Announcing Merch Informer Book Hunter

Supply and Demand.

That is, in a nutshell, what Merch by Amazon is all about.

It does not matter if you are an artist, a business person, a stay at home mom, or just trying to scrap together a few hundred dollars a month with Merch. Your job is to find demand (or create it), and then offer the supply. Doing anything else, is a complete waste of time.

A few weeks ago, Merch Informer released a new tool for doing research OFF of Amazon to find demand. We call is the Merch Informer Book Hunter.

If you can find demand off of Amazon, and offer the Amazon customers something new and fresh in the same niche (that might be untapped!), not only can you make very easy money, but Amazon will love you for it. They want a larger, unique catalog, and you want to be offering designs where there are already customers. It is a win win!

Let me show you how it works.

Merch Informer Book Hunter Tutorial

The first thing you will want to do is go and download it from the Google Chrome Store here:

After you install the plugin, you will see this icon in the upper right hand corner of Chrome:

Click on the icon and it will take you to a log in screen that looks like this:

You will need a Merch Informer login to use this extension.

A single Merch Informer login gets you access to a LOT of tools, and you can check out a 3 day free trial here:

Once you are logged in, make sure you

  • Turn off your ad blocker
  • RESTART Chrome

When you have done both of those things, head over to FB, and then click on the Chrome Extension in the upper right hand corner of the browser. You will see this pop up on your screen:

This is where things get interesting.

We are going to be able to find customer DEMAND before we design anything, and we are going to be able to see that there is SOCIAL PROOF for this customer demand. It does not get any better than that!

The Merch Informer Book Hunter can search up to 14 different marketplaces and 12 different modifiers. This is a LOT of combinations to find the social proof that niches are hot.

We can start by picking a month and year. I will keep it on the current month, and 2018. This will search for all ads/posts that were posted publicly during this time.

It will then search for ads/posts that someone or a company posted that links to a Teespring product. You can change the marketplace simply by clicking on the drop down menu and picking from 14 different marketplaces.

Finally, select a modifier that you want to search. Here are the 12 current modifiers you can use to search:

  • Get Yours Here
  • Just Pay Shipping
  • Buy Now
  • Order Now
  • Perfect Gift
  • Get Yours Now
  • Limited Supply
  • 30% Off
  • 50% Off
  • 60% Off
  • 70% Off
  • 80% Off

Once you have one of those selected, you are ready to go.

Click on “New Search” and wait about 10-15 seconds while the results gather. After around 10-15 seconds, simply click on the “stop” button, and take a look at the results.

New: This button will add a completely new search

Add: This button will do a new search but continue adding to the results that the hunter has already pulled.

Clear: This clears the results so you can start fresh

Save: This button allows you to save the results to your computer in the form of a CSV file.

If you pull a bunch of results, you can simply click on “likes”, “comments”, and “Shares” and this will order the results for you. Using this, you can EASILY find where there is social proof that a certain niche/design has crushed is on the social platform.

You can also hover over the images, and they will expand so you can see what they actually say:

From here, you can go and quickly check competition inside of Merch Informer:

As you can see there are 74 results.

Now, when you go through those results, you notice that a lot of them look very similar. You can see there is demand here, but your goal is to make the designs unique where there is demand. How do you do that?

Spin off the design!

This design is CLEARLY labeled for hairdressers right? What about making something for Barbers?

“Never Mind My Beard, I’m Doing Yours”

There are a LOT of barber shirts on Merch but as of writing this there are ZERO with that saying on it on Amazon at all.

Wrapping It Up

This is how you can use the book hunter to find demand, then see what is selling on Amazon. If the competition is too stiff, simply find another angle how you can break in where there IS demand, but less competition.

Supply and Demand is the entire name of the game.

Even if there are zero results on Amazon for a certain phrase, you have to look at the broader niche. If the broader niche has demand, niche down, use unique phrases and spin offs where its been proven to work, and use that to work your way into selling more shirts!

Good luck!


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