is safe and never shared. Product searches happen through the Amazon API so rest assured you are in good hands.

Lightning Fast

Compared to old methods of doing niche T-Shirt research, we do it lightning fast saving you time!

Risk Free

We are so sure you will love our tool that you can try it risk free for 3 days to make sure that it is a good fit for your business.

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Merch Informer is incredibly easy to use. Make sure to read through the tutorials if you have any questions.

Full Support

If you ever have any issues getting set up, or come across something that is not working correctly, our support team will take care of you.

Continued Developement

We are sellers ourselves! In order to create the best tool possible, development is continuing forward to add more features.

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