Merch Informer Products Designer Has Added Saved Designs

Merch Informer Products Designer has ADDED saved designs!

Since we launched the designer a few weeks ago, the number one thing people have asked for is the ability to actually save designs so they can come back to them.

Some wanted to scale their design ideas, some wanted to make tweaks later, and some just wanted the convenience.

We listened and the feature is now LIVE!

The save design feature will only work on the computer that you are using at the time and not cross devices.

How To Save Designs

Step 1: Log in to Merch Informer Products Designer

Step 2: Create a design or a design template that you want to edit in the future.

Step 3: Click File –> Save to My Designs

Step 4: Open your saved designs on the same device by clicking on “Designs” in the top menu.

This is just 1 update of 2 that we are working on. Something much bigger is coming!

Can you guess what it is?

    • Once you have your designs saved, click on designs in the top menu, and you can rename them whatever you would like.

    • At the top of your browser when you are logged in, go to file, save to my designs. It will only save it in your cache and not on a server.

  • Thanks for this and love the designer. Currently the files are saved to the cache of the computer. I typically use a Chromebook and the cache gets wiped on updates and just randomly it seems and I lose everything I have saved. Is there a way to change how/where designs are saved?

    • Not currently. You can change the settings in Chrome (for how often the cache is dumped) so its not removed every time.

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