Niche Hunter – Amazon Keywords, Search Volume, and New Print on Demand Niches In ONE Place

Creating a successful Merch by Amazon business is going to come down to fitting 3 pieces of a puzzle together perfectly. Miss one, or ignore another, and you are going to be behind the pack when it comes to making sales.

These three things on the surface are fairly simple:

  1. Design
  2. Keywords
  3. Buyer’s Intent

You need a great unique design to start off with. If you are creating designs that do not stack up with other products on Amazon, you will quickly realize that this business is harder than you thought it might be. But WHAT is a great design? 

You need to use the right keywords in your listing to ensure that your design is getting in front of the right audience. If you use keywords that people are not searching for, you will never be found. But WHAT are the right keywords?

You need to understand buyer’s intent! This goes hand in hand with the keywords and optimization of your listing. Just because your shirt says X does not mean that a customer looking for that shirt is searching that term in Amazon. More often than not, they are searching for Y and you want your shirt to show up for it! Buyer’s intent means a lot more than most merchers think.

So, how do you properly put these 3 things together to ensure that you have a winner that will build your business through more listings and sales?

Today, we are going to show case a brand-new module from Merch Informer called the Niche Hunter.

This tool will combine all 3 pieces of the puzzle into a single interface where you will be able to figure out what actually makes a great design, what keywords are being used, and figuring out the buyer’s intent.

Let’s get into it!

Niche Hunter – Game Changing Merch Tool

To start off, we need to actually open up this new module. Log in to Merch Informer and you will be greeted with the tutorials page. From here, in the left hand menu, find the Keyword Cloud:

You will want to expand this section and then select the new Niche Hunter module:

This will open up the new module and you will then see the selections at the top of the page.

You have a few options here.

At the top of the page, you will see the current month. The Niche Hunter is set up to show you the most popular keywords of that entire month for different products. Then, each and every week, these keywords will show you what products are the top ranked in the Merch category you have selected as well as how many people are searching that keyword on Amazon.

The category is the category of Merch by Amazon products that you want to look at. Currently there are Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, and Popsockets which we think should get you off to an amazing start.

Niche Hunter – Finding A Winner Example #1

In the Niche Hunter, let’s start off by selecting a category. For this example, we are going to pick Popsockets from the drop-down menu. Give it a few seconds to load in the results and you will see something that looks like this:

Right away you will see multiple columns.

You have the keywords that people are ACTUALLY searching for on Amazon.

You have the Search Volume of those keywords (so you can figure out if people are looking for products on Amazon or not).

Finally, you have the top products that are ranking on Amazon this week (this will change weekly).

The Search Volume column is sortable so you can look at the highest to lowest, and then from lowest to highest. At the very bottom, you are able to see the number of pages available:

Okay, so how do you use this to find winners?

Well, first, I want you to start going through the list of keywords and seeing how many searches a month they get. Focus on the keywords that are getting searched, and see what is ranking for those keywords.

Right off the bat, you will notice a few things:

  • What people are searching for is not necessarily what is on the product itself
  • There are many brands that people search for (you cannot create around these unless you have a license)
  • You can now see on a single page what an actual good design is!

Going through the list, I quickly find this example with the keyword “popsocket purple butterfly”

Remember at the beginning we talked about the 3 pieces of the puzzle?

Let’s go over those.

Design: We now have 5 of the best selling designs this week for this keyword that people are actively searching on Amazon. These are similar, but unique. Click on them to bring them up on Amazon and take a look. If you were creating a Popsocket design around purple butterflies, would it look similar to these? THIS is what customers are buying and what they want. The market is telling you what you can create here!

Keywords: We can see that this keyword is being searched for a little over 15,000 times per month on Amazon. However, the keyword people are typing in is “popsocket purple butterfly” and since Amazon automatically adds Popsocket to the listing, open them up and see how they have fit keywords into their title and bullet.

Buyer’s Intent: Are the products being sold and are top sellers for that keyword related? Is there an intent to purchase here? Clearly all of the top selling products are purple, include a purple butterfly, and the intent is to purchase one of these and you can tell by the Amazon page that these are doing well:

Right now, we know there is demand for purple butterfly popsockets. We know that thousands of people are searching for them every month on Amazon, and we know what people actually want because we can instantly see the top sellers for that keyword. We can also cherry pick the keywords that the sellers are using to rank from the listing as we have highlighted in red above.

However, we are not done yet!

