Rock’n’roll t-shirts on Amazon Merch on Demand: How big is the scene, is it worth your while?

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If you’re looking to scale your Amazon Merch on Demand side gig, the rock’n’roll t-shirt niche could be the right path to set foot on. But before you make this strategic decision, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Is the market large enough to compete comfortably? Is it attractive to shoppers? And most importantly, is it profitable?

We provide the answers in this article.

How big is the rock’n’roll t-shirt niche on Amazon Merch on Demand?

If you’ve read any of our previous posts, you may have noticed that we put great emphasis on niching down. Tapping into new markets is one of the best ways to diversify your portfolio and gain a competitive advantage over other sellers.

However, the first question to ask yourself before you embark on a mission to a new niche is how big the market is. The best way to find out is to consider the following key elements:

  • The number of active listings in the niche – reveals the size of the niche in terms of competition
  • The average BSR of competitors – shows how large the space is based on sales
  • The search volume of niche-specific keywords – uncovers how many Amazon shoppers are interested in the niche

To locate this data for the rock’n’roll niche specifically, we used Merch Informer’s features.

Average BSRs

The Best Sellers Rank reveals how successful listings in the niche are from the perspective of sales. We looked at the bestsellers and all Amazon Merch on Demand listings to discover the following.

The average BSR for all listings in the rock’n’roll space is 3,900,429. Such a high number suggests that these listings don’t perform very well on average. However, remember that this is a combination of all successful and unsuccessful listings.

A look into the bestsellers shows that the average BSR is 115,230. This number is much lower and shows that more sales have been generated. In other words, we can conclude that the niche is large enough in terms of BSR to attract your interest.

Number of listings

When looking at the market’s size based on the number of listings, our theory was confirmed. More than 500 listings appear on Merch Informer’s Merch Hunter module when searching for bestsellers ranking for “rock’n’roll t-shirt” or “rock t-shirt”.

Put otherwise, many listings have made it to the bestsellers segment. Therefore, the niche has a substantial size.

Search Volumes

Furthermore, our research revealed that a lot of Amazon buyers are actively looking for rock’n’roll t-shirts. How do we know? By looking at the search volume of related keywords.

  • 80s rock band tshirts: 17 897 searches – high competition
  • 90s rock band tshirts: 17 871 searches – no data (on competition)
  • 80s tshirts for men rock band: 10 372 searches – no data
  • rock tshirts vintage women: 10 313 searches – no data
  • kiss – rock and roll over vintage t-shirt: 10 266 searches – no data
  • rock & roll tshirts women: 10 135 searches – no data
  • hard rock cafe t-shirts: 9 998 searches – high competition
  • old rock band t-shirts: 9 925 searches – high competition
  • rock t-shirts for men graphic: 6 367 searches – no data
  • rock t-shirts for toddlers: 6 317 searches – no data
  • rock t-shirts for kids: 6 288 searches – no data
  • rock t-shirts for men: 6 232 searches – high competition

Apart from the keyword and search volume, we’ve also extracted the level of competition for each word. This is a fundamental piece of data to have when researching a niche. It can help detect the keywords that will be easiest to rank for. You can quickly make your products discoverable and attractive to shoppers by using keywords with high search volume yet low competition.

How profitable is the rock’n’roll niche on Amazon Merch on Demand?

So far, so good. But what about profitability?

To determine how profitable the rock’n’roll market is, we looked at the space’s lowest, highest, and average prices. We’ve divided our research into bestsellers’ prices and all listings’ prices for the keyword “rock and roll”:


  • Lowest Price: $13.07
  • Highest Price: $89.99
  • Average Price: $19.61

All listings

  • Lowest Price: $13.07
  • Highest Price: $29.99
  • Average Price: $18.55

We can see that the average price in the niche is around $19-$20. Amazon’s royalties in the US market for t-shirts priced at $19.99 is $5.23. In other words, you can earn around $5 for every sale you generate. This is valid for sellers who penetrate the market by setting a price near the average for competitive reasons.

Below, we’ll make recommendations on pricing strategies in the rock’n’roll niche.

Popular keywords in the rock t-shirt niche

To understand how sellers in the space are optimizing their listings, it’s essential to look at the most frequently used keywords.

We used Merch Informer’s Merch Hunter tool to research the 500 top-performing listings that rank for the keyword “rock’n’roll” in the t-shirt category. The feature enabled us to see the most common keywords that were simultaneously used with the primary word.

