End of year Crash Course “Change Management” Part 2: Mastering the Ebb and Flow of Amazon’s Tier System

end of year crash course

Greetings, Merch By Amazon aficionados! Welcome back to our comprehensive end-of-year crash course, where we unravel the mysteries of change management. In our previous session, we dissected the essence of adapting to shifts in the marketplace and platform dynamics. This week, we set sail on the tumultuous seas of Amazon’s sales tier changes. So, fasten your seatbelts; it’s about to get tier-rific!


Let’s rewind the clock to September 2022. Merch-by-Amazon sellers were sailing into the pivotal fourth quarter, eyes set on the horizon as the world grappled with the tail end of the COVID pandemic. Suddenly, like a thunderclap, Amazon decided it was time for a shake-up in its sales tiers. This unexpected twist was largely a reaction to the influx of home-based MBA sellers during the pandemic—an attempt to curb the flood of new merch and prevent sellers from drowning in the vast sea of options.

Ironically, this policy shift left many MBA sellers doing the scramble dance during and after the change. For those meticulous planners who like to chart their course for the entire year, the scrambling extended well beyond the policy shift.

So, if your business felt the ripples of the tier change, it’s high time to brush up on the intricacies:

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Decoding Amazon’s Tier System: Where Limits Meet Creativity

How does the Tier System work?

  • Starting at the humble Tier 10, new accounts have the freedom to unleash a grand total of 10 published designs.
  • Your tier level determines the number of products you can add daily, a nugget of wisdom found on the “Dashboard” tab in the Merch portal.
  • As you hit milestones, such as 10, 25, 100, and beyond, Amazon graciously bumps you up to higher tiers.

Why limit the number of designs and products?

  • Amazon, in its wisdom, dishes out daily product limits to ensure all content creators have a fair shot at publishing new products within the platform’s capacity.
  • Your tier dictates your daily publishing limit, which resets every day at the stroke of midnight Pacific time.

Understanding the Dashboard: A Symphony of Stats

  • Products Submitted today: The total number of products you can submit daily, influenced by your tier level and subject to change with capacity limitations.
  • Published Designs: The holy grail, representing the total number of designs you can publish, equal to your tier level.
  • Product Potential: The tantalizing number of products that could grace your storefront if you choose to publish the maximum allowed designs across all available products and marketplaces.

Do I need to create all product options for each design?

  • Amazon grants you the liberty to be selective. While you’re not obligated to create all product options for each design, the wise move is to optimize your earnings by covering all available options.

Amazon’s Spin on the Positive: A Hidden Paragraph in the Tier Level Update FAQs

Oh, the beauty of spin! Amazon attempted to sprinkle positivity in a tucked-away paragraph in the Tier Level Update FAQs. According to the sacred text, design-based tiers let you apply one design to all available product and locale options. Fantastic, right? Well, here’s the catch: for Tier 10, you can publish up to 10 designs and create a whopping 640 products across all locales with rights. Who said limits can’t be liberating?


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  • Our best advice: Create fewer, better designs. Quality over quantity, my friends.
  • Research: We’ve got your back with resources.
  • Quality over quantity: Spend time on quality rather than volume.
  • Competitive pricing: Analyze competitor pricing. If they’re charging more, consider adjusting your prices.

In essence, if you adhere to this golden checklist, you’re not just selling products; you’re orchestrating a symphony of success. Picture this: selling more of a single, well-crafted product than drowning in a sea of indistinguishable options. Quality over quantity, remember?


Before we wrap up our exploration, let’s dive a bit deeper into the intricacies of Amazon’s tier policies. Understanding the nitty-gritty details can be the compass guiding you through the vast ocean of opportunities.

Embracing the Tier Progression:

As you embark on your Merch By Amazon journey, progressing through tiers becomes a significant milestone. Each tier brings forth new opportunities and challenges, shaping your seller experience. Here’s a closer look at the tier progression:

  • Tier 10: The Starting Point
    • A modest beginning with the ability to publish 10 designs.
  • Tier 25: Scaling Up
    • As you hit 25, your capacity expands, allowing for a more extensive design portfolio.
  • Tier 100: The Three-Digit Milestone
    • A triple-digit tier, opening doors to increased visibility and potential sales.
  • Tier 500: Scaling Heights
    • At 500, your journey takes a more substantial leap, requiring a strategic approach to design and marketing.
  • Tier 1,000 and Beyond: The Elite Realm
    • The elite tiers, where strategic planning and innovative designs are crucial for continued success.

Adapting to Daily Limits:

Daily publishing limits are the heartbeat of your Merch By Amazon operations. Understanding these limits ensures a harmonious relationship with the platform. Let’s delve into the key aspects:

  • Midnight Reset: A Fresh Canvas Every Day
    • The daily publishing limit resets at midnight Pacific time, offering a fresh start for your creative endeavors.
  • Tier-Based Limits: Tailored to Your Progress
    • Your tier level directly influences your daily publishing limit, providing a structured growth trajectory.
  • Capacity Adjustments: Adapting to Demand
    • Publishing limits may fluctuate based on current capacity, requiring sellers to stay nimble and adaptable.

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Maximizing Your Dashboard Insights:

The Dashboard is your command center, offering valuable insights into your Merch By Amazon operations. Let’s decipher the critical components:

  • Products Submitted Today: Seizing Daily Opportunities
    • A real-time indicator of your daily submission capacity, reflecting tier-based allowances.
  • Published Designs: Your Creative Canvas
    • The pinnacle of your tier journey, representing the total number of designs you can unleash on the marketplace.
  • Product Potential: Unleashing Maximum Power
    • A glimpse into the vast potential of your account, should you choose to maximize design utilization across products and marketplaces.

Strategic Design Deployment:

While Amazon provides flexibility in selecting products for each design, strategic deployment can significantly impact your success. Here’s how to navigate the nuances:

  • Selective Product Creation: Tailoring to Your Audience
    • You have the liberty to choose which products to create for each design, allowing for a tailored approach based on audience preferences.
  • Optimizing Earnings: Covering All Bases
    • While not mandatory, creating all available product options optimizes your earnings potential, ensuring a comprehensive product portfolio.

The Zen of Tier Progression:

Navigating the tier progression is an art, requiring a delicate balance of creativity, strategy, and adaptability. As you ascend through the tiers, remember these guiding principles:

  • Quality Over Quantity: A Mantra for Success
    • This mantra works: focus on creating fewer, better designs to stand out in the crowded marketplace.
  • Continuous Research: Staying Ahead of Trends
    • The ever-changing landscape demands continuous research. Leverage available resources to stay ahead of trends and consumer preferences.
  • Competitive Pricing Strategies: Balancing Profit and Value
    • Analyze competitor pricing and strategically set your prices. Finding the sweet spot ensures competitiveness and profitability.

Change is inevitable, and Amazon’s tier system is no exception. As we bid adieu to this week’s crash course, armed with knowledge and a touch of humor, you’re ready to navigate the quirky seas of Amazon’s tier changes. Keep your designs top-notch, stay attuned to the ever-changing Amazon symphony, and may your Merch By Amazon journey be as smooth as a sailor gliding through calm waters.

Embrace the changes, stay informed, and let your creativity set sail on the ocean of possibilities. Here’s to your Merch By Amazon journey, navigating the ebb and flow of tiers with grace and expertise!

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