Merch by Amazon Black Friday – Cyber Monday Roundup

**Updated Deals For Cyber Monday!
It is that time again! The time of the year where savings are in the air, and every company and service is running the hottest sales of the year! We wanted to help you round up all those deals into a single post to help you grab the biggest savings that will help you propel your Merch by Amazon business in the right direction. Remember to write down your purchases in any area of your business so that you can write them off on your taxes when the time comes! Let’s get into the best deals we have found so far! (This will be edited throughout the day as more deals come to our attention.


The Merchinator is a new software in town by two power sellers in the FBA space who are making storms in the Merch market. Anthony Busciglio and Kevin Lovonas hail from New Jersey and realized that they were paying designs so much for great designs that ended up selling and that they needed an easier way to scale their business. To do this, they created the Merchinator which you can think of as the Instagram of Merch designs.

Use the Merchinator to add different filters to your already existing Merch designs to spin them off into variations that should continue to sell well into the future.

Filters to choose from:

  • Light Distressed
  • Medium Distressed
  • Heavy Distressed
  • Neon
  • Black Outline
  • White Outline
  • Sketch
  • Cartoon Sketch
  • Grayscale
  • Invert
  • 2X2
  • 3X3
  • 4X4
  • Tile Option 1
  • Tile Option 2
  • Tile Option 3
  • Tile Option 4

For Cyber Monday they are offering the Merchinator at 50% OFF and DOUBLE the conversions for the subscription.

*Once you sign up and log in, you will see a banner at the top of every page to the Cyber Monday deal. Sign up, click the banner, and you are ready to take advantage of this awesome deal!

Get 50% off and double the conversions here: Merchinator Cyber Monday

Dominate Merch Bundle

Merch Informer teamed up with some of the best tools in the industry to offer the Dominate Merch Bundle.

Included in the bundle at a single price:

  • One Year Make-Merch Subscription: 72% OFF
  • One Year of the upgraded Merch Informer Subscription: 66% OFF
  • One Year Chris Green Bundle ( Designer/KWGrabber/Merch Research) 50% OFF
  • Half Hour Coaching Session With Ken Reil (6 figure Seller) $PRICELESS

With all of that included in a single bundle, the normal price is almost $800 dollars.

Today only, you can get everything listed above for $399 + a priceless coaching session that will probably never happen again.

Get the Dominate Merch Bundle Here!

Understanding Typography for Merch by Amazon Book – 30% OFF

This book was written by the one and only Yong Chong who cohosts the Merch Minds podcast.

With a formal education in design, Yong knows what he is talking about.

Make sure to grab this book that will bring you through typography and help you understand how to pair certain fonts together to make a design pop thus leading to more sales. This is a MUST if you are a Merch designer.

Use coupon code: blackfriday for 30% off this awesome deal.

Grab A Merch Domain

In order to get a website up and going for the next deal in this batch, you will need to get a domain name first. No matter if you are starting a website to show your shirts off and make sales outside of Merch or just keep your portfolio open to the world, Name Cheap has you covered.

Typically, domain names only cost $10 a year.

Depending on what domain name you go with, you can save up to 99%.

Check out Name Cheap’s Sale Here!

Start A Website With Hostgator

Interested in starting a website where you can drive your own traffic and get your own store for your Merch shirts set up?

In order to do so, you will need a web host where you can store all the web files and get started. Hostgator is where we have hosted hundreds of websites and they are offering one of the best hosting deals we have found today.

Hostgator is offering 65% OFF All their hosting types.

Use Coupon code: MERCHINFORMERPENNY to start your site for a single cent the first month

Use Coupon Code: MERCHINFORMER25 for 25% OFF every single month on top of the discounts Hostgator is giving you!

Setting everything up is really easy. Just follow our guide here:

Check out Hostgator Here! Pro Membership $29.99 instead of $39.99

Last chance to get in on with a grandfathered rate of only $29.99 per month for PRO memberhsip. Next Week, is adding new advanced templates only available for PRO members. Join now at $29.99 a month and you’ll be automatically upgraded to PRO membership (usually $39.99 per month).

Not everyone wants to sit down and learn how to use the adobe cloud (Photoshop or illustrator). Learning these and becoming proficient can take a LONG time.

With make merch, you can sit down and crank out or scale your favorite designs in literally 5-10 minutes without a learning curve saving you time and getting designs up and live on Merch by Amazon!

Check out Make-Merch Here!

Adobe Cloud Bundle

Adobe cloud is a MUST have if you are a designer or creator and want to get ahead in the Merch by Amazon space.

Adobe is running an awesome deal for all their apps (Which include Photoshop and Illustrator) for the low price of $39.99 a month. This is $10 a month off the normal price for their Cyber Monday Deal.

Get Adobe Cloud Here!


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