Amazon Merch on Demand Niches For Valentine’s Day

amazon merch valentine's day

So, you were recently accepted as a Merch-By-Amazon seller and realized that you just missed Valentine’s Day, one of the most popular gift-giving days of the year.

A lot of merch is sold for Valentine’s Day and a ton of it will be the exact same thing that it was last year and the year before and next year is yet another opportunity to take advantage of it. Now we can think a year ahead.

Some approaches are just always going to be standard (and tired).

But what if you took the overarching theme of the holiday and went off that beaten track? You can still offer items within the sphere of the holiday, but what could be wrong with some new ideas? Absolutely nothing.

So today, we’re going to jump into some sub-niche goodness to open up potential new sales and attract new customers so they’ll be returning ones. (There is also the opposite of this niche to consider, but we’ll be mentioning that later on).

“My BLANK Is Full of BLANK”

“My When we’re looking at new shirt designs, phrases sell. The first niche we’ll look at today is a spin on the “My _______ Is Full Of Sweethearts”. It’s a popular idea, but the issue is that it might be too popular, so you have to mix it up away from the norm. Think up newer ideas to put in there, things you have not seen before but you feel will resonate with customers. And you can make it very specific! “My D&D Group”, “My Theatre Class”, “My Custom Bike Crew”, etc.

It can really be anything you want, especially if no one else is doing it. So our advice is to find something already popular and do sub-niches of it. You just want to make sure that you have something in the title or in the bullet points as with the theatre class listing suggestion.

Make sure those words and the phrase are included in your description. If you do a search and find zero hits for it, you’ll be the only one selling this idea, so that could be a good one for you to be the best at.


This next idea might not be exactly what you are personally about, but there is no doubt that the religious niche is alive and active, especially for domestic sales in the USA. And at the top of that list is anything to do with Jesus. We have all seen the popular “My Dog Is My Valentine” and shirts like that, so if you go that route you’ll be one of far too many selling the same idea.

People are very passionate about the Christian niche, and likewise the Jesus sub-niche, so this could be a good one for you to explore in this space, with your own “God Is My Valentine” or “Jesus Is My Valentine” designs for shirts.

And you have any concerns or misgivings about this, please know that it’s not controversial nor is it blasphemous; it’s showing that the person wearing it has a special relationship with their god and that cannot be a bad thing.

This is a wholesome message that will attract many. This is truly a very lucrative market, one that deserves a very close look if you are producing merch. The “Christian Rock” industry rakes in billions, and is expanding more now than ever, and that is something else you might want to explore for future products.

Personalized Options

The next one up is personalized shirts and sweatshirts for the big day. Yes, there are people doing personalized shirts but not quite as many as you might think. “My Valentine is Jenny”. “Joey is my Valentine”, etc., and there will be people searching for those types of shirts, and there might be very little competition.

You might find more competition for this sort of thing on a platform like Etsy, but not on Amazon. This could be a good way to break into a niche with not a lot of players in the field, and you can just make one design and scale it out using a different name for each gender, or make a generic one for all. However you design the template, you can personalize it any way your customers want.

It IS Named After A Saint, After All…

A more off-beat choice could be doing merch about the actual saint the day is named for. According to the most popular legend, Saint Valentine was a 3rd-century Roman saint who is remembered on February 14th in Western Christianity and July 6 in Eastern Orthodoxy. His Saints’ Day has been associated with a culture of courtly love since the High Middle Ages.

In addition to this, he is also the patron saint of Terni, Italy, and also of beekeepers! So, turn the typical on its head and go after the market in gifts for beekeepers or people who love honey. A crazy idea that just might work.

“V” For Merchandising Victory!

Finally, maybe you just want to play off the letter “V” and come up with some truly inventive things. You can make up the shirt to say “This Day Is All About _________” where the blank would be a word starting with “V”, and then cross that out and write “VALENTINES” instead. You might even want to come up with individual art for each thing that Videogames. Vodka. Vampires. (Mount) Vesuvius.

You can just come up with any hobby or any passion, or anything that just seems funny in that spot. And you can also do it in reverse: crossing out the “Valentines” part and writing in any other “V” word. This is what we had mentioned at the start of this article! Remember that not everyone is into Valentine’s Day, so this creates a sub-niche of its own. You can come up with your own line of anti-Valentine’s Day gear as well and hit both sides of this market at once!

Getting initial ideas can sometimes be tough. We always like to push for originality, and we always advise against ripping off other people’s artwork. During your research into this, if you find a designer or a design that you like you should click on the design and then on the person or the designer’s name and then you can see all their other designs. They might have some other Valentine’s Day designs in the similar style, but with just a different saying from you and your own original style, that could do really well. We suggest you look around and see what others might be doing.

Jump on the lowest-trending sub-niches and see if you can become the person who makes it the new hot thing, and then let the others argue over putting more into that niche while you’re already off to the next undiscovered one!


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