Merch Informer Trademark Protection Plugin Released

We have finally released the most comprehensive trademark protection that you can have for your Merch by Amazon account. Merch Informer has always been dedicated to helping you save time, maximize your profits, and make your life easier. Today, we are changing the game!

Grab the plugin here:

This Chrome plugin is powered by Merch Informer and will check every single word, every single word/phrase combination, and line by line EVERY SINGE WORD of your Merch listings.

This all happens from your Merch by Amazon upload page, which means you never leave the page.

Not only does this save you valuable time going back and forth to the USPTO TESS page (which is exactly where we get our data for this plugin!), but it keeps your account safe by identifying words and word phrases you may have skipped in your search process.

Let’s go over an example to show how you are never going to miss a phrase in your bullet points ever again.

Merch Informer Trademark Protection In Action

The first thing you need to do is simply upload your design and fill out all your information.

Once you get to the last page before you are about to submit, you will see a new button on your page:

Now as you can see, I have put in some trademarks for the brand, title and bullets for example purposes.

Before you submit any shirt, make sure you click on the MI Trademark Check button. This will search your entire listing for any trademark issues.

Once you run the check, each line will become clickable and highlighted so you know where the problem areas are.

Simply click on the line you want to dig more into:

From here, all the trademarks with their serial numbers, registration numbers, and type/status are displayed.

Need more information on a trademark? Simply click on the serial number which will bring up the USPTO page:

If you check the goods and services, you can see that this is for the 025 category:

Currently, this will only check for the 025 category, so keep that in mind. More categories may be added later.

The Merch Informer Trademark Protection plugin ALSO works on any front facing Amazon page:

Wrapping It Up

This chrome plugin for trademark protection is absolutely free for everyone. If you want it to work in the back end of your Merch Account you will need a Merch Informer account to log in with, but this plugin will work on ANY plan that we offer.

Stay safe out there and let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • Thanks Neil. This looks great and very helpful!
    After installing the new plug-in I noticed the word ‘Wolf’ seems to be active when I click on that word on my amazon listing. In UPTSO nothing comes up.
    I’m curious to know if it’s okay to use the word ‘Wolf’ for one of my shirts.
    Any way you could do a video teaching us how to accurately understand the trademark page that the plug-in takes you to when you click on one of the words in our listings.

  • First of all, thank you! What an awesome gift. I have been a loyal subscriber to MerchInformer almost since the beginning and would not do business without it. However, I’ve run into an issue with this plugin. I’ve downloaded it from Chrome, while logged into Google and Merch, and activated it. I reloaded the Chrome page but I can;t get it to show up on the last page of my Merch Submission. Can you help figure out what I’m doing wrong?

  • Hi Neil, I know this doesn’t really affect the functionality of the extension,, but I just wanted to point out that the Merch informer Lister and the Trademark Protection have the same icon/logo on google chrome.

  • Great, thanks Neil. Appreciate the fast response. So does that mean I am able to use the word ‘Wolf’ in my title? Im confused because in UPTSO nothing comes up but on the plug in it looks like it’s ‘active.’

  • I dont get it, i see for example that the plug in is highlighting words like girl, machine, unicorn does that mean i can’t use those words? The word girl for example what am i supposed to use instead? I think it’s crazy if people trademark words like girl and machine.
    It’s none sense.

    • You will need to click on those words and read the actual mark on the USPTO to see if you are infringing. More often than not, you should be just fine to use single words like that.

  • Neil, thanks so much for developing this very beneficial extension. I did a check of my shirts today and found that one of the first shirts I ever put up was infringing on a phrase trademarked for apparel. I have of course removed the shirt, and feel fortunate that this never led to a strike against my account.

  • Why doesn’t it work anymore? I’m logged in, but the plugin is constantly loading, w/o providing any results.

  • Hi, I’ve been using this extension for at least a couple of years now, and have had no issues. My friend just got approved for Merch, so I told her she needed to get this extension. However, it’s not working for her for some reason. It shows it in her Merch acct, but when she tries to check any words, it tries to make her log in to Merch Informer to use it, and asks her to register for a free account, and needs to use a credit card to sign up for the 3 day free trial. It says it’s free for everyone, so what is the trick for her to be able to use it?
    Thank you!

    • The extension will work on Public Amazon facing pages but if they want to use it inside of their Merch account, they will need a Merch Informer account.

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