Product Development End-of-Year Crash Course For Merch Sellers: “Workflow Module” Pt.1

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Welcome back to the latest installment of our end-of-year crash course, where we’re dissecting the intricacies of optimizing your Merch By Amazon store for a stellar start in 2024. In our previous two entries, we delved into the realm of change management, exploring the evolving landscape of platform rules and functions. Today, we shift gears to focus on the heartbeat of your operation: workflow optimization. So, fasten your seatbelts, Merch warriors; it’s time to streamline your creative process and brace for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

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Before we plunge into the labyrinth of workflow optimization, let’s quickly recap the jewels of wisdom we uncovered in our recent explorations:

  • Platform Rules/Functions Changed: Stay vigilant with evolving platform rules. Compliance is your shield against the storm of potential issues.
  • Platform Changes Forecast: Anticipate changes on the horizon. Proactive research is the key to a competitive edge.
  • Optimizing Listings: Identify opportunities to enhance your listings based on platform changes. Visibility and sales go hand in hand with strategic optimization.
  • Forecasting Opportunities/Limitations: Look into the future. Predict how platform changes might birth new opportunities or limitations for your business.


Now, let’s pirouette into the core of our discussion: optimizing workflow. With the ever-evolving Merch By Amazon landscape, it’s paramount to fine-tune your creative engine for efficiency and adaptability. Let’s take a look at the typical workflow of a Merch By Amazon creator through the lens of real-world examples.

Creator A: The 2-3 Hour Maestro

Imagine a business where the owner invests a modest 2-3 hours a day. With 400 shirt designs in the arsenal, this maestro rakes in an average monthly revenue of $3,324. The business partner occasionally throws in designs, creating a dynamic workflow.

Creating a business that works efficiently in a few hours a day is no small feat. It’s a testament to the power of strategic planning, effective use of tools, and the ability to adapt to the evolving demands of the Merch By Amazon platform.

Creator B: Unraveling Merch Informer’s Workflow Secrets

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In another corner of the Merch universe, a creator grapples with the challenge of crafting an ideal workflow. Leveraging Merch Informer, this individual navigates the labyrinth of modules, each designed to streamline different facets of their creative process.

As we explore the journey of Creator B, it becomes evident that successful workflow optimization isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. The key lies in leveraging tools like Merch Informer to align with your unique business needs and creative preferences.

Extracting Workflow Wisdom from Merch Informer’s Arsenal

Diving into the personal workflow shared by a seasoned Merch Informer user, here’s a snapshot of how this creator harnesses the power of the tool:

  • Unearthing Niche Goldmines:
    • Begin with the keyword tool to unveil potential niches.
    • Leverage Amazon autocomplete to discover niches where sales are thriving.

Unveiling niche goldmines is a craft that requires a delicate balance between intuition and data-driven decision-making. The keyword tool becomes a treasure map, guiding the creator to lucrative niches waiting to be explored.

  • Product Search Expedition:
    • Head to the product search or Merch Hunter to unveil top-selling shirts in your chosen niche.
    • Analyze BSR (Best Sellers Rank) data to gauge market dynamics.

The expedition into product search is akin to a digital archaeological dig. Understanding BSR data provides the necessary insights to decode market trends and identify potential winners.

  • Strategic Design Deployment:
    • Create an organizational tree of ideas in the favorites section.
    • Research BSR in the Merch Hunter, adding potential winners to the favorites.

The strategic deployment of designs involves creating a structured plan. The favorites section becomes the canvas where ideas are sketched, providing clarity and direction for the design creation process.

  • Trademark Alert Vigilance:
    • Utilize trademark alerts to track designs and ensure ongoing legal compliance.
    • Regularly check for any changes to safeguard your account.

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The vigilant use of trademark alerts is akin to a security system, ensuring that the creator’s designs remain within the legal boundaries. Staying proactive in monitoring changes safeguards the longevity of the creator’s Merch By Amazon journey. MerchInformer’s Trademark Hunter Tool is invaluable here.

