Mountains, beaches, and beautiful sunsets: Are nature designs a thing on Amazon Merch on Demand?

Nature-inspired designs are a popular choice for people who love being immersed in the beauty of the outdoors. If you’re passionate about nature and want to express it through apparel, Amazon Merch on Demand is a platform that can fulfill your needs.

This article delves into the world of nature-themed t-shirts on Amazon Merch on Demand, exploring their popularity and providing insights on how to succeed in this niche. Let’s explore the answers to some key questions.

How big is the nature niche on Amazon Merch on Demand?

To gain comprehensive insights into this niche, we turned to Merch Informer’s Products Search module.

Starting with the keyword “nature,” selecting the US marketplace, and focusing on the t-shirt category, we obtained instant results. These results revealed that the average best-sellers rank (BSR) for this niche is 5,276,692.

Although this BSR may seem high, it’s worth noting that the top five sellers have collectively sold over 70 items. With this in mind, we delved deeper into the niche to assess the actual market size.

Keywords, search volume and BSR

We explored nearly 50 related keywords, both short and longtail, to understand the relevant search terms used by buyers searching for nature-related t-shirts. Alongside this, we looked at the average BSR for each keyword.

Here are our findings:

  • “Nature”: search volume – 39,466
  • “Nature’s”: search volume – 2,248
  • “Nature,”: search volume – 1,606
  • “Nature'”: search volume – 1,579
  • “nature &”: search volume – 1,434

With this information, we can observe a search volume of over 40,000 for the nature niche. However, as nature encompasses a broader spectrum, we also explored related search queries such as “beaches,” “mountains,” “lakes,” and “rivers.”

Here are the results:

  • “Beach”: search volume – 151,933; BSR – 6,882,558
  • “Sunset”: search volume – 15,529; BSR – 7,585,978
  • “Mountain”: search volume – 58,524; BSR – 6,497,190
  • “Lake”: search volume – 16,436; BSR – 6,015,635
  • “River”: search volume – 27,964; BSR – 6,597,202

These results indicate that nature-related searches have a search volume above 15,000, with “beach” soaring well above other themes in terms of popularity among consumers.

Listing saturation

Listing saturation refers to the frequency of a particular keyword appearing in listing titles. We analyzed this for the keyword “nature” and found the following insights:

  • Seed keyword: nature (1,975)
  • Secondary keywords: forest (482), hiking (468), camping (373), natural (324), mountains (323), environment (222), parks (215), lakes (202), trekking (202), outdoor (199), wildlife (190), birdwatching (186), preserve (183), creeks (182), outdoors (157), trees (149), animal (139), tree (90), mountain (82)

It’s evident that some of the bestsellers in this niche target broader and related keywords in their titles to capture a larger portion of the search volume. Among these secondary themes, hiking and camping are by far the biggest.


Merch Informer also allowed us to calculate the average prices in the nature niche, resulting in the following figures:

  • Lowest price: $13.38
  • Highest price: $29.95
  • Average price: $17.72

What are some of the bestselling merchants doing right?

To understand the strategies employed by the top sellers in this niche, we studied two sellers who outperformed others in terms of sales.

Here are some details about them:

Seller 1

  • Seller: Hippie Nature Fantasy Clothing
  • Title: Hippie Nature Fantasy Clothing
  • Price: $19.98
  • BSR: 153,010
  • Total number of sales: 16

Seller 2

  • Seller: Mountain Wildlife Nature Retro Forest Gift
  • Title: Mountain Wildlife Nature Retro Forest Gift
  • Price: $16.98
  • BSR: 85,456
  • Total number of sales: 30


A notable aspect of both these sellers is that the title of their t-shirts matches their shop name. This strategy allows them to capture searches for both the product title and the seller name simultaneously. If someone searches for their specific shop, they will find the product title to be the same as the seller title.

Furthermore, seller one caters to the hippie niche in terms of nature and fantasy, while seller two incorporates several important nature-related keywords in their product title, such as “mountain,” “wildlife,” “nature,” “retro,” “forest,” and “gift.” Although these keywords could be arranged in a more readable manner, they are still effective in generating sales.


Regarding pricing, both sellers align with the average price in this niche. Seller one prices just $2 above the average, while seller two prices a dollar below.

This pricing strategy contributes to successful sales.


When it comes to designs, the t-shirts from these sellers differ significantly.

The hippie t-shirt features cheerful mushrooms gathered around a campfire, singing songs, while the second seller’s product showcases a forest profile against a retro background. Despite these differences, including the use of vibrant colors by seller one and faded colors by seller two, their strategies have proven effective.

Additionally, neither of these t-shirts contains any text, indicating the sellers’ focus on visual appeal.

What is the profitability in the nature niche?

Based on the information provided, we can evaluate the profitability of these sellers to be the following:

Seller 1

  • Seller: Hippie Nature Fantasy Clothing
  • Price: $19.98
  • Total number of sales: 16
  • Profitability: $319.68

Seller 2

  • Seller: Mountain Wildlife Nature Retro Forest Gift
  • Price: $16.98
  • Total number of sales: 30
  • Profitability: $509.40

From this, we observe that seller one, despite pricing higher, has earned a little over $300, while seller two has earned just over $500. This highlights the significance of pricing strategy, as overpricing could lead to fewer sales.

Our recommendations

Considering the insights mentioned above, we offer the following recommendations for succeeding in this niche:

  • Keywords: Include the word “nature” in your title, supplemented by other related keywords that accurately indicate and describe your product. Use the description to demonstrate your target audience and why your product is valuable.
  • Pricing: Avoid pricing too high, as it can potentially reduce your profit. Pricing around the average or slightly below it is the optimal route. Seller one’s example demonstrates earning around $200 less simply by pricing $2 above the average.
  • Designs: Nature designs encompass a wide range due to the diversity within this niche. Regardless of the design you choose, ensure it is original and of high quality in terms of color and imagery. This is especially important when your t-shirt design is more focused on images rather than text.

The bottom line

To conclude, if you aspire to earn over $500 per listing in the nature niche, following these essential strategies is crucial.

Using tools like Merch Informer can simplify your research and design process significantly. With a monthly subscription of only $9.99, you gain access to both research and design resources, effectively helping your Amazon side-gig thrive.

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