Getting Back To Basics In Your Amazon Merch on Demand Business

Whether you’re new to Merch by Amazon or a seasoned veteran, it’s always important to have a strong foundation in the basics.

The MerchInformer blog archive is a priceless resource of information, a virtual guide to helping you run your business.

This week, we’re taking it all the way back to the start: the start of a Merch by Amazon (now called Amazon On Demand) enterprise. You can absorb the fundamentals in the summaries below or you can click on the headlines and read the full articles.


llc for print on demand

Embarking on this kind of business can be exciting and fulfilling. A key decision is whether to formalize your efforts in some kind of corporate body such as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This article explores the considerations for a business of this type, what an LLC entails, and alternatives available to help you make an informed decision.

What is an LLC?
An LLC combines the simplicity of a sole proprietorship or partnership with the limited liability protection of a corporation, offering personal asset protection and tax flexibility.

Advantages of an LLC
An LLC protects personal assets from business liabilities, allows pass-through taxation, and offers flexible management structures. However, forming an LLC can be more costly due to filing fees and taxes, and LLCs may have a limited lifespan.

Key Factors
Legal Liability: An LLC protects personal assets.
Taxation: An LLC offers tax flexibility.
Brand Image: An LLC enhances professionalism.
Business Growth: An LLC supports expansion.

Sole Proprietorship: Simple but offers no liability protection.
Partnership: Similar to a sole proprietorship but involves two or more people.
Corporation: Provides liability protection but involves complex regulations and double taxation.

Forming an LLC for your POD business depends on your needs and goals. While it offers benefits, weigh these against the costs and complexities. Consider alternatives and consult with professionals to determine the best structure.


first merch by amazon product

Deciding on your first MBA product can be challenging. To increase your chances of success, you should base your choice on thorough research and data-driven insights, rather than guesswork. This article provides shortcuts to aid in your decision-making.

Factors to Consider

1. Search Volume and Competition Level
Understanding the popularity of different product categories and niches is crucial. Use tools like Merch Informer to analyze search volumes and competition levels for keywords related to potential products. Aim for high search volumes with low competition for the best opportunities.

2. Market Size
Evaluate how well-developed a category or niche is. Examine the Average Best Sellers Rank (BSR) to determine the potential for actual sales and the competitiveness of the market.

3. Creation Process
Consider the complexity of creating top-selling designs for different products. Evaluate how demanding the design process might be for products like phone cases versus t-shirts.

4. Average Prices
Analyze the average prices in the category or niche to gauge potential earnings. Starting with a price close to the market average can provide a competitive advantage.

Prioritizing Factors
Prioritize factors in this order:

  1. Search volume & competition level
  2. Market size
  3. Average prices
  4. Creation process

Ideal First POD Item
A popular choice is t-shirts, of course, as they have a low average BSR and an attractive average price. However, the category is competitive, so focus on niche-specific keywords for the best results.


how to do merch research

So, you decided to make t-shirts your first product. Great! But, with so much competition, coming up with t-shirt ideas might feel overwhelming. Thankfully, MerchInformer offers powerful tools to aid your research.

Getting Started
Start with us, of course, for up-to-date sales data. Additionally, explore to identify popular and less popular designs. Amazon shoppers either search directly or explore specific categories. As a Merch by Amazon seller, focus on ranking in the “Novelty” category.

Develop a Strategy
Create a realistic game plan. Instead of trying to rank top in the “men’s t-shirt” category, focus on climbing through the ranks over time. Identifying Amazon Merch tees is important—they have a white tag and standard sizing chart. Also, the “Amazon on Demand” logo is in the listing text.

Develop Concepts
Once you have a concept, search for it using relevant keywords. Look for tees with a low Best Sellers Rank (BSR). The BSR indicates if a design is selling well. Keywords also play a role in rankings.

Mining Social Media for Ideas
Social networking can provide great t-shirt ideas from humor, interesting stories, or trending terms. Evaluate ideas considering BSR and seasonal swings. Focus on “evergreen niches” that are relevant year-round.

Look at What’s Already Selling
Use Amazon and Pinterest for inspiration. Observe what’s popular, analyze design elements, and avoid copying. Utilize Merch Informer for templates and image ideas.


troubleshooting merch sales

Once you’ve got that all-important first product idea, standing out requires mastering key technical aspects. This article provides some tips for success:

Creating and Uploading Designs
MBA offers a multi-product creation tool, “Create Multiple Products”, allowing you to upload one PNG design to multiple products. The design dimensions for t-shirts, hoodies, and other items vary, so ensure your graphics match the required specifications.

Offering Products and Setting Prices
Provide unisex designs for both men’s and women’s fit unless explicitly gender-specific. Set a low price initially to gain a foothold in the market, then adjust as you establish yourself. MBA allows products 365 days to sell before automatic removal.

Moving Up the Tiers
To increase your product limit, you need to sell a certain number of items per tier. You can buy your own products to advance, effectively creating your own inventory.

Ranking and Keyword Optimization
Ranking on the first three pages of search results is crucial for visibility. Amazon’s algorithm gives exposure to high-performing listings, prioritizing titles that match customer searches. Effective keyword placement in the title, brand, and bullet points improves ranking.

Improving Your Listing
A study showed that repeating a key phrase in the brand, title, and bullet points yields the best search result rankings. Focus on a primary key phrase for optimal results.

If you’re considering starting a Merch By Amazon business, we hope the above information helps you kickstart the endeavor. If you’re already an experienced MBA seller, we hope it provides a refresher. Use this blog as a cheat sheet for success!

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