Right below each keyword in the Niche Hunter, you have a few options:

The button all the way to the right is the details button.

This button will give you information on:

  • Estimated Monthly Sales Volume
  • Competition Score
  • Related Keywords
  • Trademark Check

The button in the middle that looks like a magnifying glass will pull up the Merch Informer Keyword Finder

The button all the way on the left, is something you will want to be using as well:

This will open up our new and improved product search function that will look at the different products that are ranking for that keyword, give you related keywords, sales data, competition score, pricing information, review information… pretty much EVERYTHING you need to make a decision in order to go into the niche or not.

There you have it! With just a few button clicks and clicking around, you can see ALL the information you need to create your own unique listing, know what makes a good design, know that buyers want it and search for it.. all you have to do is create and list!

Niche Hunter – Finding A Winning Example #2

Let’s go over another example and this time let’s talk about t-shirts!

Head back up to the Niche Hunter and select t-shirts as the main category and click on search to load in the results.

If you have a general idea of what you want to take a look at and create, you can always use the Search function at the upper right-hand corner of this module:

However, we like to use the “nurse” example a little too often around here at Merch Informer, so let’s keep digging to find a brand-new niche that we can go over.

Digging in a bit more, I have come across a smaller niche that I think we can analyze and talk about:

This looks interesting and not a niche that I thought would be selling: “epilepsy awareness shirt”.

So, let’s dive in and take a look.

There are 3 main puzzle pieces that we have to fit together…

Keyword: The keyword in this case would be “epilepsy awareness shirt”. It gets a little over 1,000 searches per month on Amazon which is a great sign that people are actively looking for this type of design.

Design: The designs in this case are not very good! The first shirt, looks great. It is simple, has a cute little bear on it, and has 19 reviews. This is by far the best design and probably why this design is currently carrying the niche. It is good and people want to buy it!

Compare this design to the other products that are ranking for that keyword that we can see in the Niche Hunter:

What do you notice is the difference between these designs and the one that has all of the reviews?

What is the MAIN focal point of the design?

The first one, the main focus point is the cute little bear.

The other 2 designs focal point is a flower, and… well, I am not really sure if the last one even has a focal point.

This is important! The focal point of your design needs to match the buyer’s intent!

Buyer’s Intent: The keyword in this case is “epilepsy awareness shirt”. This is what customers on Amazon are searching for. Scroll up for a second and look at the shirt with all of the reviews that is selling well. Remember how we just said the focal point was the cute bear?

The reason this is selling so well for the keyword “epilepsy awareness shirt” is because the buyer’s intent when they are looking for a shirt to buy is so that a kid will wear it! They intend to purchase for a child with epilepsy!

Digging further, we can click on the little details button to see an estimate of the monthly sales volume, the competition score, and related keywords.

There are a lot of good keywords in here that we can explore further but remember the buyers intent! If we click on the Product Search button from the Niche Hunter, and take a look at what all is out there, we start to get a clearer idea of how important this is.

Notice how that first shirt is blowing away the second in terms of sales rank and how many sales they are making a month?

Look at the average sales rank… it is very high! Why is that? Because almost everyone in this niche missed what the buyers ACTUALLY want. The buyer’s intent is to purchase for children. This information is right in front of you.

Just to highlight this point further, if you click on the Details button for each design:

We will be able to see the sales rank and pricing over time. Check this out.

First, we have the design where they nailed the buyer’s intent with a great design:

Here we can see that this seller has played around with their price but that each dip of the sales rank is a sale. This shirt is selling consistently!

Now, let’s take a look at the same graph from the second best selling design:

Notice how on this design the sales rank keeps creeping up and up and then falls a single time? This means that the shirt was NOT selling and is NOT a consistent seller but that it sold maybe once or twice right after Christmas.

They missed the point and we are showing this to you so that you do not make the same mistake.

Repeat this process looking into the niche. Remember, do not do any brands (you will see a lot of them showing up in the Niche Hunter because people search for them (unless you have a license)!).

Wrapping It Up

That wraps up the brand new Niche Hunter tool and the updated Product Search!

This tool is designed to give you access to everything you need to know to pick a niche and keywords in a single interface!

Use it to find a keyword that people actually search for. Use it to look at what a GREAT design actually is (because many struggle with this). And use it to find what the buyer’s intent is like we went over above.

Remember, this data will update weekly so you can see what the great designs are each week so check back often!

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below. Get out there, create awesome designs, and start making sales!

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