We made the following discoveries about keywords and the number of times they were used:

  • Birthday – 498
  • Funny – 467
  • Music – 425
  • Roller – 392
  • Heathers – 380
  • Women – 341
  • Men – 294
  • Vintage – 234
  • Guitar – 211
  • Christmas – 201

This is a crucial component of niche research. It can help you identify exciting sub-niches and enable you to narrow down your products even further.

For example, we can see that rock’n’roll birthday t-shirts are trendy. Also, a lot of chart-toppers combine rock’n’roll with funny designs and slogans to capture attention.

All of these insights can be used to your advantage in the long term.

Analyzing the bestsellers

Next in our research comes a detailed analysis of the bestsellers.

By examining the majority of top-performing listings in the rock’n’roll niche, we discovered that most priced their listings around the market average. This is no surprise, as it makes a product competitive and attractive to shoppers. It prevents the listings from appearing low-quality (if underpriced) or unaffordable (if overpriced).

We also came to some interesting conclusions regarding t-shirt designs. As with most other markets we’ve explored, the background color of most t-shirts is black. This is also logical, as it helps create a nice contrast with almost any other color.

We also noticed from our inspection of the design elements that many successful listings use white, red, yellow, brown, and orange as secondary colors. In addition, the t-shirt designs with images prevail over those with text or image-and-text combos.

Let’s look at a real-life example and see how our findings match reality.

As of the writing of this article, the number one rock’n’roll t-shirt listing on Amazon Merch on Demand is the “Rock On Bigfoot Sasquatch Loves Rock And Roll Sunglasses On T-Shirt”. The listing is priced at $19.95, which is very close to the market average of $19.61. The t-shirt design has a black base color and an image of Bigfoot (in brown colors) with his hand shaped in the rock’n’roll sign.  The seller has utilized keywords like “rock and roll”, “rock on”, and others to attract shoppers’ attention. As a result of these practices, the listing has a BSR of 43 971.

This is an excellent example of how adapting the best practices to a listing can reward you with high sales numbers and fruitful results.

How to enter the rock’n’roll niche on Amazon Merch on Demand like a pro

You’re now one step closer to entering the rock’n’roll market with confidence and guaranteed results. All the information we’ve discovered above will be your key to success in the niche.

To make the process easier, we’ve extracted a few valuable and practical tips based on our research.

Target keywords strategically

Keywords are the most fundamental element behind organic rankings. If you want your listing to be seen, you must optimize for the right keywords. In the case of the rock’n’roll niche, we shared a list of attractive keywords used to perform thousands of searches on Amazon. However, we suggest focusing your efforts on the ones with low competition.

For this market specifically, these are:

  • 90s rock band tshirts
  • 80s tshirts for men rock band
  • rock tshirts vintage women
  • kiss – rock and roll over vintage t-shirt
  • rock & roll tshirts women
  • rock t-shirts for men graphic
  • rock t-shirts for toddlers
  • rock t-shirts for kids

These keywords can also give you ideas for shaping your products. For example, if you go for “90s rock band tshirts” you can tailor your design to include an image of a rock band, or a guitar, or a 90s number.

Think about sub-niches

We also highly recommend narrowing down and tapping into sub-niches. This will maximize your chances of staying ahead of the competition and enable you to target specific audiences.

For instance, our research revealed that a lot of the bestsellers are targeting rock’n’roll birthday designs. Rock’n’roll funny t-shirts are also among the popular sub-niches. Use this to your advantage and tailor your strategy to include several promising and rewarding sub-niches.

This will not only give you a competitive edge but will help you diversify your portfolio.

The average price strategy

Although there are many different pricing strategies to adopt, we recommend entering the niche by considering the average price in the market. Our findings show that most bestsellers have priced their listings around this golden spot. This makes them affordable for shoppers but also makes them competitive when compared to other sellers.

In the case of the rock’n’roll t-shirt niche, the average price among the top performers is $19.61. Price your listing around this point (preferably a bit below it) and reap the results.

Create designs that sell

Lastly, as a new entrant, it’s best to stick to the designs that have proven to be successful. In other words, create t-shirt designs with black background colors, use imagery instead of text, and choose some of the most popular colors in the market, like white, red, or yellow.

As you gain more experience and get to know your shoppers better, you can test new design strategies and play around with new listings. However, to confidently enter the niche, we recommend focusing on proven tactics.

Wrapping up

The rock’n’roll niche is rich in opportunities and could be very rewarding for those with access to the right insights.

Use Merch Informer as a reliable gear that can help you climb to the mountaintop in this space and outperform your competitors.

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