International Markets Added To Merch Informer Keyword Finder

We have just released some pretty significant upgrades to the Keyword Finder module inside of Merch Informer.

While these may seem small at first (as they are just 2 check boxes), this lets you pull back keywords for Amazon UK and Amazon DE (Germany).

Let me demonstrate exactly why this is so important and how you can use it to get ahead of your competition.

Amazon UK/Amazon DE Keywords

The first step is to log into Merch Informer and navigate to the Keyword Finder module in the left hand menu.

Once you have found that, click on “search” and it will bring you to this familiar page:

You will notice that you can now search by Amazon UK, and by Amazon DE.

You have the ability to select all of them and wait a little bit longer to pull back THOUSANDS of keywords, but for this example, we will use just the Amazon UK and Amazon DE examples.

Enter in a seed keyword in the keyword section. I typically recommend people use keywords that are open ended. For example “I am”. This is a great way to test the system.

Note: Since both of these are emerging markets, they will have less keywords displayed since there are less people over in these markets searching our products.

The Magic of Merch by Amazon Germany (DE)

The real magic here though is using the keyword finder inside of Merch Informer to find phrases that Germans are using…

in their own language!

First, head over to Google and search for google translate. It will look something like this:

Type in your seed keyword on the left side. Again, we will use “I am” as an example:

Now, use the drop down in the second box to find German:

Which will then translate for you:

Take this keyword and put it into the Keyword Finder inside of Merch Informer while selecting Amazon DE:

Click on search and all of a sudden an entire world of untapped niches pops up!

As you can see, I have highlighted a keyword in the middle there. You can copy and paste these over to Google translate and have it translate it to you in English. This simply stands for “I am the big brother”. Pop that phrase into and look at this:

Talk about low competition! This Keyword Finder update is gold for those willing to put in the small amounts of effort needed to find these untapped niches.

Wrapping It Up

If you have any questions drop them below! If you have some extra time, go through some of the keywords in the German market and take a look at how many people you are competing with. Hint: it will not be many! This is almost like the beginning of Merch where there is almost no one on the platform and anything you put up (in their native language) has the chance to sell if you do your research first!

Good luck!

  • Hey Neil,
    How can we know what merch products are already there in these markets??
    Is there any update coming soon in product search and merch hunter for the same?
    Great update btw:)

  • Thanks! But your Example is a bit difficult to use because “Großer Bruder” is a registered trademark in Germany from MDMA. They’re known in Germany for big invoices regarding to trademark infringments. So be careful.

  • Hey Neil,
    thanks for the great feature and great that you tapped into a German registered Trademark “Großer Bruder” :-).
    So…a logical question would be….when can we expect a trademark check feature for Germany and UK?
    Thanks a lot and cheers from Germany:

  • Hey Neil – wondering how to contact you directly? I have a question not really suited for the comment box and facebook message doesn’t reach you. Email to support for Merch Informer?

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