Back-To-School Amazon Merch: Apparel/Accessories For Kids That Won’t Look Like Mom Picked Them Out

back to school apparel

What was super cool then is probably not cool now. And what’s cool right now is bound to change before you know it. The ability to keep right on top of current trends (or perhaps even anticipate them) is the power you hold in your hands as a Merch By Amazon creator. You have to stay aware of the graphic trends that are really hot when you’re designing your back-to-school program, and we are here to help guide you on that path.

So, what items ARE the best ones to design on right now? What special things are going to boost your sales?

To begin, we go with the standard. Apparel of all kinds is some of the constant items that sell, especially customizable shirts and hoodies, a staple of this platform. Premium t-shirts, long sleeves, pullover and zip hoodies, and tank tops are all able to show off your custom designs all year long. Upload your art and get it sized on every wearable thing the site has to offer.

But what kinds of designs are particularly hot?

Crypto Currency/NFT Designs

Bitcoin BOSS T-shirt Crypto T-shirt Cryptocurrency Gift Gray A black t-shirt with a logo on it Description automatically generated with medium confidence

In recent years, crypto currency has experienced exponential growth. Recently, interest in crypto currencies has also ignited the fashion sector. A lot of people will be shopping for crypto or NFT art-inspired t-shirts in 2022 due to the growth of NFT art. New ideas, expressions, humor, and characters from cartoons (like the bored monkey and Doge, as is shown here) will also dominate custom shirt design. You can use it to your advantage if you enjoy NFT art designs.

Also, NFTs are helping pixel art regain its previous momentum. They are incredibly stylish and witty and speak to the younger generation’s sense of humor. However you craft it, pixel art design with a personalized message can significantly raise your fashion game. Give your newest idea a pixel art shape and see where it takes you.

Minimalistic Designs

Think Outside The Box Think Shirt Minimalist Shirt Gift for image 1 New York T-shirt New York Skyline Canvas New York City image 1

It doesn’t matter if you choose to design long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve shirts; simple typography or design will be in vogue in 2022. The younger generation has undoubtedly advanced minimalism; many of them want more basic designs. Although creating minimalist designs is simple, you must have the ideal design concept to succeed.

Retro or Vintage T-shirts

A person with blue hair Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Retro or retro t-shirt designs won’t go out of style anytime soon. People love to showcase them anytime they get the chance since they are timeless but fashionable. The designs often feature a variety of humorous phrases, hilarious graphics, and other elements that are attractive to the eye. This t-shirt trend is eclipsing all nostalgic borders, from 90s retro sentiments to 80s huge and vivid fashion. And slogans we all know from the 70’s are making their way back into style today!

Zombie / Dinosaur T-shirt Designs

Plants & zombies Birthday T Shirt PVZ Zombies Theme Party image 1

What could be better than a dinosaur? The best part about designing a hilarious t-shirt like this is that you have a variety of alternatives to work with, such as dinosaur t-shirts for babies, kids, men, and women. To design these larger than life creatures, you can draw inspiration from films like “Jurassic Park.”

And are zombies your thing? If so, get ready for the zombie wave to bring its own personalized clothes trend! Yes, in 2022, zombie graphics will be emblazoned on every t-shirt, sweatshirt, and personalized tank top. What are you still holding out for? Be prepared to draw attention to your zombie-inspired fashion for all the right reasons, of course!

But what about other hot-ticket items that are not clothing related? Well, do not fear, you’re covered in those markets, too.

Throw pillows

There are few better ways to instantly change the mood in a room than by adding a few accent pillows to compliment the furnishings you already have. Translate this idea into sales that show respectable profits in a proven market. Everyone wants these items, and with interesting designs from you they can fly off the shelves. Almost any idea is able to be printed on standard shapes, and even non-standard forms are becoming commonplace. One fun idea? Offer customized faces and shapes on pillows: a dog pillow that looks like your customer’s dog, a pillow for their best friend that looks just like them. Every design magazine shows couches and beds with interesting throw pillows, it’s a universal look that can get you well into the game.

Tote bags

A person holding a bag Description automatically generated with medium confidence Jasmine Rice Canvas Tote Bags image 1

Who would go to the beach or a shopping trip without some sort of tote bag? They are everywhere, a useful item that can be made stunning by your creativity. Showing off your art or design ideas on this item is a great way to build your seller space. And Merch by Amazon makes it easy! In fact, their standard templates use the same resolution artwork that their pillows do! And the site makes it so simple. As for the bag themselves, the cotton webbing handles on the 16″ x 16″ tote bags measure 14″ long and 1″ broad. They are constructed from a thin, canvas-like spun polyester fabric, and all stress points and seams are double-stitched for added durability. The bottom is strengthened and flattens to handle larger objects and to accommodate more things.


Day Trader Blanket Motivation Blanket Soft Blanket cool art 50in x 60in

Why yes, you CAN translate your designs into warm, comfortable blankets, and many artists and designers are already doing just that. Customized fleece blankets are great for use as handouts at sporting events, office presents, and more. The range of color and quality of ink today has never been better. Your customers will love them!

Phone Accessories

Vintage Mint Blue Retro Payphone Rotary Dial Phone Case iPhone image 1 Icon Description automatically generated A picture containing electronics, cellphone Description automatically generated

I have a cell phone. You have a cell phone. Everyone we know has a cell phone. And most of them, the vast majority, are held inside some sort of protective case. Why not get customizing the one thing just about everybody buys? Extremely robust cases that can be personalized with any brand logo or design and can survive the majority of knocks and bumps. The varieties of phone cases are as plentiful as the varieties of phones, and customizing them to your customer’s desires or with your own designs could not be easier. Minimalist drawings, full-color splashes, abstractions, only limited by what you see on that canvas.

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