Print Styles For Women To Consider For Amazon Merch On Demand Sellers

print styles for women

With the endless options of POD clothing and accessories today via Merch By Amazon (Amazon Merch On Demand), it’s easy to list which are the best sellers in any given time period. And which item types in particular are topping the charts? Easily found. But what about the genres that are making waves? And the ones most geared for and by female customers and designers? What trends are women searching for, designing, and ultimately purchasing? Let’s dive in.


Global inclusion of differing ideas and beliefs is a growing consciousness in the modern world. Instant access to information allows us to learn about essentially anything. Being accepting of new, peaceful mindsets is something many people strive for today. Slogans affirming such a mentality or showing specific forms of acceptance have made their way into the mainstream when it comes to women’s apparel. From Zen mantras to different faiths and values co-existing, the idea of wearing something to show those ideals off or simply share them with everyone is appealing to many while opening up a limitless range of design ideas. New Age ideals, once on the fringe, are now emblazoned on posters in yoga classes. People want that connection all the time, to share and promote it. Help them do so with top quality products that you design.

Classical Art

We bring so many things with us wherever we go; our knapsacks and handbags are filled with items. And personalizing many of those things has never been easier. Why not step it all up a bit and share with the world the forms of art you admire the most? From customizable notebook covers showing Abstract Expressionist masterpieces, to phone protectors sporting the work of the greats of the 19th century, and everything from ancient designs to cutting-edge modern forms. If it’s art in a graphic medium, it can be translated to adorn the everyday things women carry on a regular basis. The only limit is the imagination!

Retro Everything!

We have all seen it: young women wearing recreations of concert t-shirts that occurred decades before they were born. What’s old is always going to become new again and “retro” can mean anything from the 60’s and 70’s all the way to the early 2000’s. Slogans, celebrities, sayings, any sort of images that remind us of our childhoods or the childhoods we wished we had but were born too late for them. With Merch By Amazon you can sit back, daydream about the commercials or movies or trends you remember from high school and re-create them on almost anything at all. Ever wish there was a TV show about your favorite retro toy? Make a t-shirt showing what you think that could have been like. Are you a retro-gamer as well, or know a few? Produce bags and blankets with their favorite old game cartridges on them. Every trend eventually cycles back into vogue, and maybe YOU are the one that can spark the very next one!

Animals and Wildlife (it’s not just from a museum trip anymore)

Who doesn’t want to celebrate the beautiful creatures we share our planet with? Everyone has a favorite (though we do love them all). Showing the world that you love nature in its many forms is a growing trend in all sorts of merchandising. And it doesn’t just have to stop with the animals themselves, anything promoting saving our planet and our environment has never been hotter. If you are looking for something that can sell equally well no matter the season, these types of designs might be just what you are after. From simple illustrations to complex images, anything relating to animals or nature can lend itself to just about anything you are interested in selling online. Maybe even promote such items with a fundraiser for an environmental charity? While doing some extra good in the world, that organization can in turn promote you and your merch. A win-win-win, if you will.

Drinks On The Mind

How many times have you seen a shirt or a plaque that says “It’s Happy Hour Somewhere”? We’re pretty sure you have, it’s hardly an untrue statement, and items that promote having a drink or two with friends after work or on the weekend are constant sellers through online merchants. The message is simple and it’s one that most can relate to: vacation, time-off, seeing family and friends, just getting the pressures of the work week and modern living off your mind for a little while. After all, it’s also wine o’clock somewhere! Images of BBQ’s or time at the beach watching the sun set, sharing a drink and enjoying some relaxation. These usually fall into the “humor” category and with good reason, so get your wittiest sayings in print and share with the world.

Minimalist Design

The simple solution for fashion and accessories is often the best solution. While some people enjoy busy designs, there is something to be said for simplicity and a singular message. Many customers are opting for such things today, they don’t want confusing messages or overly-animated images, they want something calm and to the point. And like many of these options, what that can be is pretty much limited only by what you can think up as a Merch By Amazon creator. Simple can be bold, it can be forceful. It can be anything BUT “simple” in its message. Geometric designs, representational art, clearly printed messages. You got this.

Top-To-Toe Color

Catchy sayings and unique art not your thing? Do not fret. The world of online designing has you covered. This summer, one of the more exciting trends is single color or single pattern, from head to foot! That’s right, if you can come up with an interesting combo of apparel and offer it as a set or make sure people see the items together in your listing, you’re golden. Add a bag or a hat in the exact shade and you have four potential sales right there. Matching exact shades and textures takes the stress out of wondering “if it goes together”, as it always will this way! Look around and see how many people are opting for this in 2022 and then help amp it up a few notches.


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