Different Types OF Halloween Graphic Designs To Get Your Merch Juices Flowing

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Halloween apparel. Now is the perfect time. That is precisely what people are seeking right now and YOU can provide it! But there’s a lot of it out there, and to get with some really unique designs it might be good to know a little of the background of some of these standards and use them to inspire your own creations. You never know what you might see that jumps out at you and gives you your newest scary idea!

“Beistle”-style Classic Halloween Designs

Most people familiar with Halloween in any way will recognize some of these designs, if not by the particular picture then by the style and color schemes. These images SCREAM Halloween at the viewer and most of us have grown up with images just like this around this time of year. From costumes to party centerpieces to hang-up decorations, these are our childhood Halloween memories. And what better ways to celebrate these designs than by having them on the tees and sweatshirts we sell on Merch by Amazon?

In the example above, this Vintage Halloween Beistle Cat on the Moon Horror Gift Sweatshirt is a cotton/polyester blend in black or dark heathers and is a fun, festive image anyone can enjoy. It’s an entire costume in and of itself!

Martin Luther Beistle established the business in 1900 in Pennsylvania after being motivated by his experiences as a calendar salesman and his exposure to a honeycombing-type of paper craft while visiting Germany. He incorporated this folding design into the company’s line of paper centerpieces, inexpensive colorful designs that eventually graced birthday parties across the nation.

The 1920s saw the introduction of Beistle’s range of Halloween-themed goods, which contributed to the rise of Halloween decorations throughout the country. The Beistle Company is the nation’s longest continuously operating maker of party supplies and decorations.

“Goth” Clothing

Crushed velvet, scary designs, lace, all-black… when thinking of what to produce for your merch store that appeals to the Goth sub-culture, you have a lot of room to create in. There was a time where printing on clothing would never be a part of that scene, but today it’s a different vibe. With the clash of the “club kid” phenomenon in the 90’s, what is considered “goth” today runs a very wide gamut. But the standards are always there; skulls, bats, skeletons, arcane symbolism, let your mind run wild with the possibilities! These types of products aren’t just for the clubs anymore, they are for every day, to let everyday be Halloween.

A music-based subculture known as goth emerged in the UK in the early 1980s. It was created by followers of Gothic rock, a subgenre of post-punk music. The genre is where the name “Goth” originated. Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, the Cure, and Joy Division are notable post-punk bands that helped create and influence the subculture as well as foreshadow the Gothic rock subgenre.

In contrast to other subcultures from the same time period, gothic culture has endured significantly longer and has continued to evolve and spread globally. Its aesthetic and cultural preferences show inspirations from horror movies and Gothic fiction from the 19th century. In particular in Western Europe, the culture is concentrated on music festivals, nightclubs, and scheduled meetings.

The subculture has linked aesthetic, musical, and fashion preferences. Goths favor a variety of musical genres, including gothic rock, death rock, cold wave, dark wave, and ethereal wave. The look of it takes cues from punk, new wave, and New Romantic movements. It also takes inspiration from prior eras’ fashion, like the Victorian, Edwardian, and Belle Époque periods. The look is most frequently characterized by dark (typically all-black) clothing, dark makeup, and black hair. Many people have remained interested in the subculture decades after it first appeared, so if you have the right merch, they’ll more than likely come back for more.

Horror Movie Tributes and Film Quotes

If you are a horror film devotee, we’re sure you have (at least once) come into a doorway saying “Heeeeeeeeere’s JOHNNY!” and either made everyone in the room laugh (or get very creeped out). A good slogan, a universally-known one-liner, or a famous quote from popular horror films can instantly show what the wearer is into and what they most identify with. Others who have the same interests will relate instantly, and on it goes. The little known thing about these types of products is if someone has one or two, they really want twenty more. Horror shirt collections are a thing, and if you have good ones, you can more than likely make multiple sales repeatedly to returning customers.

Merch Informer Note: While you can make designs relating to horror, make sure you are not infringing on any intellectual property you do not have the rights to!

You’re Never Too Young

It’s sometimes amazing to think how many adults are Halloween-centric when it’s supposed to be a fun time for the kids first! We all fall into it, loving this time of the year and everything that goes on during it from when we’re small children and many of us never fall out of love with it. It’s a unifying time of year, anyone of any age can get into dressing up and going to parties. But it’s still mainly about kids and candy, and there’s no age when the newest among us cannot participate.

When the other kids go out for tricks or treats, just because your youngest is still in the stroller does not mean they cannot be a part of it, too. These onesies are perfect for a baby’s first spooky night! The material is a cotton blend of the highest caliber, breathable and sweat-absorbent. This particular item is available in sizes for ages 0 to 3, 6, 12, and 18 months. Diaper changes and getting dressed are made simple by the snap closure. Great for everyday wear and suitable for Halloween parties, celebrations, photo shoots, Halloween-themed parties, and even Halloween baby showers (hey, why not?)

There are a lot of different Halloween ideas waiting for you to sink your designer fangs into. Your customers are out there, hungry throngs all around you, closer and closer them come, and they will only be sated by new merch…

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