Top 5 themes dominating the Christmas niche on Amazon Merch on Demand this year

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As the year comes to an end, the spirit of Christmas isn’t just in the air. It’s also taking over Amazon Merch on Demand.

This year, we’re diving into the top themes that are dominating the holiday niche, offering you a sneak peek into the trends that are making the rounds.

From nostalgic classics to modern twists, these themes are not just about celebrating. They’re about creating memories for your shoppers and earning extra at the same time.

Why is choosing a Christmas theme important?

As Christmas gets closer, Amazon Merch on Demand becomes crammed with Xmas designs. That’s entirely expected, as users actively shop for such items for friends, family, and loved ones.

However, the increase in supply leads to aggressive competition.

The only way to differentiate yourself and provide products that grab attention is by niching down. And by niching down we mean selecting Christmas themes that are bound to grow your sales.

So let’s take a look at what consumers demand and what bestsellers are offering.

What Christmas themes are shoppers browsing for

For most POD merch sellers, Christmas designs are all about festive colors, Santa hats, and snowmen. And while these elements are all relevant for this year’s winter season, there’s more.

Using Merch Informer’s Keyword research tools, we analyzed the Christmas themes that shoppers are browsing for.

Instantly, we uncovered multiple keywords that represent intriguing, lucrative sub-niches:

  • Ugly Christmas
  • Christmas Santa
  • Christmas pyjama
  • Matching Christmas
  • Christmas tree
  • Christmas lights
  • Family Christmas
  • Xmas couple matching costume

What’s valuable about these insights is that they are creating waves towards the end of November. This guarantees that they’re hot and trending as Christmas approaches.

By offering merch designs that dominate the Christmas scene, you can stay ahead of the crowd this season.

Analyzing the list, it becomes evident that the classic motives still prevail (Christmas Santa, Christmas tree, and Christmas lights). At the same time, there are plenty of creative themes to explore, like matching Christmas designs, the Ugly Christmas theme, and family Christmas creations.

The best way to make the right choice is to be aware of the market.

Let’s look at some of the Christmas top performers that are already enjoying significant drops in BSR.

Top-performing Xmas themes

Using Merch Informer’s Movers and Shakers module, we analyzed the products that have recently seen a substantial increase in sales. By examining the titles and designs, we were able to identify the themes that dominate the Christmas niche this year.

Here are our findings.


First on the list is gingerbread – a theme that is a classical symbol of the holiday season. Usually linked to gingerbread houses and cookies, this sub-niche evokes warm and fond memories of family traditions and festive celebrations.

Gingerbread motifs on Amazon Merch on Demand vary from cute and whimsical to elegant and intricate. They are extremely versatile for a range of design styles and effectively create an emotional connection with customers.

One of the chart-toppers in this space is the “Merry Christmas Gingerbread Xmas Christmas Cookie Bakers T-Shirt” listing. It sells for $16.98 and has gone through a massive drop in BSR recently.

On October 24th the listing’s Best Sellers Rank was more than 9 million. On November 22nd, it was 494,814.

Observing other listings in this sub-niche, we can confirm that gingerbread designs are in for a win this season.


Next up, we have an all-time-favored theme – pets.

While our furry friends make up a lucrative niche throughout the whole year, it appears that they’ll be especially trendy this Christmas.

Many people think of their pets as family members and look forward to celebrating holidays with them. This makes pet-themed merch emotionally appealing.

The most universal appeal is for dogs and cats. We can see this clearly when inspecting one of the bestsellers in this theme – the “Cats For Everybody Christmas Cat Funny Xmas Women Santa T-Shirt” listing.

This product sells for $13.99 and has a BSR of 449,816. When exploring the historic data we uncovered that there’s a similar pattern as the example above. The item’s BSR dropped suddenly towards the end of November.

If you want to turn this theme into a success story, opt for heartwarming, playful designs. As you can see, the listing title features the keyword “funny”. This indicates that marrying comedy to pets is bound to yield results.

Don’t forget to tie in your illustrations and text with Xmas colors (green, red, white).


Another skyrocketing theme that we discovered throughout our research is gaming.

The community of gamers is vast and diverse, spanning different age groups, cultures, and interests. This creates a broad market for gaming-themed merch designs on Amazon Merch on Demand.

In addition, players share a passion for their favorite games and characters. This makes gaming-inspired merchandise the perfect Christmas gift for someone who’s into this hobby.

Best of all, the diversity in this theme is thrilling. As a seller, you can select from a wide array of games, characters, visuals, and sub-themes. Taking advantage of this opportunity will enable you to tap into ample creative material for unique and appealing designs.

For instance, the “Gamer Elf Gaming Family Matching X-Mas Cool Christmas Gifts T-Shirt” listing is performing exceptionally well at the moment. Sold at $13.38, the product has a BSR of 488,919.

What’s interesting here is the title. From the used keywords, it becomes clear that the merchant has crafted an incredibly effective sales strategy.

They’ve not only used “Christmas” and “gaming” as the core keywords. They’ve narrowed down the theme even further by incorporating words like “elf”, “family matching”, “matching X-Mas”, and “Christmas gift”.

Earlier, we noted that one of the most popular searches among buyers is “matching Christmas”. The seller has successfully merged two themes (matching X-Mas and gaming) to produce an item that sells like hotcakes.

Most likely to

The “Most likely to” theme won’t be on the list of the ordinary seller. It’s a playful and personalized concept that involves creating designs that feature titles or accolades.

“Most likely to” Christmas designs are usually given humorously to friends or family members during the holidays. Their light-hearted nature often brings a smile, making it the perfect gift idea.

Most importantly, it’s flexible enough to be applied to a wide range of designs, catering to a diverse audience.

A great example of how this theme works wonders is the “Most Likely To Fart On Santa’s Lap Family Matching Christmas T-Shirt” listing. For $13.39, the product has achieved a BSR of 584,116. It’s one of the wave-creators this holiday season, bringing home fruitful gains.

By reading the title, we can see a similar pattern from the previous example. The seller has intelligently tied together several themes (including “matching Christmas” and “Most likely to). This approach guarantees higher rankings, access to a wider audience, and better chances of sales.


The final theme that we explore in this article is politics – a topic that some of you may not imagine fitting in with your Christmas designs.

However, as the next presidential elections approach in 2024, the political theme is hot and trending this holiday season. And there are plenty of examples to prove it.

For example, the “All I Want for Christmas Is Our Real President Trump Xmas T-Shirt” listing speaks for itself. At a price of $13.99, the product enjoys a BSR of 502,692.

This is just one example of how you can take advantage of politics as the theme for your Christmas designs. You can test different strategies, like focusing your designs on specific presidents, parties, and other politics-inspired elements.

Wrapping up

Overall, the Christmas niche is packed with lucrative, creative themes to explore as a seller.

To make sure you’re tackling the most attractive sub-niches, don’t forget to use Merch Informer. The tool can help you gain insights into the market and select the themes that will generate the highest revenue.

Make this holiday season count.

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