  • Listing and Optimization Ritual:
    • List the items on Merch By Amazon, exploring the listing optimizer for enhanced keyword usage.
    • Utilize the Merch Tracker to optimize listings and track keyword positions.

The listing and optimization ritual is the crescendo in the creative symphony. Utilizing tools like the listing optimizer and Merch Tracker, the creator fine-tunes their creations for maximum visibility and performance.


As we waltz through the intricate steps of Merch workflow optimization, let’s harmonize with Amazon’s best practices, translated into our signature voice:

Raglan Baseball T-Shirts:

  • The men’s and women’s raglan baseball t-shirts are designed differently. Acknowledge the nuances to maximize your print area.

Understanding the nuances of product design is like learning the steps of a dance. By acknowledging the differences in the design of raglan baseball t-shirts, creators can optimize their designs for maximum impact.

Zip Hoodies:

  • Zip hoodies open up new possibilities. Embrace the recommended PSD hoodies template for optimal results.

Zip hoodies, much like a different dance style, offer unique possibilities. Embracing the recommended template becomes the choreography, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing design.


  • PopSocket grips dance to a different beat. Consult the dedicated PopSocket FAQ page and leverage the specific PSD template.

Just as every dance has its rhythm, PopSockets have a unique beat. Consulting the dedicated FAQ page and using the specific template ensures that creators stay in tune with the nuanced requirements of this product.

Do & Don’t Tips:

  • DO create designs aligned with product placement, color, and size.
  • DO double-check for spelling errors in artwork and product descriptions.
  • AVOID misleading information in artwork or product descriptions.

These do’s and don’ts are the guiding principles, akin to the rules of a dance. Following them ensures that creators create harmonious designs that resonate with customers and meet Amazon’s quality standards.

New Design Editor Insights:

  • Embrace PNG format, trimmed artwork, and RGB color for the best design experience.
  • Understand the key terms like CMYK, DPI, and file format for a seamless creative journey.

The insights from the new design editor are the technical notes in the dance. Embracing the right formats and understanding key terms ensures a smooth and flawless performance in the digital marketplace.

Saving and Uploading Artwork:

  • Save your artwork thoughtfully—PNG format, trimmed edges, and RGB color.
  • The new design editor simplifies the upload process, ensuring your artwork fits seamlessly on all products.

Saving and uploading artwork is the finale, the grand reveal on the stage. Thoughtful preparation and leveraging the design editor’s features ensure that the final performance is nothing short of spectacular.


As we twirl towards the conclusion, let’s distill our insights into actionable recommendations:

  • Embrace Change: The Merch landscape is ever-changing. Adaptability is your secret weapon.

The digital marketplace, much like a dynamic dance floor, is constantly evolving. Embracing change is not just a survival strategy; it’s the key to staying ahead in the game.

  • Master Your Workflow: Take inspiration from successful creators and leverage tools like Merch Informer for a refined workflow.

Mastering your workflow is akin to perfecting your dance routine. Learn from the seasoned dancers, adapt their techniques, and integrate tools seamlessly into your creative process.

  • Comply with Amazon: Navigate the intricacies of Amazon’s best practices to ensure your designs meet quality standards.

Complying with Amazon’s best practices is the rhythm that keeps your dance in sync with the platform. Meeting quality standards ensures that your creations shine amidst the vast digital stage.

  • Stay Proactive: Anticipate trends, optimize listings, and stay ahead of the competition.

Proactivity is the choreography of success. Anticipate the shifts in trends, optimize your listings strategically, and stay a step ahead of the competition to lead the dance in your niche.

In the grand finale of our crash course, we’ve unraveled the threads of workflow optimization, stitching together a tapestry of insights to fortify your Merch By Amazon journey. As 2024 beckons, may your creativity flow, your workflow hum, and your success story shine like a beacon in the digital marketplace seas. Until next time, Merch on!

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